Marketer’s Mindset Sees WHY and IT Professional’s Mindset Sees HOW

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Marketers Mindset Sees WHY and IT Professionals Mindset Sees HOW


IT Professional's Mindset and Marketer's Mindset

Venn-Diagram – IT Professional’s Mindset and Marketer’s Mindset Overlap

In a previous post I talked about how IT Professionals and Marketers have very little overlap in their world views when it comes to “computer problems.”  (IT and Marketers don’t Mix.) The two groups can look at the same business situation and their mindsets will cause them to see two completely different and almost non-overlapping scenes.


The FOCUS for the IT Professional’s Mindset

When faced with a problem that involves customers and computers, the IT Professional will focus almost completely on HOW to solve the problem.

The FOCUS for the Marketer’s Mindset

When looking at exactly the same problem, the Marketer’s Mindset will cause them to focus almost completely on WHY problem exists and how to create a situation where the problem doesn’t exist or is minimized to the point that it is no long a problem.  Sometimes this means turning the solution over to the IT Professionals and sometimes it involves influencing the participants to do things differently.

In both cases the participants are looking at the problem at what I call the “second level.”  They are looking beyond the immediate situation and trying to generalize so that this problem and all similar problems in the future are eliminated.  They just don’t see the same “second level.”

The marketer’s mindset is to look at motivation and how to influence the customer to do something that will cause the problem to disappear.   The IT Professional mindset causes them to look at how the systems can be modified so that the problem disappears.

How Understanding Mindset Helps YOU

So how does this help you?

Understanding that a person’s mindset predisposes how they will interpret and respond to situations gives you two huge advantages.

  1. You “know” that the other people aren’t being dense or obstructionist.  This shift in your perspective can pay huge dividends over time.
  2. You can understand the other person and learn how they think.  It is MUCH easier to influence someone if you understand their mindset and can couch your proposed solutions in images, language and assumptions that they understand.

Mindset Tips

So here are some useful tips when working with the Marketer’s Mindset and the IT Professional’s Mindset:

  • The mind thinks in images – find images that everyone can relate to and understand.
  • Focus on the end result – that way you can point out that both the WHY and the HOW are important.
  • Remember the famous quote that “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.”  The same thing can be said about Marketers and IT Professionals   One group lives in the mind and the other group lives in the hardware and software.
  • Watch, Listen and Record – systematically save good examples and good images.  If you are an IT Professional focus on saving good examples of how Marketer’s saw a problem.  If you are a Marketer, save good examples of how IT Professional saw a problem.  You know your people, so focus on understanding those that you don’t know.

Use Your LISTENING Skills

My final tip is to LISTEN.   IT Professional learn to listen to their users so that they understand how to build the software and networks better.   Marketer’s learn to listen to customers so that they can understand and influence their behavior.   Both groups should use their listening skills on each other.

 Understanding the Marketer’s Mindset and How it Differs from the IT Professional’s Mindset can pay huge dividends.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

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  1. Hi Dr. Hale,
    As an IT professional myself, I agree that this is often the case. However, I continue to be impressed that some Engineering teams are very different and take much more ownership of the system they work on. My current team follows the agile methodology and is a small team, @ 10 people.
    I think both of these factors help to instill a sense or ownership in the entire process. With agile the team is expected to have input into the stories they work on and to continually evaluate and improve the work they do. In being a small team it is easier to have your input heard and see it making a difference as well. This promotes more feeling of ownership and a mindset that you prevent the problems even before they arise. e.g. our team routinely questions offline processes as well as online when looking at system “issues”.
    Lori Thayer recently posted..The Secrets To Mastering Your MindsetMy Profile

    • Thanks Lori,

      I agree that better software engineers trying to get into the head of their users. I still never saw them much concerned about influencing those behaviors.

      Dr. Hale

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