Aweber First Lead Magnet Funnel Training

Here are a series of short videos and documents that go through creating a Funnel using Aweber. We are going to start by copying one of my Lead Magnet Funnels and make the changes needed to tailor it to become a funnel for your Lead Magnet. (There is also a document with Screenshots and descriptions for creating a Funnel that presents an Opportunity.)


There are three main reasons and they all center on the fact that this Lead Magnet Funnel is FREE to create and host..

  1. This whole process is done with a FREE product. Aweber now has FREE accounts that are limited to a single list and 500 subscribers.
  2. Funnels are an important part of Internet Marketers tool box. Clickfunnels is the industry standard and the smallest account is about $100/month. Aweber has added a section called Landing Pages. We are using this FREE tool to create a full funnel. We can create dozens of funnels for free if we stay within one niche.
  3. Aweber hosts these page so you do not need a website for your funnels.


In addition to adding Subscribers to your List, this funnel is designed to maximize the number of “Touches” you get with the Lead/Subscriber.

Screen 1 – The Landing Page (Squeeze Page)

Screen 2 – Thank You Page

Email 1 of Email Campaign

Screen 3 Download Page

Creating the Lead Magnet Funnel have been broken down into

Aweber Overview Video

Link to Video that shows the various Screens on the Aweber Website= Video Link

Creating Your First Lead Magnet has been broken down into 12 Tasks

  1. Create an Aweber Account – Video 1
  2. Create a LIST in Aweber (or for a free Aweber account how to modify the one List Aweber already created for you.) – Video 2
  3. Set Up Some Place to Store Links, URLs, Tags and more – Video 2
  4. Put Your Lead Magnet on the Web and create a link to the Magnet. – Video 2
    The Aweber Editors – Video 3
  5. Copy the Example Funnel Pages into your account – Video 4
  6. Image for Header – Video 4
  7. Image for Ebook Cover – Video 4
  8. Tweak the Landing Page to make it your own – Video 5
  9. Tweak the Thank You Page – Video 6
  10. Tweak the Download Page – Video 6
  11. Create the eMail Campaign for the Lead Magnet – Video 7
  12. Create an Evergreen eMail Campaign – Video 7

Task 1 – Creating an account (and vocabulary)

Document: 1 Create an Aweber Account and vocabulary

Here is Video 1

Task 2, 3 and 4 – Edit Your LIST, Create a Storage Space and Get Your Lead Magnet on the web.

Document: 2. Edit your LIST

Here is Video 2

Task 5, 6 and 7 – Copy the Pages to Your Account, Image for Header and Your Ebook Cover

Document: 3. Copy the Pages to Your Account and Get Images for the Header and Your eBook

Get images at, and Google (be careful of Copyrights here). Paid images are sometimes better/ I like Make your own 2D eBook Covers on and convert that to 3D image at (Note: each download is $5). You can also pay someone to do it om

Link to the funnel to copy:

Here is Video 3

The Aweber Editors

There is no Document for this video

Here is Video 4

Note: Color for Buttons: Main color FFFF00 (bright yellow, easy to remember)

Hover color: F0F0F0 (grey, easy to remember)

Task 8 – Tweak the Landing Page to Make it Yours

Document: 5. Tweak the Landing Page

Here is Video 5

Tasks 9 and 10 – Tweak The Thank You Page and the Download Page

Document: 6. Tweak the Thank You Page and the Download Page

Here is Video 6

Tasks 11 and 12 – Create the Lead Magnet Email Campaign and an Evergreen Campaign

Document: 7. Create the Lead Magnet Email Campaign and an Evergreen Campaign

Here is the code to copy/paste and copy my email campaign:


Here is Video 7

In step 11, I talked about emails that were part of a campaign. To schedule emails that are time sensitive (e.g. “Black Friday is coming. Here is our SALE!”), you send BROADCAST emails. Here is an article about sending Broadcast emails

Bonus 1 -Aweber Subscriber

Short video describing the Subscriber Page in Aweber – Link to video

Bonus 2 – The Opportunity Funnel

Document: 8. Screenshots of Opportunity Presentation There is a funnel you can copy the pages from, but there is no video for this document.

Here is the link to the Funnel described in the document: Opportunity Funnel

Link to Video that shows the screens – Click here for the video

BONUS 3 – STRIPE – Selling from a Landing Page

One of the Elements in the Landing Page Editor is called eCommerce. THis element replaces the FORM element with a button and a pop-up that collects money using STRIPE. STRIPE is similar to PayPal. THe main difference is that your customer does not leave your page and go to pages that belong to the payment processor company. STRIPE will do the following:

  • Asm for Credit Card information and process a payment.
  • Collect an email address
  • Send a receipt to the email address (If you activate that feature – which you should)
  • Send the email address to Aweber and add it to the list where the Landing Page resides
  • Forward the customer to a Web Page once they have completed a purchase.
  • Send a TAG to Aweber along with the email address.

Here is a document that covers STRIPE and Aweber: STRIPE

Customized Link Shortener

If you would like your own URL instead of posting the Aweber link. You can sign up for a FREE account at You will need to buy/lease a Domain Name from or I have a domain called As an example, I can launch the First Lead Magnet funnel page with

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