Key Factors in Internet Marketing

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Key Factors in Internet Marketing

Key Factors in Internet Marketing

Key Factors in Internet Marketing

Key factors are sometimes hard to find and getting into something like Internet Marketing can be very daunting.  It is especially true when the field looks like a huge rolling thunderstorm cloud.  Everyone can describe a cloud, but they are always different and always changing.  From the 30,000 foot view, one set factors stands out.

Short List of Key Factors

With all the attention paid to Search Engine Optimization,
Local Marketing, Building a List, Niche Marketing and
so on, it is easy to lose track of the foundation = the really
key factors.  These are really quite simple to list, just not
so simple to execute.


  1. You need to find a starving crowd
  2. You need to put together an irrestistable offer
  3. You must have a method for your message to reach the crowd
  4. You must have a marketing stragtegy.

It really is just that simple.  Find a pain, find a solution,
offer the solution, provide the solution.  Along the way
you need to be a PERSON, someone the crowd can
KNOW, LIKE and TRUST, but in the end the Key Factors
are simple and they are always there.


This is your niche.  The group of people you are targeting
must have some characteristics:
  • be large enough to be worthwhile (a crowd),
  • they must have money (don’t forget this, some people do),
  • they must be looking for a solution If they think the
    problem is not solvable or feel they can handle it
    themselves, you have an uphill battle.

Part of working with this “crowd” is to not focus on the
crowd, focus on one hypothetical individual.  This is called
you Avatar.  Write out a full backstory on this person and
talk to him or her.


Sometimes this is the hard part and sometimes it isn’t.  A few
hours of work in Google can usually offer viable solutions
to virtually any problem that crowds of people have.   At that
point you need to put your spin on it, package it and make it
irresistible.  This is called copywriting.  There are lots of
classes on this.   For example: (yes, I make a little if you buy
this):  the Copywriters Guild   This is part of the Magnetic
Sponsoring system – one of the most respected training
and sponsoring systems around.


There are a variety of ways to get your message to your
potential customers.   Blogging (like this post) is one that
it virtually free.  It just takes time.   Paid advertising on
Google and Facebook are two very common avenues.
I’m not going to try to cover this field here.  It is part of why
Internet Marketing is so volatile.


Obvioulsy you need to have a system for your
customers to buy your product, for you to
deliver your product and a system to handle
your customers.


As part of every successful Internet Marketing
strategy, building your list of paying customers
is a critical element.  As you list grows, your
ability to make additional sales grows with it.


As I said above, the key factors that appear over
and over in every system are: find a pain,
find a solution, offer the solution, and provide the solution.

Key Factors in Successful Internet Marketing


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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.

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