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Internet Marketing Tip – Improve Your Blog Pages With PowerPoint

  Internet Marketing Tip – Useful information for Bloggers and Internet Marketers.  There are times when it just doesn’t seem possible to get WordPress to give you the look and feel that you want.  For example: Getting those nice bright check-box type bullet points Getting Headlines to space just the way you want Getting two […]

AWeber Tips – Discover Email Templates (6/5/13 AWeber Revisions)

 AWeber Tips are one of my favorite topics.  Today we will talk about using email templates.  This post uses the look and feel that AWeber released on June 5th, 2013. Email Templates help you with your branding efforts and branding should be one of your main focuses.  You should be trying to build a good […]

Internet Marketing Tip: Quick tip on Google Keywords Tool

Here is a short and sweet Internet Marketing Tip. We all know that we need to use high traffic, low competition, relevant keywords if we are to have a prayer of getting organic Internet Traffic.   We need to be developing great content in areas that people are actually searching for.   So we end up using […]

Bloggers: Crafting Effective Marketing Emails – 7 Common Errors

Today we are going to start to look at errors that marketers often make when crafting an Effective Marketing Email.  In my last post I talked about 12 critical elements that should be present when you are crafting effective marketing emails.  This was my list of elements that every email should contain.  I suspect that […]

Bloggers: The 12 Critical Elements of Effective Marketing Emails

Today we are going to look at the anatomy of Effective Marketing Emails.  There are elements that every email should contain and strangely enough many Internet Marketers do not seem to know what they are.  I suspect that some will disagree with me and that is okay.  This is my list and it is based […]

Bloggers: Crafting Effective Marketing Emails Is Critical to Your Success

Email marketing is a huge topic and the internet and books stores are filled with professional advice on crafting effective marketing emails.  Corporate marketers seem to spend considerable amounts of time studying the topic.  Bloggers, on the other hand, often seem to give the topic a lick and a promise. Why Should Bloggers Care? A […]

Use Templates to Create an eBook in 30 Minutes or Less – Video

  You can use templates to take one of your Blog Posts and create an eBook in 30 Minutes or Less – Video A while back, I wrote a post about using one of your posts to create an eBook. Today I’ll show you how it’s done in a video and give you my sample […]

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