Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Dr. Hale’s Foolproof Method

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Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Dr. Hale’s Foolproof Method


Internet Marketing Overwhelm

Unraveling and Totally Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm

The road to Internet Marketing Success. 

Here is the path that 99% of all Internet Marketer’s take.

We come on-line looking for leads and to build our business.  Maybe we are even looking to find a business to build.  It doesn’t take much to discover that we have entered the field of “INternet Marketing.”   Okay – gotta learn about Internet Marketing. We look for training and discover that there is training, much of it free, everywhere! 

Six months later (or a year later) we discover that we are Jack of All Trades and Master of None.  We’ve spent a ton of money (usually money that we didn’t have to spend) and thousands of hours and our Internet Marketing Journey is stalled at step one.  Even worse This Internet Marketing Training is a completely tangled know and it is absolutely crushing us.

Note: My mission is to help Network Marketers who are struggling to move online, especially those buried by overwhelm. You will find information that will HELP you find leads and access to the finest mentoring system on the Internet today (Ann Sieg’s Renegade Team and Inner Circle). You will learn how to avoid the bright shiny things, effectively use blogging, Facebook and LinkedIn, A free 30 minute coaching call is yours for the asking.  Take action today!  When you are ready Join the Team

Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm

At this point we look around and discover that most of our fellow travelers are gone.  They dropped off along the way. The few that are left are frustrated, broke and feeling completely overwhelmed!

The good news is that there are ways out of this pit!  I’m going to lay out my Foolproof 3 Step Method here. 

SIDEBAR:  I’m calling this foolproof with a slightly tongue-in-check grin.  I come from an IT background and there is a saying that “No Software is Foolproof, because Fools are so Damn Inventive!”  I’m sure the same is true here.  On the other hand, this is the absolute best that I’ve found and I did get your attention! 🙂

Dr. Hale’s Foolproof Five Step Method for Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm.

Crushing Overwhlem

Is Overwhelm Crushing YOU?

  1. Find an Industry Leader who is willing to mentor you AND a coach with time to mentor you.
  2. Develop a plan with these components – assisted by your coach
    1. Your Niche and specialty
    2. What makes you unique (USP)
    3. Products/services to sell
    4. Develop Marketing Funnel(s)
    5. Use Coaching, Peer group masterminds and specialized training along the way
    6. Stay laser focused on your plan – Ignore the Bright Shiny Things along the way!
  3. Take Massive Consistent and Congruent Action to execute your plan
  4. Check your Results,
  5. Adjust Your Thinking, Rinse and Repeat with your coach and with your mentor

For me this was Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach Plus Mentoring Program. 

Let’s break this down some.

STEP 1 to Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Find a mentor and a coach

Finding a mentor implies that you stop trying to learn Internet Marketing alone.  There is 1 in a 1,000 or may 1 in 10,000 that actually made a significant income online by themselves.  I know three. 

  1. The first took 12 years and is doing Network Marketing to generate a residual income. 
  2. The second took five years and is an extraordinary person
  3. The last is a couple, and they took seven years and failed several times.  

In my humble opinion, it is a fools bet to assume that you are the 1 in a 1,000 and not one of the 999.  You need help to completely crush Internet Marketing overwhelm.

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t special and that you won’t reach incredible heights. It just means that you need some mentoring and coaching along the way.  Think about it – have you ever heard of a top-tier athlete who didn’t have a coach?

Your first step to crushing overwhelm is to find a mentor.

 STEP 2 – Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Develop an Internet Marketing Plan (Your Funnel)

Figure Out My Blog Topic

Figure Out My Blog Topic

I’m going to cover this in more detail in another place; however, I will say that you must ruthlessly cut out almost all the “interesting ways of making money” and develop laser focus on one.  We use the phrase Bright Shiny Thing in Internet Marketing all the time.  It refers to something that looks VERY interesting and doesn’t have anything to do with helping you advance YOUR PLAN. 









Most students are like a sailboat without a rudder.Beached Sailboat  You will either run aground or circle aimlessly forever.









STEP 3 – Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Take Massive, Consistent, Congruent Action to Execute Your Plan – with Your Coach and Mentor

There are actually two parts to this step –

Take Massive Action with Your Blog - Content AND Traffic

Take Massive Action with Your Blog – Content AND Traffic









Step 3a- Massive Action – Providing Content

This is covered in more detail in the series Sail the 7 C’s to Better Blogging.  This topic is HUGE.


Consistent Ideas Into Your BLog

Consistent Ideas Into Your BLog


Basically here you need to blog on a regular basis – be consistent.  The content of your blog needs to be congruent (related to your other posts and not bouncing all over the place.  You will lose your readers if they don’t resonate with your posts day after day. 




Step 3b- Massive Action – Marketing Your Blog – Driving Traffic

Many, I’d say most, bloggers fail to take the next step.   This is to work diligently to drive traffic to you Blog.  I am running an ongoing series on driving traffic to your blog.   Here are links to some of them. 

  1. Traffic Steps Before You Start Blogging

    Drive Traffic to You Funell

    Drive Traffic to You Funell


  2. On-Page Search Engine Optimization – Traffic Steps – On Page
  3. Driving Traffic – After you Publish

    What the Experts Bloggers Do

    What I Plan to Do to Drive Traffic











 STEP 4 – Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Check Your and Study Your Results


Check and Study Your Results (Cash)

Check and Study Your Results (Cash)

The first round isn’t going to be perfect.  It may not even be close.  You need to become compulsive about watching your results.  Figure out what works and what doesn’t.   Again this will be covered in more depth in a later post.










 STEP 5 – Crushing Internet Marketing Overwhelm – Use Your Experience and the Analysis from Step 4 and Adjust Your Thinking.

Adjust Your Thinking - Rinse and Repeat

Adjust Your Thinking – Rinse and Repeat

Drop back to the Planning Stage and Rinse and Repeat.  More on this later too! 











The first round is never perfect.  I’ll End With My Favorite Image:

Don't Quit

Don’t Quit




Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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  1. I love this article! I am relatively new, ok brand new to network marketing. I have years of corporate work behind me. I am new to DMC, I just signed up last week. I am really looking forward to making my network marketing business grow. Your post was really timely for me as I have been bouncing around for the last few months. My stand alone website is in process and should be ready to roll soon. I can’t wait.
    Jill Toler recently posted..Hello world!My Profile

    • Thank you Jill,
      “I love this article!” is music to any authors ears! Wait while I turn up the volume and set it to replay automatically….. Okay I’m ready now 🙂

      We’ll talk more soon.
      Oh Hale Yes!


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