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Free Marketing Tools for You

Free Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools

Free Marketing Tools can make your life a LOT easier.  Here is (an ever expanding) list of tools that I use – most of them on a daily basis.

FREE Marketing Tools for YOU

(There are a few in this list that cost something, but mostly this is free marketing tools for you and your friends)

  • 7 Zip: (free download) – A free open source alternative to WinZip.
  • Audacity: (free download) – An open source software used for recording & editing audio files.  I use this to strip out clicks, remotve dead sections or the extra stuff at the beginning on end of an audio.  It also can change the volume level of an audio and covert audios from one format to another.
  • BrowserShots: (free online tool)  See how your website look in various browsers.
  • Bullzip: (free download) – this software installs as a printer.  Anything you can print you can send to Bullzip and it will be written out as a PDF file.
  • CamStudio (free download) – Record  screen & audio activity on your computer and create video files.   Camtasia if a $300 shareware program for editing your videos.  It is highly recommended by many different sources.   I also like Debut from NCH software ($40) for recording webinars and other screen/audio images.
  • CCleaner: (free download) –Removes unused files from your PC.  This helps  Windows to run faster and frees up disk space.
  • Color Cop: (free online tool) – A color picker – great for web designers and programmers.
  • Down For Everyone: (free online tool) – This tool allows you to see if your website is down.  Sometimes you can see a local website that others cannot.
  • Dropbox (free online tool up to 2Gigs) – this tool appears to be a folder on your computer.  It is actually shareable disk place in the cloud.  View fields from any of your devices.  Share files with your team.
  • DupeFree: (free download) – Quickly check for duplicate content & LSI keywords.
  • Editplus – another high class text editor.  This one is not free ($35 for a singple user license, but if you have ever used a “real” text editor, you will never go back to notepad!
  • Evernote: (free download) – Store wildly different kinds of information and find it later.  This will store screen snippets, notes, URLs, audio and much more.  You can even scan your notes and  receipts. The built in OCR turn the image information into text and make it searchable)  Share notes and files on phones and tablets.
  • FileZilla: (free download) – FTP program for uploading files to your website or blog. This open
    sources system is so common that it has it’s own shortcuts built into hosts like HostGator.
  • Firefox: http// (free download) Wudely used Web browser.
  • Format It! (free online tool) – paste your text into this website, tell it how wide you want the line breaks (45 is nice) and presto.  A file you can cut and paste into your autoresponder with short lines.
  • FoxTab: (Free download) – This is a video format converter.  I get videos at times that I would like to have in a different format.  This is the tool I use.
  • Free Conference Call: (Free online tool) – One of the must have free marketing tools.  Sign up and you can have a conference call with 1,000 people.
  • Free Screen Sharing: (Free online tool) – Sign up and you can have a video traiing with up to 1,000 people   People will need to use the phone for audio and recording requires some ingenuity, but the price is right.  For more limited webinars (and recording) you can use
  • Freemind Mind Mapping Software: – Very useful brainstorming tool.  Can also be used to create presentations in minutes.
  • GIMP: (free download) – Open source program that creates and edit images. A free alternative to Photoshop.
  • Give Away Of The Day (free download) – A site that gives you a different free licensed digital product every day.
  • Google Adwords: – (free online tool) – Probably the most used keyword research tool available.  This is also a must-have free marketing tool.  There are lots of tutorials on YouTube.
  • Google  (free online tool) – Create an account, get your key and place it in your WordPress blog.  You will have traffic statistics galone
  • Google Alerts: (free online tool) –  Enter key words and receive an email every day telling you where the words appearded in the news, in blogs on on the web.  Enter things like your niche, your company, your name, your city and anthing else where you would really like to know if someone is talking about.
  • GMAIL (free online tool) – Gmail, Google Docs they are free and widely used by all types of businesses.   Google Calendar and Contacts automatically synchronize with my Android phone.  I read most emails these days on my phone and if my phone ever dies, my contacts are in GMAIL and will download right into my new phone.
  • Jing: (free download) – Screen capture and animated screen capture.  Mark up your screen capture and save an autdio description.  Great for sharing instructions with remote staff.
  • Kompozer: (free download) – A WYSIWYG HTML editor.  Useful for sqeeze pages.
  • LastPass: (free download) – Online password manager.  Share selected passwords and use different passwords on different sites without having to remember them all.  They call this the last password manager you will ever need.  Since it works in the cloud, it is available on any PC you happen to be using.
  • Libre Office:  (free download) – Open source office software – word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentations.  This is VERY compatible with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint).  It also will write a Word document out as a PDF file.
  • Marketing Forum: (free online tool) A friendly forum with lots of good internet marketing infromation.
  • NicheBot Classic: (free online tool) – Free Online keyword research tool.
  • OSWD: (free downloads) Free web design templates.
  • OoVoo: (freen download) video conference with up to 12 people.  Works on PCs, Macs and tablents and phones.
  • PDF995: (free download) Convert PDF files to PSD format.
  • PDF to Word Converter: (free online tool) Convert PDF files to Word Docs.
  • Pixie: (free download) – Point to a color and discover the code value for that color.
  • Resell Rights Weekly: (many free downloads) – Free membership site. Download over 300 PLR/RR products for free.
  • Roboform: (free download to try) Easily & safely manage your passwords and fill in forms.
  • ScreenHunter: (Free download) – Ccapture any part of your desktop, a window or full screen.
  • Skype: (Free download) –  Screen share and video calls over the internet.
  • Textpad: (Free download) – Powerful text editor. Textpad edits HTML code very well.
  • VLC Media Player: (free download) – Media player. Works with most audio and video formats.
  • WordPress: (free download) – WordPress started as an open source blog software platform.  Today it is widely used for websites as well.  For bloggers this is THE free marketing tool.
  • WordPress Help Sheets And Resources: – 23 helpful WordPress help sheets and resources.

NOTE:  If you have a free marketing tool that you think is really cool, comment below and share!

Free Marketing Tools – an ever expanding list of Great Tools



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