Interesting Internet MarketingTips – Backlinks, Competitive Pages and More

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Interesting Internet MarketingTips – Backlinks, Competitive Pages and More

Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Tips

Internet Marketing Tips are buried here and there.
Here are a collection of interesting and useful tips
and tricks if you are marketing on the web and doing
keyword research.

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Here are some interesting Internet Marketing Tips – enjoy!

Internet Marketing Tips #1: How many pages are you actually competing against?

Alright, we all know that when we Google
our keywords, we get hundreds of thousands
(or maybe millions) of pages (the number at
the top of the screen.)

The first of my Internet Marketing Tips addresses
the question  of how many of those are real and
how many are  duplicates or contain just one of
your keywords?

Try this……

Google for you keywords – in quotes –
lets say “Orlando Travel”

When I ran this I got 2,180,000 pages.

WOW – that’s a LOT of competition. But how
much of it is real?

Here is the address bar after I submitted the search”Orlando+Travel”&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a

Go to where it says “Orlando+Travel”&
and replace everything
after the the & with  Start=900

Then press Enter.

When you scroll down the new listing, at the bottom<br>
It will say something like:

In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some entries very similar to the 758 already displayed.

758 – still a lot of pages, but much
easier to compete against than 2,180,000.

Internet Marketing Tips #2: Great Example of Backlinks

If you want to show someone how backlinks work
using the second of my Internet Marekting tips.
Google for “Click Here”.

The number one page is the Adobe Reader download
page. Thousands of sites have “If you need
the Adobe PDF reader Click Here” on them.

The page certainly isn’t about “Click Here”, it
just has thousands of backlinks. :)

Internet Marketing Tips #3:
Do you need some VERY authoritative backlinks?

EDU sites are given a LOT of weight by the search
engines, so a link from one is very good juice.

You can create this juice. Google for this: inurl:blog -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “post a comment” “Key Words”

Replace “Key Words” with your key words. This should give
you a list of somewhat relevant blog posts that are
open to you making a nice comment and putting a
link to your own post as part of your signature.

Bingo – one EDU link.

Internet Marketing Tips #4: Find What is HOT on a site

Here is a Google search that will look through and find articles relevant
to you that have been viewed more that 2,000 times.

In the example below I have put “Lose Weight” as my
keywords.  You can substitute words that you are
interested in.

lose weight “viewed 2000..199999” “submitted on * *, 2011”

You can change the key word (“lose weight”), the year submitted (2011)
and you can even used this for other sites if you find what their
pattern is.  Here the pattern is “viewed x times”  and “submitted on x, x, 2011”

This one of my Internet Marketing Tips is another way to do
keyword research since people were finding and reading the
articles that appear in your search.
I hope you find these Internet Marketing Tips useful!

 Internet Marketing Tips – Hope that they help you

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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.






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About Hale Pringle

Dr. Hale is an Internet Entrepreneur and Network
Marketing expert. His greatest pleasure is
helping people and he does just that, drawing
upon the immense resources that he has gathered
over the years in his unquenchable thirst for

Dr. Hale lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with
his wife, two dogs and a cat. His four children
are grown and are scattered around the state.

An eternal optimist you will hear him say
regularly: “Is this a Great Day?” The answer is
always, “Hale Yes!”

If you need help with your online marketing or a
network marketing opportunity Dr. Hale is the go
to man. “Hale Yes!”

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