Dr. Hale says: I’ll Never Be A Salesman – NOT!

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Dr. Hale says: I’ll Never Be A Salesman  – NOT!

Never Be a Salesman

Never Be a Salesman

I thought I’d take a short side trip today.  Maybe we’ll go to a place where you are or have been. 

For many years (decades actually – errr more like half a century) I swore that I would NEVER be a salesman.  One day a training session turned my world upside down!  Just like that.

(BTW, I’m trying to be politically correct here, but the word “salesman” was ingrained as “the term” a long time ago.  🙂  )









Different Kinks of Salesmen – Who Knew?

Until a few years ago I was an educator, a researcher, a counselor, a computer analyst/software developer.  I’ll make a massive generalization and say that most people in these professions cross paths with marketers and salespeople on a very rare day.  Usually the memorable encounters involve car salesmen, realtors, phone solicitors and sales clerks. 

Again, I’m going to make a gross generalization, but one that summarizes my internal definition of sale people.   “They are like the PIT BULL shown above.  They only care about the sale. They totally don’t care if you are satisfied or not and long as they get their commission.  Ugh!  I’ll never be a salesman.”

Two years ago Dr. Peggy Wooten, literally crashed that misconception is about an hour.  It crashed, it burned and I think I’m a better person for it.

Five Kinds Of Salespeople – Sales Dogs by Blaire Singer

In his book Salesdogs, Mr. Singer compared the salespeople that he had observed (closely – MUCH more closely than I) with five species of dogs.  

You can read his definitions and take a free diagnostic (and see what kind of salesdog YOU are) at http://SalesDogs.com     The definitions here are mine and are not nearly as complete as his.

Pit Bull – grabs on until you say yes. Is totally unaffected by customers who yell and scream. No Guilt at all about selling a product that is substandard or not needed.

Labrador Retriever – is happy when the customer is happy.  Service is more important than the sale.  Customers come back because they KNOW the lab will treat them right.  The Lab is happy after a sale because he or she KNOWS that the customer has benefited from the great product they just bought.

Bassett Hound – is with you through thick and thin. Has a humble style and cannot be chased off.  He sincerely wants to be your friend.  Great for defusing situations where the customer is through the roof angry.

Poodle – Flashy dresser and struts instead of walks.  The Poodle is the center of attention and is great for generating interest in the next great “coming event.”

Chihuahua – Wants the data – the chihuahua is a treasure trove of technical information.  If you need answers the chihuahua either has it or knows where to get it.  The chihuahua wants things done “right” and will generate PowerPoint presentations on topics where he or she is not the presenter.

From “I’ll NEVER Be a Salesman”  to “Huh? I Already Am!”

My Reactions – Dr. Wooton started explaining the types of sales dogs and I had the following reactions.

Pit Bull Yup – that’s a salesman all right and I’ll never by a salesman!”

Labrador Retriever Like to Make People Happy

Labrador Retriever Like to Make People Happy



Labrador Retriever – “Whoa!   I can see that.   I love to make people happy!  Wow – I can be a salesperson after all!  That’s what I am – A Labrador Retriever!  ” 








Bassett Hound – “Okay.  If I stretch, I can see a couple of my friends who would fit here.”

Poodle – “Wow – I’ve got a son that fits this description to a T!”


chihuahua wamt to Know the Products and Procedurres Inside Out

chihuahua wamt to Know the Products and Procedurres Inside Out

Chihuahua –  I didn’t get a chance to react to this one.  My family and friends all turned in unison and pointed.  There was a chorus of “CHIHUAHUA!”   I guess that explains the 100 gig of data I have collected on Attraction Marketing, the website I put up with resources for my primary network marketing company (halepringle.info). It also explains the all-nighters chasing solutions to possible problems.



“I will NEVER be a Salesman!” became “I will never by a Pit Bull Salesman.”

That one hour lecture allowed me to become an Internet Marketer!

How about you?  Have you ever thought “I’ll Never Be a Salesman!”?


Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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  1. Thanks for this post – it’s hilarious!! And informative too!

    Yes – I agree – we are all sales people – even if it’s to convince our ‘owner’ they are the most loved in the world

    Shelley 🙂
    Shelley Belcourt recently posted..What Causes ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome?My Profile

    • Shelley,

      Glad it made you smile. It was supposed to. Of course I wasn’t smiling when I got the chihuahua label 🙂

      Dr. Hale

  2. I never thought of myself as a sales person, but I guess I am. Love the sales people and sales dog. Nice.
    Suzy recently posted..UBC Day 15 – Disappointments are part of lifeMy Profile

    • Hi Suzy,

      Until I took the SalesDog training I not only didn’t think I was a salesman, I actively refused the title. Interesting how one insight can turn things upside down.

      Dr. Hale

  3. arch mcnab says

    Great post Hale. I’ve been fortunate to attend some of Blair Singer’s training and I have to agree with you. I had no idea there were so many kinds of salesmen and that they were all pitbulls. Then I thought back to the good sales experiences that I have had and they invariably involved retrievors and basset hounds:) Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thanks Arch,

      I really did see all Salemen as Pitbulls and didn’t want to go there. When I looked closely it wasn’t true.

      Thanks for the comment,
      Dr. Hale

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