Basic AWeber Training – Easily Create a Cool Button

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Basic AWeber Training – Easily Create a Cool Button



Want a Cool Button?

Create a Cool Button ?

Today I’m, going to show you how to create “Download Now” type buttons to use on your AWeber Web Form.  In the last post (Basic Squeeze Pages), I showed you how to create a very simple Squeeze page.   We need Squeeze pages so that leads can sign up for our lists. We talked about creating lists in another earlier post (Start by Creating Lists).  If you are arriving late (  ), the last post adding emails to AWeber and the one on lists talked about automatically adding your leads to a second list and the first post in this series talked about what AWeber (an autoresponder) is and why it is important.  We talked about the four Major Components and listed the steps you will go through.

One more time I want to mention that AWeber’s tutorial videos are excellent.  They give you good information, I just didn’t get the overview that I’m trying to give you here.   I also have used their support email system.  I almost always get a very prompt and useful response.  They are real professionals.

Video Walkthrough


Link to blank template button mentioned in the Video:


There are lots of ways to use AWeber.  I’m going to show you what works for me.  Others may show you something different.


Where we are in the Walk Through



  1. You need a website or a blog.  It is also possible to use a tab on a Facebook Fan Page.
  2. You need what is often called an “Ethical Bribe”  This is something that you think your niche audience would see as valuable enough to trade their email address for.
  3. It would be VERY nice to have something to sell.THINGS YOU DO ONE TIME IN AWeber
  4. Create Your Main List – this is the list your will send a series of emails (drip series or follow-up series) to when people sign up for your Ethical Bribe.
  5. Create a list specific to your Ethical Bribe.
  6. Create a “Paid Customer” List
  7. Create a “Broadcast Only” List
  8. Create a day 0 follow up email in your main list.  It says: “The item you requested is on the way in a separate email”   Make this generic.
  9. Create a day 0 follow up email in your product specific list.  It says: “here is the download you requested.”
  10. Use the automation feature to automatically sign people up for your main list when they ask for your ethical bribe and subscribe to your ethical bribe specific list.
  11. Create a series of emails that will go out to people who respond to your ethical bribe offer.
  12. Create a Squeeze page or a Widget in your blog where you offer your ethical bribe.
  13. Create a Thank You Page in your website or blog where you Thank the person for asking for your material AND OFFER THEM SOMETHING ELSE, something with a price tag.
  14. Create or Find a nice button to use on your AWeber Web From. 
  15. Create a Web Form in AWeber.  The Web Form will be at the very least a place for the person to put their email address and a SUBMIT button.  AWeber provides you with the HTML code to insert into your Squeeze page or Widget.  When people enter their email and press submit, the information is sent to AWeber and the person is automatically added to your list.
  16. Paste the HTML code into your Squeeze page and or widget.THINGS YOU DO REGULARLY IN AWeber
  17. Send one time Broadcast messages to your list when something new and unusual or useful happens.
  18. Check the Statistics.

AWeber’s Buttons vs a Cooler Button

Here is AWeber’s standard button.

Standard Form

Standard Form


Now Let’s Create a Cool Button

Enhanced Button


As simple as it is, the form looks much more compelling, don’t cha think.  I’m going to show you how to create this cool button – for free.

First let me give it to you.  For this one you can create a cool button or you can just use the one I’m giving you.  Here is the link:  Get Instant Access Button

Yesterday I also gave you links to three arrows.  Here they are again:

Here is the link to the basic button – without text.  This button has a transparent background so be sure to save it as a PNG or GIF file.   Blank Button

You are going to need to download this image to your computer.

Let’s Add Text to Create a Cool Button

Alright, some of you are thinking “Whoa Dr. Hale!  Techno-Toddler Here!  I don’t own Photoshop and I’ve heard the GIMP is hard to learn.”  All I can say is “This is easy and free!”

Now you can outsource this, but as I said THIS IS EASY.

As for the “Why?”, someday you are going to need a “Buy It” button or a “Get Free Coaching” button or any one of a hundred things.  This lets you create the button you want.

We are going to use Main Screen - Main Screen – Main Screen

We are going to choose the advanced option.  (Sorry, I tried the Express option, but it won’t let us do Transparent files (button where the edges are clear so that your background shows through.) The transparent images look much better on Blogs and Websites.

Next we will be offered several ways to find the file we want to edit.  Use Open Image From Your Computer

How to Find A File to Edit

Find the File to Edit

Find the File to Edit


The Screen to select a file is very standard.  Find the Blank Button Image you just downloaded and upload it to Pixlr.

You will see this kind of screen:

Edit Button in Pixlr

Edit Button in Pixlr

Click on the “A” shown by the red arrow.   The A indicates you are going to put a Text Box on top of the image.

Click somewhere on the image and the little corner handles that represent a re-sizable box appear.

You also get a box with options for the text you are entering.

Edit Text Options

pixl -3

There are several things to change here:

  1. Enter the Text you want
  2. Select a Thick Font – If you don’t have Swiss fonts, Verdana works Okay.
  3. Change the size to suit
  4. I like italics, but it isn’t required.
  5. Click okay

One last step before we save.

Click on the Move Arrow

CLick on The Move Arrow

Once the Arrow is highlighted you can Click on the Text, hold the mouse down and drag the text where you want it.

You can Click on the Text icon (the A) again and then click on the text the open the properties box again.  Use this to resize the text.

I often click back and forth between the two icons a couple of times until I am happy with the look.

Save Your Work

pixl -7


Click on File and Save.

Save Screen
pixl -8

Change the name of the file, make sure that it is a PNG (to keep the transparent background) and click OK.   It will show you a standard “Where do You Want to Save the File” screen.

Now You Have a Cool Button and can easily create more.

 Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

↓ ↓ If this post gave you some ideas – Go ahead & comment below.  ↓ ↓

Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.


Hale Pringle – Hale Yes!

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P.S. If you are working to move your business online and it all seems overwhelming, I can help!  Take a look at, or sign up for the free coaching call. You can email me or give me a Skype call. I’ll give you the benefit of my years of experience and many thousands of dollars in training and searching the rabbit hole called Internet Marketing and Network Marketing. I can help you with Lead Generation, the feeling of overwhelm, blogging, and even career change. Add that to the finest mentoring on the Internet (Ann Sieg’s Team and Inner Circle) and you have a Winner!

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