Promises I Make to Myself

Promises I Make to MyselfI had an Aha moment about promises I make to myself that I think is worth sharing. A combination of things fit together and BOOM!

!) I went through the homework in a course I’m taking from Marina Simone. One question asked me to look for a devastating life experience. While it isn’t the experience I plan to base my marketing on, I did remember an experience that was the hardest decision I ever made. That was the decision to ask my previous wife for a divorce. That decision was gut wrenching for me. I take promises and vows like that VERY seriously. It’s a core value in how I see myself.

2) I was having a strategy session with a physical trainer/nutrition-weight loss coach (Suzanne Manchester) and we talked about how My Health had to be priority number one. When I am building a business or working on a project I find it very hard to have more than one “priority one.” The project ends up being my only priority. Everything else kind of gets lost in the shuffle.

3) I was on a webinar listening to Ed Mylett and one of his quotes was “Keep the promises you make to yourself!” Ed is a best selling author and a mindset trainer. He is also one of the top 50 Network Marketers.

I had an AHA! realization! I make promises to myself that I will eat better, lose weight, work my business harder and so on. Then I casually break those promises.

Why are the promises I make to “me” not as important as the promises I make to “others”? Breaking promises I make to myself should be just as gut wrenching!

I plan to treat myself as if I am as important as others when I make a promise.

Until Next Time. Remember, You Are One Decision Away…! Oh Hale Yes
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