Current State of Internet Marketing Training – Disaster!

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Current State of Internet Marketing Training

– Disaster!


Current State of Internet Marketing Training - Disaster

Current State of Internet Marketing Training – Disaster


Internet Marketing Training today is a hodgepodge of brilliant and mundane.  In a few short years we have evolved to the point that there are webinars running virtually 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.   The problem is not the quality of individual webinars, workshops and courses.  The problem is that the students are needed to build a business – RIGHT NOW!.  Learning in a classroom environment is like learning to become a mountain climber without ever seeing a mountain.  A sure fire recipe for disaster!   Since a major part of generating lead online is creating a “sales funnel,” this disaster is a MAJOR hurdle for most people starting to bring their business online.




Note: My mission is to help Network Marketers who are struggling to move online, especially those buried by overwhelm. You will find information that will HELP you find leads and access to the finest mentoring system on the Internet today (Ann Sieg’s Renegade Team and Inner Circle). You will learn how to avoid the bright shiny things, effectively use blogging, Facebook and LinkedIn, A free 30 minute coaching call is yours for the asking.  Take action today!  When you are ready Join the Team


Internet Marketing Training – State of the Industry

I am Dr. Hale Pringle.  The doctorate is in Education –
administration and research.  I’ve been involved in
teaching and researching teaching along computers
and teaching people to use computers for over 40

Part of my stance comes from my own experience
with Internet Marketing Training.   I decided that
I needed to move my business online and started
in to “learn the business.”   10’s of thousands
of dollars and thousands of hours of education later
I realized that I had been exposed to everything I
possibly needed to know.  The Internet Marketing
Training I had been through had covered it ALL
The problem is that  the pieces came out of order
with many different models (blogging, Facebook
PPC, Kindle, Books, etc) which had parts that
were irrelevant or even wrong  for other models.
I found my solution, but it is no wonder that when
Internet marketing training students are asked to
describe their progress, the word “overwhelm”
is the most common answer.

The video explains my point in about 4 minutes. Enjoy!

Have a Great Day!  Hale Yes!

Current State of Internet Marketing Training – Disaster!

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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.


Hale Pringle – Hale Yes!

Skype hale.pringle


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P.S. If you are looking at your “job” and thinking “There has to be something better than this!”, I can help. If you are trying to work online and are totally overwhelmed, I can help! Take a look at, or sign up for the free coaching call or email me or give me a Skype call. I’ll give you the benefit of my several years and many thousands of dollars in training and searching the rabbit hole called Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. I can help you with Lead Generation, blogging, and even career change. Add that to the finest mentoring on the Internet (Ann Sieg’s Team and Inner Circle) and you have a Winner!

About Hale Pringle

Dr. Hale is an Internet Entrepreneur and Network
Marketing expert. His greatest pleasure is
helping people and he does just that, drawing
upon the immense resources that he has gathered
over the years in his unquenchable thirst for

Dr. Hale lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with
his wife, two dogs and a cat. His four children
are grown and are scattered around the state.

An eternal optimist you will hear him say
regularly: “Is this a Great Day?” The answer is
always, “Hale Yes!”

If you need help with your online marketing or a
network marketing opportunity Dr. Hale is the go
to man. “Hale Yes!”


  1. Hale, I totally agree with you that there are so many things being thrown at us these days that it is so easy to get overwhelmed. What we need is a system.
    Sigrid McNab recently posted..Don’t Dare To Be DifferentMy Profile


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