IMLobby Review – A Fairly Close Look at this Money Making Offer

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IMLobby Review – A Fairly Close Look at this Money Making Offer


IMLobby Review

IMLobby Review – A Fairly Close Look

An IMLobby Review to help you evaluate IMLobby.
IMLobby is all over the internet.  Many of the lists I
belong to are advertising this as a great way to make
money on line.  Now I’m a little more seasoned than
many, but I was intriged and gave it a shot.  After a
couple of weeks I decided that it was not for me.  The
purpose of this IMLobby review is to tell you what I saw.

I will note that they had a lot of training and I did not go
through much of it.  That is why I’m calling this a “fairly
close look” instead of “an in-depth look.”


IMLobby Review – Overview

Let me start this IMLobby review with a short picture of their system.  You sign
up of IMLobby for a few dollars, but after the first seven days, the cost is a
continuing $97/month.  For this you gain access to a back office with several
links.  Some go to training, some go to support and one goes to the primary
“money making” menu.  When you click on this option, you are presented
with a fairly long list of topics – such as dieting, quiting smoking, making up
with you ex, etc.   The introductory video shows you how you can choose one
of these options and when you do you will see a long list of long tailed key
words.  These are designed to be multiple word keywords that have limited
competition, but a steady flow of Google queries.  The ideal keyword has around
1,000 hits per day with VERY low competition.  Outside of their system you go to
a domain name registrar and purchase a URL with the same key words in the
name.  They show you a chart indicating if the .com, .net, .org, .us etc are already
in use by someone.   One you have purchased your URL they have you enter it
into a text box, enter the Google Analytics key for the new site and click GO.
They generate a site, populate it with videos, testimonials and many Clickbank
links to products that would appeal to someone in the niche you have chosen.
There is a link to fill in where they can automatically FTP the files to your
domain or you can download it and upload it manually.  Then the system goes
through a long series of “Generating backlinks – done”, “Generating Backlink –
Done”.  It idea is that if you do three of these a day and get visits per day and
have even a 1% conversion rate, but the end of a year you will have around a
1,000 sites and you will be generating good money.

IMLobby Review – The Positive

Let me start this IMLobby review with some of the positive aspects of the program.

  • Marketing – their marketing is supurb.  The owner and president gives an
    impassioned and impressive presentation about how easy the produt is to use
    and how much time and energy went into it.
  • The process – The basic process is very easy to follow.
  • Income – If you banged away at this system for a year, I am sure you would
    probably generate an income.
  • Support – Their support was very responsive to my questions.
  • Training – they did have a lot of training videos available.

IMLobby Review – The Negatives

Logically the next part of the IMLobby review is some of the negatives.

  • The sales video shows you three sites that the owner created and
    then showed you that a week or 10 days later they ranked very high
    in Google.  This is undoubtably true.  What you need to realize is that
    he may have generated a hundred sites in order to get the three that
    he shows.
  • I generated five – three weeks later 3 of them have zero visits.  The
    other visits are probably mostly me.
  • The sites within one niche (like “stop smoking”) are virtually identical.
    The major difference is the title at the top of the page.
  • The Google Analytics entry is really critical if you are going to follow
    your traffic.  It wasn’t mentioned in the “Here is how you work the system”
    video.  It may very well have been covered in the more advanced training,
    but I felt it was too important to leave “until later.”
  • I never did get the automatic FTP section to work.  If you don’t know how
    to FTP, you will need to use their support.
  • The training video was very explicit that it only took a couple of minutes to
    generate each site.   What they left out was that you need to 1) do keyword
    research on the long tail words you have chosen to really see if you have a
    viable trafficed, but low competition niche and 2) you need to BUY domains
    every day.  Even with NameCheap this is a significant expenditure when you
    do it every day.    When you add the purchasing several domain names, changing
    the nameserver settions and doing the keyword research, and running their system,
    the a “few minutes a day” become significantly more.
  • I really like training to be consistent. The owner strongly suggests that you use
    Coolhandle to purchase you domains.  The next video about how to purchase and
    change nameservers is all about GoDaddy – which they have had a long relationship with.
  • I wondered what they were doing for Search Engine Optimization.  They are fairly
    secretive about that and it is a critical part of the system.  I do know that when I
    ran a Website SEO Grader across the website, it pointed out a number of basic
    things (like having the keyword in H!, H2 andH3 tag) that weren’t done and
    would have been very easy to add to the temple.
  • I also wondered (a lot) if the recent changes to the Google algorythm might have
    really rendered a good bit of the automatic backlink generating that they are doing
    as usefless.
  • Training – The ones I looked at were all done by the same person.  His accent was
    difficult at time to follow.  It was obvious that he got better over the years.
  • The final straw for me was the owner made an impassioned presentation that if
    you couldn’t get help, email him direct.  Then he gave us his email.   I wrote up
    some of the things you see here (and more) and sent them to him.The email bounced.I sent them via Facebook and Support.  Todate I haven’t hear a word.
    Don’t tell me you have an open door policy and then deadlock the door!

IMLobby Review – Bottom Line

My bottom line for the IMLobby reviewis that if you are willing to do rote
work over and over and spend quite a bit of time and  money, you can
probably make some money.  How much? I honestly don’t know.  I just
know that there were enough inconsistancies and holes that I wasn’t willing to go there.


For me this one was a HALE NO!


 There You Have it – My IMLobby Review








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Hale Pringle

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