Ann Sieg – Dean of the Renegade College of Online Marketing

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 Ann Sieg – Dean of the Renegade College of Online Marketing


Ann Sieg - Dean of the College of Online Marketing

Ann Sieg – Dean of the College of Online Marketing


Ann Sieg – The Godmother of Attraction Marketing is sooo much more.  Read on and I’ll tell why!











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Ann Sieg – Dean of the College of Online Marketing

I THOUGHT I knew Ann Sieg!  I really did!   I’ve been on her team for
the better part of a year.   I’ve trained with her. I’ve been to conferences
with her.  I’ve had semi-private meals where we talked for hours.  I’ve
read the literature.  I’ve heard the stories.  I’ve read the gossip.  In other
words, I thought I had covered the water front pretty well.

Well I was wrong.  oh so wrong!

Let me give you a little background.  I have a doctorate in education with
majors in Administration and Social Science Research.  I have minors in
Curriculum and counseling.  That plus forty plus years of being an educator
and education researcher give me a pretty good background in analyzing
education.  Add to that twenty years of hard-core system analysis in the
computer industry and I feel I have a fair handle on observing processes.
If you look at the videos in the sidebar of my blog you will see that I have
concluded that the educational system that has evolved for teach people
about Online Marketing is a disaster.   Every guru has a small niche that
they work to become an expert on.  When called on to speak, they focus
on their piece of the pie.  An other analogy would be that they present their
tree in the forest.  Some of these instructors do an outstanding job of
training about their particular niche.  Random training on random trees
in the forest leaves the students woefully unprepared for understanding
the forest.   I thought I knew Ann Sieg’s particular niches.

As with all such things, this is grossly oversimplified, but here is my
list nonetheless.

  1. Attracting Marketing – how to get leads to find you. (This is what
    Ann Sieg is most widely known for.  Ever since she wrote the
    Renegade Network Marketer in 2007 – this “was” Ann Sieg.)
  2. Conversion via Webinars – for the last year or so Ann Sieg has
    focused heavily on converting leads into customers/members/
    sales.  Her system involves live webinars and has been hugely
    successful.  If you would like to see this in action – contact me
    and I’ll send you a personal invitation the next time she
    presents of the these webinars – live.  Contact Hale Pringle (tell me
    that you would like to see the webinar system in the NOTE field.)
  3. Loyalty – especially among Baby Boomers. – I know I resonated
    with her PC style, her obvious caring for her people and her
    no-nonsense approach.  As part of her team I saw first hand over
    and over and over where Ann herself reached out to members of
    the team who needed her touch.
  4. Step-by-Step – I was also very impressed when I joined her team
    training system and discovered that the back office started with
    a fairly large series of training modules – laid out in a step by step
    organization and you were STRONGLY encouraged to go through
    the modules in order.  This is a far cry from other places I could
    name where the claim to fame is a huge library of training modules
    collected over the years.  Even when they are organized, the collections
    most resemble a library where all the books are roughly grouped into
    huge piles.

Okay – you’d think that was enough.  I certainly did.  So what changed my mind?

I just got back from a three-day “Action Workshop” that Ann put on for her team.
(I HEARD THAT!  You just thought “So What?  I’ve been to workshops too.”)

Give me a minute here to explain.   Ann chides me gently for being a Workshop
Diva.  Part of her message is “I love to see your dedication to learning this trade!”
and part of her message is “You know enough – go DO SOMETHING!”  (I hear ya,
Ann!  I’m working on it!)

Here are the patterns I see (remember that stuff above about being a systems

  1. A carefully crafted series of webinars about a niche – starting a the beginning
    and building to the end.  The Pro Blog Academy is probably the best training
    i’ve seen about blogging.  It does however assume you are ready to blog.
  2. A carefully done class about a single aspect of a niche.  (Webinars too
    many to count fall in this category.)
  3. A workshop focused on part of the marketing funnel (The NES Summit
    workshop fall in this category.)
  4. A Series where a set of experts each talk about their niche.  The Cash Control
    Series fell in this set.  Ann Sieg was one of the presenters.  The new Futuristic
    Marketing launch also falls in this category.
  5. A weekend where experts each talk about their specialty (and work to sell you
    their training.)  No Excuses III and the Pro Marketing Summit fell into this

Enter Ann Sieg’s College of Online Marketing.  Ann’s education background would
not let her fall into the categories I just listed.  Ann understands building a
curriculum.  I could see that the thought of random expert presentations never
crossed her mind.

Her Action Workshop went (approximately) like this:

  1. Overview and mindset
  2. Finding your niche and branding you!
  3. Building a blog for your niche
  4. Putting Content into Your Blog
  5. Hands On
  6. Video Marketing
  7. Marketing Your Blog (PPC)
  8. Hands On
  9. Q & A
  10. Critiques and more hands on

University in the world would add this degree to their catalogue
in a heart beat.

I hope you see what I mean when I say “I didn’t know the REAL Ann
Sieg!”   I really didn’t.   I know I have a lot to learn yet, but I have
a much clearer vision now.   Ann’s niche is “your success.”   That
requires that she and her team specialize in EVERYTHING.

It’s easier to sell yourself and brand yourself with a narrow niche.
It is also H E double hockey sticks on the students.

Tears, laughter, breakthroughs, life long friendships started and
sooooo much more.  On Hale Yes!!!

Ann Sieg – Dean of the Renegade College of Online Marketing




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  1. Eryn McCormick says

    Hale, excellent post, and so true about the curriculum. I”ve learned more in less than a year with Ann Sieg’s step by step system, than my daughter did in her entire 4 year marketing degree! Hale yes!
    Eryn McCormick recently posted..Take a Page Right Out of the Guru Marketers Secret Playbook for Your Home BusinessMy Profile

  2. Well said Hale! Thats the precise reason we aligned with Ann and her team
    She teaches “the real deal”!
    Natasha Hazlett recently posted..How to Create a Personalized SignatureMy Profile

    • Thank you Natasha. It really struck me after the workshop. Her “system” is much more like series of courses leading to a degree or a certification than anything else I’ve seen. Most are trying to teach their one small segment – totally ignoring the bigger picture. Well we live in the “Big Picture.”

      Thanks again,
      Hale Yes!

  3. I’m a bit jealous of you Hale.

    No not to be co-experiencer of Ann and her incredible team, and inner circle.
    But, I have not yet had the privilege of going to one of Ann’s Action Workshops. We have lived overseas for 3+years, and now we are just getting settled back in the States. So, hopefully it will be possible soon. But with all your other points on Ann, and her incredible training. I give a resounding, “It Is True!”

    Martin@martketing-made-easy recently posted..Wherever you go there you areMy Profile

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