Internet Marketing Quotes for Today

Internet Marketing Quotes for Today


Internet Marketing Quotes
Internet Marketing Quotes

Sometimes you hear some things that just ring true.  Today was one of those days.

I attended a workshop today on Internet Marketing.  Several of the quotes were worth noting.






Internet Marketing Quotes That Ring True

In Internet Marketing, you either succeed or quit. – Ray Higdon.  Failure is really not an option since there are so many avenues that work.  You just need to keep working at it until you find an venue that works for you.

Always keep the estimated reach of your Facebook ads  below 5000. – Michelle Pescosolido  If you are doing your Internet Marketing on Facebook, you are probably using Pay Per Click Ads.  When creating these ads, you should almost always keep the estimated number of exposures below 5,000.  If you get a larger estimated reach, chop it into parts and create an ad for each part.  Now you can eliminate the ads that do not convert well.  Low conversion rates (less that .1 % will cause the price to go up and Facebook will downplay your ad.

Always have a second person listed as an admin to your Facebook Fan Pages– Michelle Pescosolido. If Facebook kills your account (which they can and WILL do), you still have access to your page.

If you are doing your Internet Marketing in Facebook, do everything you can to stay in Facebook.  Don’t go to an outside website or page. -– Michelle Pescosolido

Are you in it to win it? – Daegan Smith

Telephone tip – when you are talking to a prospect on the phone, always have a bigger picture of how successful they can be and always have less fear than they do. – Daegen Smith

There are three parts to telling your story – 1) Gain the other person’s trust, 2) be entertaining and 3) Create a desire (for something you have).  – Daegen Smith

When developing Internet Marketing campaigns, here is the order you develop things. 1) Your Mindset 2) Your Offer 3) Your system for building relationship and last 4) traffic – Daegen Smith

Your Internet Markeing empire will crash and burn.  Your list is what allows you to recover quickly!

Extend the shelf life of an idea by jotting it down on paper.  Then email it to yourself.  Then write about it.  Then act on it!  – Jerry Clark

Internet Marketing Quotes for Today


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