Newsletter Ideas for AWeber Users Who Use Broadcast Emails

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Email Newsletter Idea AWeberI’ll bet you are saying “I don’t need any Newsletter Ideas, I don’t write a Newsletter.”   If you even read that sentence you must be using AWeber and sending out Broadcast Emails.

Well, here are some neat Newsletter Ideas for you.  You already have an online archive of your broadcast emails, so maybe you are publishing one or more newsletters and didn’t know it.

I am a strong proponent of looking for ways to re-purpose my work and this is another place where I can take work that I am already doing and with minimal effort get twice the impact.  (You can jump to the bottom of this post if you want to see the end result I’m talking about  🙂 )

I want to show you how you can optimize these Newsletter ideas and make them work for you with very little effort.

Okay, you are asking “Why do I want to bother with a Newsletter?  I’ve gotten along fine without it up until now.”

My answer to that is that it can be one more way to grow your list.  It won’t be a huge list builder, but it can help.  AWeber’s Archive, by default, has a Sign Up form built-in so you could add people to your list almost for free.   Now that’s one of the newsletter ideas you probably like.

(BTW:  Another of my Newsletter Ideas is a real winner.  AWeber’s Broadcast Archives are indexed by Google.  If you have several relevant articles on a hot topic, your archive could end up ranking on page 1.)

Here are the steps we are going to take:

  1. Decide which broadcast emails we would like to put in our Newsletter Archive.  It might be all of them or a selected few.  I’m going to call this a Topic.  You’ll see that you could have several Topics (Newsletter Archives) with almost no effort at all.
  2. Create a header logo specifically for your new Topic list.  I like to use my Blog logo and add some text to the bottom to describe the Archive and offer an ethical bribe for signing up to receive my emails.   This logo works best if it is wider than it is tall.
  3. Set up an AWeber list just for your Topic.   If my example I’m going to single out my broadcast emails that are Internet Marketing Tips.   I send these out frequently and they are interspersed among other broadcasts.  One part of this setup is uploading the header logo I created in step 2.
  4. Automatically Link your new list with an existing list. In my new (soon to be sold and published) book “AWeber Unleashed” I support using multiple lists (one for each place that you have a Sign Up Form – like for every Ethical Bribe you use) and then using AWeber’s automation feature to automatically subscribe people who sign up for an Ethical Bribe list into a main list.  The main list is where you maintain and add to your follow-up sequence of emails.

We are done with setup.  Except for getting the logo (and you can farm that out to that probably didn’t take more than 5 minutes.

Now there is just one more thing.

When you start to create a broadcast email make sure your new Topic List is the Active List in AWeber


When you get ready to publish the Broadcast you can add any of your other lists simply by clicking on a check box.  Your subscribers will not see any difference.

The key here is that the first list when you broadcast determines which archive the broadcast goes into.

Video Walk-Through

Next you need to promote your Newsletter Archive


I don’t mean that you need to do anything more than mention it in your blog posts and on your website.  People who like one of your “newsletters” will click to see more of the same.  Since a lot of my broadcast emails are about my blog posts it is a natural thing to do.   If someone likes one of your posts and clicks on the Archive link, they could end up signing up for your list.   As I said that is a cool Newsletter Idea.

Turning this Newsletter Idea into Reality.


  1.  I decided to make my posts and emails on Internet Marketing Tips in to a Newsletter (kinda sorta).
  2. Then I created a logo based on my Blog Header.  I added three lines to it.  We’ll see that in a minute.
  3. When I had the logo image, I created a new list in AWeber.

Create a New List

Newsletter Ideo - Basic Information for New List

Note that people see the List Name (#1) and the List Description (#2) when they unsubscribe to your list.  If you make them nice enough they might decide to stay J

Fill in the Company Branding.   (Subscribers see this on their confirmation page if you use the default pages.)

Company Branding
Newsletter Ideo - Company Branding


Numbers 1 and 2 are pretty standard.   #3 is when I upload the logo I mentioned above.

On the third Setup Screen (not shown) I turned the double Opt-in off.  You can leave it on if you want.

4.   I linked the new list to my main list using AWeber’s Automation Feature.

Link to Your Main List
Newsletter Ideas - Link to Your Main List

               #1  Select your main list in the “Current List” dropdown

#2  Click on List Options

#3  Click on List Automation

#4 and #5 show a rule I already set up.

#6 Shows the dropdown that I selected “Subscribe to list hale-main when subscribing to”

#7  Shows where I selected the “hale-tip-archiv” list to complete the rule.

     #8  is just barely visible.  It is a green button to “Save the Rule.”  Once you save one, a line will appear for you to save another.

5.  Now all I have to do is select the list hale-tip-archiv when I craft a broadcast message that is going to be an Internet Marketing Tip.

Where is My Archive?

When you create a broadcast message, the second screen is “Sharing.”  That will show you the link to your Newsletter Archive.

BTW:  my Internet Marketing Tips Newsletter is just getting started, but here is the link  Hale’s Internet Marketing Tips

End Result – A Newsletter Archive with no extra effort after the initial simple setup.

Final Result

You can build Newsletter assets just by selecting the right list before you write your broadcast emails.   I hope you liked these Newsletter Ideas  🙂



Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

Dr Hale

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