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Free Tools and Inexpensive Tools -Screen CaptureFree Tools and Inexpensive Tools.  ScreenPresso – a High Power free Screen Capture and Annotation tool. This is a continuation of a short series where I’ll introduce you to some of the best tools I’ve found in several years of searching.  We are not looking at the expensive tools here but instead will focus on tools that are VERY useful and cost less than $100 – one time.  BTW – the tools must be POWER tools to make the list…

ScreenPresso – Screen Capture  And Annotation – Free Version And An Inexpensive Upgrade

If you write How-To documents about computer related topics, then this is THE tool for you!

ScreenPresso has a free version and an enhanced version that goes for less than $30 at (not an affiliate link).  It installs on your PC or your Mac and hooks to the Print Screen Button.

Grab It and Annotate It (ScreenPresso does the Save It Step)

The image at the top of the screen shows you some of the features.   Here is a chart I drew with ScreenPresso.  Is this great?  NO!  Did it get the job done quickly – YES!  (I will note that the ability to call the image up again and again and move, delete, and resize existing elements made this task MUCH easier.    (You can see the blog post where I talked about this flow here (WordPress, AWeber, and PayPal Move You Thru a Sales Funnel)  I talked more about using ScreenPresso to build a chart here.

BTW – notice the curved corners.  One of the things that makes your screen captures look professional.

Example Chart Drawn With ScreenPresso
Sales Funel Information Flow



In this two minute  video I’ll tell you more.

ScreenPresso – Screen Capture and Annotation Tool

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 Click here for an EBook with Over 50 Free Tools  Free Tools for Internet Marketers

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Dr Hale

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