Choosing a Niche – Something Every Blogger Must Do

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Choosing a Niche – Something Every Blogger Must Doo

Choosing a Niche

Choosing a Niche

I’ve been wrestling with choosing a niche for a while,
so I thought I’d write on it. You may find something
interesting and relevant to your own struggles.
I’m hoping this helps in choosing a niche for yourself.

When you work for yourself, you have the freedom to
choose what you do. That freedom is a double edged
sword. Since you are “in charge” you can laser target
opportunities that work or you can wander in the
desert for 40 years.

Choosing a Niche

In a previous post I talked about Evaluating Home based
Businesses. (Click here to read)

This post looks at a part of the same topic – but
from inside you.

Let’s start with some basic assumptions.

  • Choosing a niche is critical – targeting everyone means
    that you don’t appeal to anyone.
  • Choosing a niche involves be profit – spending your
    “business time” on something that can’t make money
    is a waste of time. (If this is a hobby, then go for it, but
    I’m assuming this is a business.)

What else is there?

Well, this is YOUR home business, it should be FUN for YOU!

Let me give you an example. I lost over 90 pounds
on a weight loss program my network marketing company
provides. This is a dynamite program and the only one that
ever worked for me. Weight loss is profitable and it is sure
possible to target sub-groups and create niches within
the group of people who need to lose weight.

But is that what I want to do when I grow up? – Not really!

How Do I Go About Choosing a Niche?

So what it fun for me?

  • Reading Science Fiction – probably not a profitable area for me
  • Playing guitar and singing – definitely NOT a a profitable area for me
  • Spending time with my wife – probably not a profitable area for me
  • Working with computers and teaching people – ????

Okay, the last one has some possibilities.

I have already decided to help people in my primary network
marketing company learn how to recruiting on-line. Now I just
need to figure out how to target new people and help them learn
1) the value of network marketing (leverage) and 2) how to do
network marketing recruiting on-line.

As I look at this niche, it is still too broad, but it is a start. I can have fun,
be profitable and define a narrow niche.

BTW here is a document that shows over 25 ways to brainstorm
evaluate possibilities for YOUR niche.   Choosing a Niche

Chosing a Niche – Something to do BEFORE You Start Blogging!

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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.





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Dr. Hale lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with
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