Brand Building Strategy – From Squeeze Page to Follow-up Emails

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Brand Building Strategy

You Must Show Your Brand Early In the I.M. Process

If you are an Internet Marketer or an eMail Marketer (and most Internet Marketers are both), you need to have a Brand Building Strategy.  Your brand isn’t just a logo and a tag line, but the entire experience you customers and subscribers have while they are dealing with you.  Today I’m talking specifically about applying your brand building strategy to the process of getting leads onto a subscribers list.

One problem that Internet Marketers can have is that subscribers to one of your free offers don’t know who you are when they start receiving emails from you.  It overcome this, you need to start showing your leads your brand from the very first moment they land on your website/landing page.

Solution Overview

What I am suggesting here is that we focus on showing the lead three basic branding elements.

  • Your Name
  • Your Picture
  • Your Blog Header/Log with Tag Line

At first your primary focus is on the free offer (your ethical bribe), but you start to introduce the branding elements early on.  You want your lead to see the elements as soon and as often as possible.  As you move down the funnel, the emphasis slowly shifts from the Ethical Bribe to YOU.  It is your email list that they are going to end up on and you will be talking to them again and again – long after you have stopped trying to sell them the One-Time-Offer products that were associated with the original Ethical Bribe you used to attract them to your list.


A Common Situation – The Simple  No-Blog-Header Example

Here is a sample minimalistic squeeze page.  This is not the preferred layout for pages that will be used for Facebook, Google or YouTube ads.  The big companies we buy ads from want to see the Blog Header and the Blog Menu at the top so that viewers can see that the ad is part of a larger program.  The viewer can wander the site and perhaps find other resources that are useful to them.

The Sample Simple Squeeze Page below is however a format that is often taught.  The format is used when leads are coming from Solo ads, JV Giveaway ads and other traffic sources that do not “require” a header.


Sample Simple Squeeze Page
Sample Simple Squeeze Page

Note that there is very little here to show who is making this offer.  There are none of the branding elements I talked about showing here.  I’ve basically forgotten about my brand building strategy.

There is a rationale for stripping off the header and menu options off.  You want your visitors to be faced with ONE option – sign up or not.  Conversion rates tend to drop when visitors have several options, partly because it is confusing and partly because they wander off and don’t get back to the squeeze page.

While you certainly should want to maximize conversions, the real goal is to get the lead onto your list and build a relationship with them.   There are two problems I see with this  page:

  1. Leads don’t see the author’s name.  When they start to receive emails from the author, the leads won’t know who the person is (unless they read the fine (very fine) print on the eBook Cover.  I have missing a chance to make a small start with my brand building strategy.
  2. If the potential subscriber already knows, likes and trusts the author, they don’t don’t know that this offer is from someone they know and so the page loses the extra juice that could be the thing that causes them to opt-in.  Hey, if my brand building strategy has already worked on this lead, I blew it.


Thank You Page With Poor Brand Building Strategy

If the lead does subscribe, they will be sent directly to a Thank You Page.   Here is an example of part of one of mine.  This is basically a long sales letter.   It does have my name and picture, but not at the top.

Sample Thank You Page
Building Your Brand Strategy - Thnak You Page

In this case, I do have my name and picture down the page a ways, but we could do better.   I missed several opportunities here.


The First Email


Here is the email listing as I see it on my desktop.

Email in GMail
Brand Building Strategy - Email in list

First we see it in the list – there is a connection, however the main emphasis in  on my name – which they haven’t ever seen.  In this case I have probably shifted the emphasis too quickly to my name.

Here is the top of the email.  It has some branding material (my blog header, my picture and my name), but again they have never seen this before.

Top of Email
Brand Building Strategy - Top of email

In this case I did put my blog header at the top of the email (most email marketers don’t).   When they go to my blog or my Facebook, Google+ or Twitter pages they see the same header.   Note that it has my name and my picture on it.  This is the same picture I use EVERYWHERE.   Later in the email I have my picture and name as part of the signature block.  I busy starting to get them used to seeing things from me, not just material about my one-time-offer product and ethical bribe.

Some Better Examples

Put the Branding Elements Where The Subscriber will see them EARLY and Often!

Here is the simple offer page again.  We haven’t added any options, but we have put my name front and center.  This is the same graphic I use in my blog header and in my emails.

Simple Offer With “Enjoy!” Message
Brand Building Strategy - Squeeze Page with Author's Name

Here you can see that the most important branding element – my name – is front and center. They get used to seeing it.  In this case I like the graphic representation of the name since it sticks in the mind better than a simple text version.   If they already know me they are probably more likely to sign up.  If they know me and don’t sign up, it is probably because they know that we are not a good fit together.

Next we move to the Thank You Page.

Thank You Page With More Branding Elements
Build Branding Strategy - Thank You Page with Blog Header

#1 – This is the same blog header graphic used in my blog AND at the top of each email I send out.

#2 – My name again

#3 – This was already there.

Note:  This is the same graphic I use as my blog header (with variations used for Facebook, Google+, and Twitter).  It is not the actual blog header.  I just inserted the same image.  There are no menu options, so the user can’t wander away.

Now on to the emails

In my books and blog posts I recommend that AWeber users create a new list for each offer.  This list contains emails that are directly related to this offer.   Usually you will follow-up with more benefits of the One-Time-Offer for several days.  (Be sure to move the subscriber off of the Ethical Bribe list and onto a Buyer List when they buy the One-Time-Offer. You do NOT want to continue to send them “buy this” messages when they have already bought.  In some cases the follow up emails may be a 5 or 7 day bootcamp type email series or a 5 or 7 day video series.

The point is that since this list is specific to this offer you can go into the autoresponder system and change the section where it asks for your name.  The name you use for this list can include the offer (or part of it.)  Here I added “(21 AWeber…)” to the end of my name.   I also replaced the “ !” at the beginning of the subject line with “AWeber Magic.”

Revised Email As Seen In the New Subscriber’s Email List
Brand Building Strategy - email list with more branding


Here we want to continue to focus on the Ethical Bribe, while introducing your name.  Eventually they will be on your main list and your name is the only thing they will see.


The Email Itself

In this case, my email already had the blog header and my name and picture.

Bottom Line for our Brand Building Strategy and List Building

The bottom line is that there is now much more congruence between the Squeeze page, the Thank You, the Download Page (not shown – looks like the Thank You Page with a Download link) and the emails.  We have told the subscriber who we are and have exposed them (repeatedly) to the major branding elements used in out emails and web pages  (The blog header, Your  Name and Your Picture).  In this case our Brand Building Strategy involves starting by focusing mostly, but not exclusively, on the ethical bribe.  That “but not exclusively” is the key point I’m trying to make here.  Slowly the ethical bribe and the one-time-offer product share the lime light more and more with your brand elements.  Eventually the original products are phased out and the they are left with you.


Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

Dr Hale

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