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It is now possible to create a Free Aweber account (up to 500 Subscribers) and build a complete Funnel in the free account.

Note: CFX has a more expensive marketing system. It is $500 a month. https://cfxmarketingsystem.com/join?package=cashfx-full-member-12

Here is a 70+ page document that describes (in great detail) the following steps Download the Document

TASK 1 – Create an Aweber account
TASK 2 – Create a List in Aweber
TASK 3 – Set up someplace to store lots of links and URLs
TASK 4 – Copy the Funnel Pages into your account
TASK 5 – Tweak the Landing Page (This includes setting up how the Landing Page of the funnel looks when you post in Facebook and has links to Google docs for a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions, Income Disclaimer and Contact Us.
TASK 7 – Tweak the Presentation and Testimonial Page
TASK 8 – Tweak the Getting Started Page
TASK 9 – Tweak the US Citizens Page
TASK 10 – Create a Campaign for this Funnel
TASK 11 – Create an Evergreen Campaign

Note: I have a VA team that will do the entire process for you for $50

The HOW-TO document starts with a “I Can’t Retire” funnel and builds the “I Want to Leave Something for my Children” funnel. You can start with any of these funnels. The tweaks to the first page are the same and the other four pages are identical.

Here are some Funnels you can use “as is”. There are still tweaks you will need to make. However, the first page is the most difficult and if you use one of these, much of the work has already been done.

  1. I Can’t Retire!
  2. I Want to Leave Something For My Children
  3. Invest – High Yield Investing (We need to use different words here)
  4. Buried in Debt
  5. Do You Need More for Your Fur-babies (Special for Dogs All the Time FB Group Pinned)
  6. Waitstaff – Are Your Finances Hopelessly in the Weeds?
  7. New Stream of Income
  8. Finances Are Not Something to Laugh At (Special for Love to Laugh FB Group)
  9. Alternative to Print On Demand (Special for Print on Demand A to Z FB Group Pinned)
  10. Frustrated Breadwinner
  11. Can I EVER Create Passive Income stream?
  12. Worried Retirement Could Run Out
  13. Hair Sylist, Barbers and Salon Ownners
  14. Truckers need a second income
  15. Nurses and Medial Staff can retire in 4 years

There is One Special Funnel. It is designed for partners who are passive, but want to show CFX to a few close friends of family It is at the bottom of the page

Funnel Layout

At this point all of the funnels use the same pages with the exception of the Landing Page which is tailored to specific niches

Page 1 – Landing Page – shown below

Page 2 – A Bridge Page with a video from me

Page 3 – Presentations and testimonials

Page 4 Getting Started Page

Page 5 – Page for U.S. and Canadian Citizens

Funnel 1 – I Can’t Retire

Link https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/Passive-Income-To-Retire-On

Funnel 2 – I Want to Leave Something For My Children

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/CFX-Leave-to-children

Funnel 3 – Invest in High Yield Program (I need to redo this. CashFX does not want us to use the word “invest”)

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/Invetst1–Ready-to-invest

Funnel 4 – Buried in Debt

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/Buried-In-Debt

Funnel 5 – More for my Furbabies

link; https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/Love-my-Fur-babies

Funnel 6 – Waitstaff (Waitresses and Waiters)Finances in the Weeds

link; https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/wait1-Waitstaff-in-the-weeds

Funnel 7 – New Stream of Income

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/Stream1-New-Income-Stream

Funnel 8 – Special for the Love to Laugh FB group

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/Laugh1—Love-to-Laugh

Funnel 9 – Alternative to POD – Special for a Group I own

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/POD1—Print-On-Demand

Funnel 10 – Frustrated Breadwinner

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/Money-Worries

Funnel 11 Can I EVER Create Passive Income stream?

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/passive-income

Funnel 12 – Worried that Retirement Fund Could Run Out

Link: https://hale-pringle.aweb.page/retirement-runs-out

Funnel 13 – Hair Stylist, Barber and Salon Owner

Link: https://www.aweber.com/users/landing_pages/edit/4a65bceb-33ac-469c-9e76-638eb2b0d82e

14. Truckers need a Second Income Stream

15. Nurses and Medical Staff Need to Retire

Special Funnel for Passive Partners Who Want to Refer a Few People

Link: WinWithCFX.com

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