A Gentle Nudge From My Inner Self

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In this short article, I’m going to describe a gentle nudge I received from my inner self.

I’ll start with a little background.

For the last several months I’ve been studying a theory about how our universe is put together. It is a version of The Law of Attraction.

The theory is covered in a book by David Cameron Gikandi called “A Happy Pocket Full of Money.”

The fundamental premise is that we are all part of the Universal Intelligence, some people call that entity God. The theory goes on the describe the Universe as being made up of infinite possibilities and we direct where we are in these possibilities based on our thoughts and beliefs.

When we are in touch with our inner self, we will have intuitions about the best action to take next,

As part if my study I read a book by Bob Doyle (who referenced Gikandi’s book). His book is called “Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power.” In this book he references a meditation that he called “The Experiential Meditation” which is on a Meditation App called Insight Timer or you can get a free cooy at


In this meditation, Bob has you build a mental image if something you desire and then step into the image and be in that reality. The more that you can stay in your mental image the stringer the message you are sending to the Universe explaining the reality that you would like to be in.

Why Create The Images

People visualize in meditation in different ways. I find that I can “remember images,” even if I can’t “create images.” As a result I created some images to :remember.”

My Original Dream Office

As part of my earlier studies I had build a image of an office I wanted. The desk needed to be special and it need to overlook the ocean. Here: is where I created:

Nudge From My Inner Self   dream desk 1

Over time I became dissatisfied with the image. My wife really didn’t like the paneling and I’m a Florida guy. We both want to move to the ocean, but stay in Florida. Florida has very few bays like this and virtually no hills where you look down at the ocean. (The high point in the state is about 360 feet above sea level.) I stuck with the image, because one of the principles of creating your own future is to avoid changing what you want all the time. The Universe gives you what you desire, however changing what you desire again and again muddies the process.

Now we get to the Experiential Meditation. The image I wanted involved my wife and part of my dream home that wasn’t just my office.

I envisioned getting up, helping my wife with breakfast and we would go out and eat on our deck watching, smelling and hearing the ocean while we chatted. Here is the image I put together in my mind. It wasn’t nearly as vivid as this picture is.

Nudge From My Inner Self    Deck with wrong beach

This vision has the same ocean view as my office (makes sense, right?)

The Gentle Nudge From My Inner Self

When I started meditating, I noticed that I couldn’t connect with the ocean. As I said, I am not one of those who closes their eyes and sees vivid, 3D, colored images. I do, however get a fairly firm feeling about the image I am visualizing. After a few days I realized that this was the image I was getting from my inner self: That is what I call a “Nudge From My Inner Self.”

Nudge From My Inner Self   deck can't see ocean

I was getting a clear image of the deck, the table, the chairs and my wife. I was NOT getting the ocean.

Time for a change:

I went back to the office scene and made some changes:

   revised desk

Robyn likes the paint and I like the larger window and the beach that looks much more like what we see in Florida.

I redid the deck scene and THIS TIME I COULD SEE .

   deck with revised beach

I even went one step further and moved the exercise room to face the ocean.

 exercise room with beach

Sometimes it pays to listen when your intuition yells at you!

Have a Great Day! Oh Hale Yes!

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  1. Your blog, ‘A Gentle Nudge From My Inner Self,’ resonates as a heartfelt and introspective piece. The way you share your personal journey and the subtle guidance from your inner self is both vulnerable and relatable. Your words have a gentle power, inviting readers to reflect on their own paths and inner voices. It’s a beautifully written testament to the importance of tuning into one’s intuition and heeding those gentle nudges that lead to growth and self-discovery. Thank you for sharing this authentic and inspiring piece; it’s a reminder to us all to listen closely to the whispers of our inner selves. Well done!

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