Maintaining Your Focus – Internet Marketing Tip

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Maintaining Your Focus – Internet Marketing Tip

Maintaining Your Focus

Maintaining Your Focus

Maintaining your focus is hared today than it has ever been.

Not only are the distractions more numerous, but we are
literally bombarded with the copywriting that money can
buy and today the BEST is darned good!   Sometimes we need
to remember the old techniques.  Some of them still work!


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Maintaining Your Focus

I titled this, “an Internet Marketing Tip,” but it really is useful
to virtually anyone who has a work area with a computer monitor
and a wall behind it.

Here is my tip for maintaining your focus.

  1. Identify your objectives – You had to do that anyway.  I’m asking
    to find’m and write’m in short phrases.  They don’t have to even
    make sense to anyone but you.  The objective is to create a list
    of short phrases that will ALWAYS remind your objectives.
  2. Print them out – Use the largest letters you can.  I usually have to tape
    several sheets of paper together – landscape mode.  When I started
    using this technique it was butcher paper and marks-a-lots.
  3. Attach your list to the wall – This needs to be line-of-sight when you
    look up from your work station.
  4. Train Yourself – Last but not least, you need to develop a habit of glancing
    up at your list and asking this simple question: “Which objective am I
    working on RIGHT NOW?”


If the answer is “Weellllll – none of them really” then there is a problem.

You haven’t been maintaining your focus and you need to quit doing what
you are doing.   (Obviously on occaision you will realize that you REALLY need
to change the list, but that should be a very rare occasion.)

Here is an example.  Please note that I deliberately did NOT make this fancy
and pretty.  You WANT it to be quick and easy and YOURS!

Hale's Maintaining Your Focus

Hale’s Objectives


There you have my Simple Tip for Maintaining Your Focus

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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.

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About Hale Pringle

Dr. Hale is an Internet Entrepreneur and Network
Marketing expert. His greatest pleasure is
helping people and he does just that, drawing
upon the immense resources that he has gathered
over the years in his unquenchable thirst for

Dr. Hale lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with
his wife, two dogs and a cat. His four children
are grown and are scattered around the state.

An eternal optimist you will hear him say
regularly: “Is this a Great Day?” The answer is
always, “Hale Yes!”

If you need help with your online marketing or a
network marketing opportunity Dr. Hale is the go
to man. “Hale Yes!”


  1. Hale Yes this is a great day. I love it. Focus is key. I will ask myself, which objective am I working on right now? Thanks for the tip and congrats, your on your way. Let me be the first to say… “Mr Hale Pringle World Renowned for online lead generation and mentoring.”

  2. Hale,
    You gave us some great suggestions. For one, just putting your objectives up on the wall staring you in the face, will make a big difference for me. So often I find myself bouncing around trying to find an answere to a technica problem and get off track that way. It’s like taking a walk in the woods, the sooner you realize your lost the better, at least then you have an idea of where you might have gone wrong, and get back on track. Sometimes I think I end up forgetting even what my objective for the day was, so this would be so useful.

    • Thank you Miriam. I’m glad you liked it. This one took a while to write, but I think I leanred a BUNCH doing it.

      Hale Yes!

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