3 Fundamental Questions That Coaching Clients Ask!

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3 Fundamental Questions That Coaching Clients Ask!

Coaching Clients

Coaching Clients – Fundamental Questions


There are Three Fundamental Questions that all coaching clients ask themselves.  If you are someone offering coaching services or inviting people to join your team, you need to be aware of these.  Not only do you need to be aware, you need to help get three YES responses from your potential coaching clients or team members.






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3 Fundamental Questions Coaching Clients Ask

So what are the three questions that coaching clients ask?  I’m glad you asked? 🙂

  1. Do I have a problem?   – they must answer YES

  2. Is the problem too much for me to handle on my own? – again they must answer YES

  3. Can YOU help me solve my problem? – A third YES is required

Let’s look at these in more detail?

Do I have a problem?

The best example I have ever seen here involves working with Alcoholics.
The counselor/coach is sure the client has a problem with alcohol and
most of the time the client feels that alcohol is not only NOT a problem,
is it is the only thing that gets them through the day.  Can you see a
problem here?

In the Internet Marketing world, experienced coaches know that their clients
need a marketing funnel.  People new to the Internet Marketing world may
have never even heard of a “marketing funnel” much less know that they
need to have one or more.   In another scenario they just KNOW that the
ebook they just purchased will eliminate this problem forever.

LISTENING –Listening is THE time tested plan for identifying the problem
the client can see.  Coaches must cultivate the ability to listen to their clients
and potential clients to find out what the client thinks their problem is. If
the two parties can’t agree on the problem, frustration and unhappy
clients is a given.  Once you know what they see, you can help them see the
bigger picture – if there is one.   Regardless, the two parties MUST agree on
the problem that needs to be solved.

I was talking to a coach just today who told me about coaches she knows to
constantly try to teach ALL of their clients one system, even when it is
obvious that the clients are not interested and not right for the system.

The problem is too much for me to handle on my own?

Even if the potential coaching client admits that there is a problem,
they may feel that they can handle it on their own.   How many
people do you know who just “know” that they can quit smoking,
but never can.

In the Internet Marketing world it is extremely common for people
to come on line and see “free training” everywhere.  These potential
coaching clients are sure that the magic bullet has to be right there in
plain sight.

It reminds me of the old saw about a kid digging through horse
manure exclaiming that “There must be pony in here somewhere!”

Potential coaching clients will never move forward with you until
they are willing to admit that the problem is more than they can
handle on  their own, Sometimes it is your job to open their eyes
to this.  The time honored technique called “intensifying the pain”
involves pointing out the problem and then really showing all the
hard facts and terrible results that can happen.

Can YOU help me solve my problem?

Okay – we have the potential client to agree that they have a problem
AND that they need help.   The last hurdle is their perception of YOU.

It goes beyond “Know, Like and Trust.”  I know, like and trust a lot
of people that I wouldn’t ask to teach me Internet Marketing.

I know ONE that I would and have – the video in the sidebar talks more
about Ann Sieg and her Daily Marketing Coach system.  IMHO the
best training system, mentoring system, coaching system, mastermind
group system available on the Internet today- by far.

I often hear the question about getting a potential client to see your
value to them broken into three segments:

  • The know, like and trust segment – you must be transparent
    and personal enough that they can resonate with you.
  • The technical know-how segment – you have to demonstrate
    (often by free training or give-aways) that you have enough
    knowledge to help them solve their problem.
  • The Social Proof – segment – have you helped others – prove


The next time you are working with a potential coaching client, ask yourself
“Where are they on these three fundamental questions?”  1) Do they see the
problem as a problem? 2) Do you understand that they need help with the
problem and 3) Do they see YOU are the right helper?  If they are saying NO
to any of these fundamental questions, you still have work to do before they
will become your coaching client.

Remember Coaching Clients MUST answer YES to all three Questions



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  1. Great article Hale! Too many times I have not taken the time to listen thoroughly to my clients to be able to truly seek out their pain points. I learn so much from following you!
    Diane Grant recently posted..Kill Your Referral ProgramMy Profile

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