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AWeber Tip – Use the Signature Block for Your P.S.

AWeber Tip:  Use the Signature Block to hold your P.S. paragraph.   According to several studies, the P.S. paragraph is the second most read part of any email.  That makes this paragraph very valuable real estate for an Email Marketer.   If you are using AWeber, you can put your P.S. paragraph into a field […]

Communicate Better with Skype – Free Tools for Internet Marketers

Communicate better with Skype.  What do I mean by “better”?  In the short video below I explain briefly how humans do a tremendous amount of non-verbal communication.  We actually trust our communications more when we can see the other person.  We process the roll of the eyes, the twitch of the mouth and so on.  […]

Site Analysis with SEOQuake – Free Keyword Tool for Internet Marketers

In the last couple of posts I’ve talked about taking one keyword and having the Google Keyword Planner and the Google Search Engine suggest additional words.   Once you have the words you really like SEOQuake is a free add-on to several browser (including Firefox) that will show you information about each site that shows up […]

Keywords with Google Search – Free Tool for Internet Marketers

Finding keywords with  Google Search isn’t hard and you can make it easier with a simple tweak.  Interestingly enough, the database used when Google provides you suggestions appears to be different than the one used by the Google Keyword Planner.  The Planner is concerned with advertising and the Google Search Engine is concerned with searches. […]

Keywords with Google Keyword Planner – Free Tool for Internet Marketers

Google Keyword Planner – Researching Keywords is a critical part of Internet Marketing and the Planner is still one of the best tools.  The Google Keyword Planner replaced the Google Keyword Tool and it has confused many people.  If you ignore the bells and whistles it will still provide you with the basic information your […]

Organize Notes – Time Saving Tip – Free Tool for Internet Marketers

This post is about a Evernote – a free system to organize notes.   One of the problems with the Information Age is that we are bombarded with information.  Information that we need to retrieve in many different ways.  We need to make sense out of the data and organize notes.   The post is […]

FireFox Setup – Time Saving Tip – Free Tool for Internet Marketers

This post is about a Firefox Setup tip that is a time-saving tip that can save you a lot of time.  It is part of a Free Tools and Inexpensive Tools series.  Firefox is used by many power users on the Internet, but not everyone know about some of the tips and tricks you can […]

Parents: A Cool Way to Store Memories for Your Kids or Grandkids

A Super Cool Idea!  Save memories of your kids or grand-kids. Memories Surprise!  This is way outside my usual topics, but some ideas NEED to be shared.   The computer information age gives us opportunities that never existed before and I think that this one deserves a front and center notice! You can create an email […]

Free Tools for Internet Marketers – ToDo List Management plus CRM

Free Tools and Inexpensive Tools – Todo List Management is critical for successful people.  You may be able to do it in your head, but the vast majority of the work can’t.  We need a system to keep track of what needs doing, when it needs doing and who should be doing it.  After trying […]

Free Tools for Internet Marketers – GMail Add Ons, Rapportive

Free Tools and Inexpensive Tools – One of the powerful GMail Add ons- Rapportive.  Rapportive gives you information about people you send email to or receive email from.  It automatically looks up Social Media sites based on the email address you are working with.  Using this information you can personalize your emails and have a […]

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