IT Skills Shortage 2012 – NOT

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IT Skills Shortage 2012 – NOT!

IT Skills SHortage - NOT

IT Skills Shortage - NOT

   IT Careers – massive changes in the wind – again!
I read and interesting article in Techrepublic the other
day (IT Skills Shortage, I confess I changed the title
“End of the Geek era”)   It brought up all kinds of
thought about where people in the IT fields are today.

It Skills Shortage – NOT

Fifteen years ago working in the computer industry was the “in” thing.
If you had some training, experience, or education you were pretty
much guaranteed a fairly decent job. There was an IT Skills Shortage.

From my perspective there are two things wrong with this picture.

First – today is not fifteen years ago and the IT industry is not in
the incremental growth pattern that held sway for 20 plus years.
Between the growth of the cloud (can you say Google Application
Suite), Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), high powered laptops
that belong to everyone and the massive switch to mobile devices
(smart phone and tablets), the industry is fragmenting in ways
that we haven’t seen in a long time.

Second – your reward was a “job.”  With the exception of a very
small, but very visible, minority who were bright enough and
lucky enough to hit the right wave, the vast majority of IT workers
had high stress, exciting jobs.   As these folks have matured they
have begun to realize that the “job” put bread on the table.  It was
an hours for dollars trade.  It didn’t have a pot of gold at the end
of the rainbow.   One definition of these jobs is “Work harder, for
less, with less resources until ________.”   As I said none of the
answers that fill in the blanks look like the gold watch and great
retirement with full medical benefits that we dreamed of.

So unless we fit the definition of insanity that goes “doing the
same thing and expecting different results.” it is time to look for
a change.

When I hired IT professionals I used to say “There are two types
of employees.  Those that say ‘I’m going to make the company
shine and I will look good as a result’ and those that said ‘I am
going to make myself shine and the company will benefit as
as result.'”   I hired those that put the company over themselves.

IT Shills Shortage for Home Business

Today I would do the same thing, BUT there is no
IT Skills Shortage today.  Those days have come and
gone.   The Gne X and Y weren’t raised with a silver
spoon, they were raised with PS2’s and XBoxes.

It is time to take some of your skills and apply them
to your own future.  You can start part time from
home and get into the Internet Marketing industry.

There are lots of people make $100K per month
doing things that we would have assigned one
programmer to a decade ago.

I’ve got 40 plus years in the computer industry
and I’ve spent thousands of dollars and untold
hours researching the Internet Marketing world.

Let’s work together to make the dreams we had
become reality for ourselves and our families today.

I’m not saying you should say “Sr(&w my company!”
I’m saying lets take some of those skills, perserverence,
self starter mentality and apply it to becoming an
Internet Entrepreneur.   You’ll be happy you did!

IT Skills Shortage – 2012 – NOT!


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