Re-purpose Your Valuable Blog Posts – Building a Template

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Re-purpose Your Valuable Blog Posts – Building a Template


Increase Value of Your Valuable Blog Posts

Increase Value of Your Valuable Blog Posts

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about what I think is a very valuable concept that I don’t hear talked about much.  This is to dramatically increase the value of assets you already have with very little effort.  I’m talking about re-purposing your valuable blog posts and creating eB00k or eReports.

Today I’m going to go over step-by-step how to create a Word Template so that you can make your valuable blog posts 10 times more useful and do it over and over.  The neatest part is how easy and quick it is.







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Building a Template to Re-Purpose Your Valuable Blog Posts

For the template we are going to need three Word Documents

  1. The Main Body document
  2. A Bio document
  3. A Resources document.

To Create an eBook from one of your posts you will need two things:

  • A book  or report cover graphic
  • A copy and post of the original Blog Post.

Lets look at the three Word Documents

The Bio Document

The bio document is a one page that has a short bio and a picture of the author.

The Resources Document

This document starts empty except for a page with the words RESOURCES and Version 1.0  at the top of the page.   As you create these Free eBooks/eReports you will add a thumbnail of the Report Covert, a short description and a link.  The link either goes to a download or a squeeze page where you ask for their first name and email address before they get the download.  Every time you add a resource you bump the version number by 1.

The Main Body Document

  1. First Page – The first page is a place to insert the cover image.  You erase the words “Insert Image Here.”
  2. My Main Template - page 1The second page is a Legal Disclaimer
  3. I like to make the Header of each page, except the first, the name of the document.  I start with “Template Document Name.”  The footer is my name and a link to my website – along with page numbers.
  4. I also like to set the right margin to 2 1/2 inches.  It makes the reading lines shorter and easier to read (and make the book seem longer).
  5. The third page is the body and it looks like this (note the footer, the header and the words “Insert Body Here”   All of the text here is erased before you save the document:My Main Template - page 2

Finish Setting Up the Template

We are just about done.

On an empty page after the Legal Disclaimer we will insert a link to the Bio Document.   We do NOT insert the document, just a link.  Here is what that looks like in Word 2010:

Insert Text From File

In the INSERT menu, find Object and click on the little arrow beside it.  Then click on Text from File….   A Windows Explorer window will open up and allow you to find the Bio File.   It will look like this:

Insert Text as a link

Instead of just clicking on Insert, click the little arrow beside Insert and click on Insert as Link.

Now after the body page, you do the same thing with the Resources Document.

Your Template is Finished!

Using the Template

Okay, lets walk through the steps to turn one of your fairly lengthy and  valuable blog post into an eBook.

  1. Find, buy (from, or create your eBook Cover.  (I’ll cover that more in another post.)
  2. Open the Main Temple Document and do a Save As to the name of your new eBook.  (I like to put mine in a folder along with the image.)
  3. Insert the image into the Main Template Document where it says Insert Image Here.
  4. Open the Resources Document and insert the image there also.  Shrink it down and add the name of your new eBook and a link to where it will be on your server.  We’ll talk about that in a minute.
  5. Save the Resources Doucment
  6. Update the header line in your document to show the name of your new eBook.
  7. Erase everything from the page the says Insert Body Here.
  8. Browse to your blog in a browser and find your valuable blog post.   CTRL-A to highlight it all and CTRL-C to copy it.
  9. In the Word Document click on the main page and click CTRL-V.
  10. Do a little editing of your new eBook to remove things that might be blog post specific.
  11. Update the Resources page.  You do that by clicking on the current Resources Page and then right-click.  You will see this menu:

    Update Resrouces Page

You click on the option to Update Field.   This will go get the Resources Doc. that your edited earlier and replace the pages in your main document with the revised pages.   If you need to do the same thing to the Bio Page.

The Link to Your Valuable Blog Document Download – except now it is an eBook.

I use a plugin called Pretty Link Lite.  This plugin allows me to create a short link (my blog name / one or two words) to replace what might be a very long URL.  In this case I usually use one or two keywords to describe a Free eBook  My download link become , the squeeze page become  and so on.  This serves two purposes. 1) I can create the link before I actually know where or what it will be and 2) When visitors click on the link Pretty Link keeps track of the clicks .

Create the PDF Version

You just do a Save As and choose the File Type PDF.

Updating the eBooks later

After a while you might have several of these documents and the first documents will not show the newer document in their Resources pages.  This is easy to remedy.

  1. Make sure the Resources Document is up to date and the version number has been bumped by one.
  2. Open each of your Free Ebooks main document.
  3. Scroll to the Resources page and do the right click Update Field step.
  4. Save the document
  5. Save the document as a PDF
  6. Upload to your server.

The updating here takes about 15 seconds per document, especially if they are in a set of directories and stored together.

NOTE:  You only have to create the template once.  After that product creation goes very quickly.

That’s it. How to create and use a template to convert your valuable blog posts into a Free eBook or eReport.


Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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