For Internet Marketing Technological Skills are Not Enough

For Internet Marketing Technological Skills are Not Enough

Jerry Clark Success Triangle Technological Skills are Not Enough

Jerry Clark Success Triangle Technological Skills are Not Enough

Technological skills seem to be the end all today. As technology rapidly escalates out of control, we all tend to head for the How-To. “Just tell me how to do it and I’ll get the job done.” For anyone and especially professionals coming from the IT fields, you have to realize that technological skills alone are a sure recipe for failure.

Jerry Clark and Technological Skills

I attended a Mastermind workshop to day and Jerry Clark shared his 25 years of wisdom with us. One of the things he said (among many) really resonated with me. He shared his success triangle. As an interesting side note, I went to Google and looked for a Success Triangle image. There must have been 25, all different.
Jerry (soon to be Dr. Jerry) has been researching and teaching on how to succeed in Internet Marketing and Network Marketing for over 25 years. He has a talent for breaking complex things down in to simple to grasp concepts that you can walk away with and do something with.
He observed that when we are faced with a new challenge – especially a challenge dealing with other people, we all tend to head straight for the how-to – we try to gain the technological skills needed to complete the task. While this may work for some things, it is a sure fire route to failure when you are dealing with marketing.
His observation is that it takes all three sides of the Success Triangle for you to succeed. So let’s look at them.
TK – The techological skills – the how-to, the techniques and methods that are currently working. If this is all you have you are at a loss when things change. And as we all know, things WILL change, and fairly rapidly. This is especially true with Internet Marketing where the Goliaths like Google, and Facebook are a constantly moving target AND a traget that actively tries to obscure what changes are coming and what changes were actually implened.IC – Internal Communication – This part of success deals with the inner you, your posture, you attitude, you understanding of yourself, you understanding of your personality and how you relate to others. This side of the triangle requires constant self development. All of the successful players read books on self growth, marketing, goal setting, dealing with people, etc. Most of them also listen to audio messages.
EC – Extenenal Communication – This is copywriting and dealing with other personalities.
Jerry’s observation was the 99% of those that focus solely on technological skills fail. If that doesn’t motivate you to look at the whole triangle, then I guess you just aren’t listening.

Technological Skills are Not Enough

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