Productivity Tip: – Evaluation of Progress Requires Numbers

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Productivity Tip: – Evaluation Requires Numbers

Evaluation of Progress

Evaluation of Progress


Were you productive today?   Did you move your business forward today?

If you answered YES, I’ll ask you: “Show me the numbers!” Without time-
bounded, measurable objectives you don’t really know if you were productive
or not.  I’m sure you can tell me if you were BUSY, but that wasn’t the
questions.  I asked if you were PRODUCTIVE.






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Productivity Tip: – Evaluation of Progress Requires Numbers

I was taking part in a coaching call today and something was driven
home to me that  bears repeating.  “You can’t evaluate your progress
if you can’t measure it !”   Since evaluation of progress is a necessary
part of success, this is a pretty important point.


I was trained to the doctorate level  on social science research and evaluation
a loooggg time ago and that was my primary bread and butter for 30 years
or so. The point being, I know a little about the field.

A Key Point for us: A basic premise of Evaluation is that you can’t evaluate what
you can’t measure. There have to be time bounded, measurable objectives
in place and being actively worked on before you have a prayer of
evaluating progress.

I’m going to give you a couple of definitions.  A LOT of people won’t agree with
me, however they work for me when it comes to evaluation of progress.

GOALS are unattainable pictures of the future.  We don’t know when
you get there.  They are a pictures of the future. An example might be “I want
to become financially secure.” This is a nice picture and it gives us a direction
to move.  However, we won’t know when we get there because there isn’t a
clear definition of where “there” is.  You can try putting numbers and a time
limit on a GOAL. For example, “I want to be making $100,000 a year by
January 1, 20xx.”   This is somewhat better in terms of evaluation, but it
doesn’t help us get there. I prefer the picture of a very specific nice house,
a very specific nice car and a vague feeling of success as a GOAL.

PLAN OF ACTION   This is where we use logic to figure out how to get from
where we are now to the GOAL.  At this level we certainly should have a time-
bounded and measurable target if that is possible.  For some things(like r”educe
drug abuse in the US”. a firm target isn’t really possible.  For most of us in the
online home business field it is possible to set a measurable, time bounded target.
Then our PLAN OF ACTION consists of a set of activities that “should” take us
toward the Target and hence the GOAL. (e.g. “If I create a marketing funnel,
that should take me closer to financial security!” Then your break “create a
marketing funnel” into steps you can see and measure and off you go! The
steps are your objectives.

OBJECTIVES are time-bounded and measurable targets.  Time-bounded means
they have a date by when they are expected to be finished.   Measurable means
that there is something you can count.  A critical point that some people miss
is that a decent evaluation of progress MUST BE DUPLICATABLE.  If five
different evaluators look at the same situation, their results should all be
in the same ball park.  Listening to someone describe what they accomplished
last month and then saying “I feel like you made good progress.”  is not
evaluation.  It is pure guesswork.  Different people listening to exactly
the same conversation would give wildly different assessments.


What does this mean to us? You need to make sure your PLAN OF ACTION has discrete
steps built in.  Each step should have objectives with numbers and completion times.

These pbjectives gives you two excellent points to consider when you evaluate your progress.

1) Are these good objectives to reach our goals and are they realistic (up or down)?

2) Did we achieve them? Why or Why Not?

I will hasten to add that you need to be flexible.  You will ALWAYS be learning  and
this knowledge will require that you modify your PLAN OF ACTION and your
OBJECTIVES.   Very occasionally you may even change you GOALs.

The view of “Evaluation of Progress” is fairly basic, but I have noticed that is
isn’t discussed much or trained on much in the Internet Marketing business. We
see lots of stuff on Split Testing of particular ad campaigns, but little on
evaluation of progress toward our ultimate goals.

Summary: Evaluation of Progress Requires Numbers

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