Stress Reduction – a Requirement for IT Profesionals

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Stress Reduction – a Requirement for IT Proffesionals

Stress Reduction

Stress Reduction For IT Professionals

IT Staff carry a load and with the drastic changes happening in
the computing industry, we need to take care of our most important
resource – our people.    Stress reduction is certainly one area that
bears attention.




IT Staff Stress Reduction Ideas

An article in IT World Canada gives some suggestions for
stress reduction in the IT workplace.  (Stress Reduction)

I’m not suggesting that you take these literatlly.  I do suggest
that you think about each one and figure out if there is some-
thing you can do in your environment to help your staff.

    • Tear down those walls.
      There is always an conflict between “reducing distractions” and “isolation.”
      A programmer can lose up to a half an hour every time something distracts
      them and the mental structure falls apart.  This leads to creating environments
      where the distraction level is at an absolute minimum.  (Yes I know there are
      other models, but this one seemed to me to be the “standard.”)   Some effort
      needs to be made to make time for getting to know, like and trust each other.


    • Group sport.
      One way to encourage togetherness is group sports and team work out times
      in the company gym.  In addition to reducing isolation, many inspirations
      for problem solving come when the mind backs off of a problem.  (How many
      times have you “figured it out” while driving home from work?  I konw I did,
      many times.)


    • Social eating.
      Eating together is a prime time for learning about each other.  I know that many
      of the people I worked with (myself included) did not like “getting together to
      smooze”, but loved being with people “if we were doing something.”  Eating is
      an easy “something.”


    • Build a good relationship with the business.
      In the article, tehy suggested holding a get-together for the entire company,
      at the IT Department’s expense.  It helped to dispell the image of the
      IT staff being the “big meanies.”


    •  Work/Life harmony.
      Make sure that staff have the time and permission to handle family issues before
      they have to dive into the never ending IT fires.   Causing problems at home
      can be a major problem at work.

I’m sure you can come up with more stress reduction ideas, if you see this as an issue that should
be on the “to-do list.”   The growing research that indicates that happy staff
product significantly better that unhappy staff seems to indicate that not only
should it be on the list, it should be high on the list.

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Some Thoughts on Stress Reduction for IT Staff

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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.






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