Reflections on Ray Higdon’s Mastermind Weekend

Reflections on Ray Higdon’s Mastermind Weekend

Mastermind Weekend - Happiness
Mastermind Weekend – Happiness

Recently I attended a Mastermind Weekend hosted by master blogger Ray Higdon.  Reflecting on the weekend, I realized that I glossed over what was arguably the most important talk of the weekend.

The Mastermind Weekend

The focus of the mastermind weekend was HOW-TO do
Internet Marketing.  Ray had pulled together some of the
top performers in the Intenet Marketing Industry.

We had Michelle Pescosolido – the Quest of Facebook Advertising,
Daegen Smith – Co-ops, traffic and Solo ads extroidinaire,
Jerry Clark – a master Network Marketing trainger (The
Psychology of Colors and much more) and of course
Ray Higdon himself – voted the 2011 Best Network Marketing
Blogger.  The weekend was jammed packed with information
that you just don’t find anywhere else.

In addition to the raw training, there were upsells (aren’t there
always).   What motivated me to buy selveral of the upsells was
that there were NOT “more training.”   These were “work with
the masters.”   If you felt that you had enough training and now
needed someone to hold the bike while you took your first ride
without training wheels – these were Irresistable Offers.

In the midst of all this, Ray’s Mastermind Weekend had a respresentative
from MLSP – Roxana Hannah.   She spoke for a few minutes on
Sunday morning and my mind was totally ready for an advertisement for MLSP.


When Roxana spoke, my mind wasn’t going where she was.

The weekend was on the HOW TO of Internet Marketing.
Even when Jerry Clark told us that 99% of those who only
focus on the technological information will fail, my head
was into HOW TO.


Roxana’s messages were about the role that Happiness plays
in your journey to success.   She talked about succeeding by
teaching our mind to be Happy NOW (not after some magical
moment called Success arrives)  The momenet never comes.
You always move the target.  If success is $10,000 a month
and you get close, we almost always realize that we can do
$20,000, so why not go for it.   The point is that you never
reached Success, so you never reached your time to be
Happy.   You will be much more productive if you focus on
positive things NOW.

She talked about Gratitude.   Many studies have show that
grateful people are more energetic, emotionally intelligent,
forgiving and less likely to be depressed, anxious or lonely.
In our industry, being less likely to feel overwhelmed should
probably be added to that list.

She talked about how powerful optimism is.  Again the mind
will find ways for good things to happen to you really expect
them to happen.  Isn’t that the definition of optimism.

She (strongly) suggested that you write down 3 Good Things
that happened to you Every Day.  Make it a habit at the end
of each day.  The mind will start to look for the good things
so that you can put them on your paper.   You find what you
look for.   Be positive and the mind will find ways to make
positive things happen.

Mastermind Weekend Takeaway

Roxanna finished with “You are your Best Investment”

Those were probably the most important messages of the
weekend and I, for one, glossed right over them.

Bad Dog – No Biscuit!

Here is a TED video that really points out the importance to being Happy NOW!

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