Save Time While Watching Online Videos

Save Time When Watching Recorded videosDo You Wish You Had More Time?  We all do!  I can’t give you more time, but I CAN help you save some time if you are watching training videos online.

It is easy to verify that you can listen and understand speech when it is being spoken at two to four times the speed that most people speak. You hear this on TV regularly during commercials where they cram 2 minutes worth of side effects and cautions into 15 seconds by speaking very quickly.

There are tools that help us use this and they do it without ending up with the squeaky high pitched voices you would get if you just played a video or audio faster.

Here are a couple of ways to save time if you are in Learning Mode online.


You can save time by using this Chrome Extension.

Use this Chrome Extension


Note that there are several extensions called “Video Speed Controller” You want the one that has the words “With Hot Keys” in the name.

Here is how you install the extension.

#1 – Open the Chrome Browser and click the three small dots at the extreme right side of the window,

#2 – Click on MORE TOOLS

#3 – Click on EXTENSIONS

This screen will appear. Click on what we call the hamburger menu in the upper left corner,

#1 is where the hamburger menu was.

#2 – Way down at the bottom is a link to the Chrome Extension Store. Click that.

There will be a search bar.  Enter Video Speed Controller with hot keys,    Do not leave the “with how keys” off or this extension will not show.

Once you see the correct one. Follow the prompts to install the extension and activate it

Using the Video Speed Controller with Hot Keys

When you are watching a video, look for the icon at the top or Chrome that looks like a car’s speedometer

#1 – When you click on the icon, this screen pops up.

#2 – You can press the buttons to speed up or slow down the video.

#3 – It also activates the hot keys so that you can change the speed by pressing Shift ] or Shift {

That’s really all there is to it. Now you can watch videos like Facebook Lives and speed through the “Tell us where you are watching from” and “Let me tell you a little about myself” sections.

Some Videos Do Not Need An Extension

Videos like YouTube Videos come with a built in speed controller.

#1 – Click the small gear icon at the bottom of the screen.

#2 – If the video you are watching has a “Playback Speed” Option you can control the speed right there.

One More Way to Save Time While Watching a Video

QUICKLY TAKE NOTES When Watching a Video

  1. Open a Word Document, a Google Doc Document or an Evernote note.
  2. Do a screenshot of the bullet list or quote you see on the screen.
  3. Paste it into the Document

I like a free screenshot program called ScreenPresso.

This screenshot show

  • an arrow
  • with a number
  • highlighting with the yellow color
  • and blurring a section of the screen

It will do lots of things (like take a screenshot a screen where you have to scroll down to get the whole page to show).

But what I really like is the Editor that allows me to put arrows, numbers, highlights, blurs, ellipses etc. on my screenshots

BTW You Can Also Speed Up Videos On Your Local Drive

If you have videos that you have downloaded to your hard drive, you also speed them up. The free video viewer called VLC has the option to speed up or slow down local videos. You will need to “Customize” the commend bar to add the option, but that is easy to do.


Here is one more idea before I leave. This idea came from an online trainer Tanya Aliza. She recommends that you consider breaking your notes into three sections that you store in different places.

  1. Good Ideas that you plan to use at some time
  2. Very important ideas that you plan to implement ASAP
  3. Good ideas for training or re-training your team.

Rather than having a yellow pad full or notes or a document full of notes that you never look at again. These notes form the basis for action steps and get used.

There you have them. Three ways to save time while watching videos.

Until Next Time. Remember, You Are One Decision Away…! Oh Hale Yes
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