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I spent several weeks tearing this system apart until I broke it down into step-by-step instructions that will let all of us walk in one end and step-by-step walk out the other end with more $$ in our pockets.   Right now we are going to have enough to get people started right here.  Once you are making some money, I would like for everyone to pay for Boris’s class.  It will get you into a FB group to ask questions and it will make all of this legal and moral. I’m uploading what were Word Documents so that we have an online source.  This gives us two advantages. 1. You can be sure you are looking at the most recent update. 2. I can insert a link in one document so that you can click and see another document.  This is important in some of the Step-By-Step stuff in that I give minimal instructions in the steps.  I can point you to the place where I spent more time talking about it and not clutter up the step-by-step document and still not leave you stranded if you don’t understand.

What is the One Hour Launch System?

Two brother developed a relatively simple system that involves 4 steps

  1. Identify an inexpensive product that is selling very well on eBay or Amazon (other sources are possible, but it is very difficult to determine if an item is “selling well”)  The product must meet a number of criteria before you move forward with it.
  2. Create you own ad page for this product with an $8 to $10 markup on the price.
  3. Run Facebook Ads selling the product.
  4. If you sell one, buy it from the seller on eBay and have him or her send it to your customer.

If you find a great selling product you can scale it up by sourcing it from China or elsewhere yourself and selling it on Amazon or from your own Shopify Store. Rinse and Repeat the four steps until you have a number of products selling well. Advantages:

  • Very little up-front costs
  • With a little effort you can start bringing in money quickly
  • No Big Brother who wants you to get ratings, reviews and who can cancel your account (Even if FB has a problem with your Ad account, there are other traffic sources.)
  • You can start as small as you want and scale as large as you want.


  • You are marketing to cold traffic so it takes a lot of views to make sales.
  • You aren’t building something that will last (at least not initially).


There are some things you will need before you can start this program

  1. A Facebook account with the Advertising Manager activated (free – you just need to let them know you want to start running ads)
  2. A business PayPal account (Free – you just need to follow the instructions for getting an account and upgrading it to a business account.)
  3. An AWeber account – free for 30 days.  You can hold off on this, but should get it an retrofit your ads as soon as you start making 3 or more sales a day.   http://halepringle.com/ohl-aweber/
  4. An Account with ItDuzzIt.com – this can wait too.  What this does it automatically populate a Google Sheet with details of each sale as it happens.
  5. A Website to put your ads on and to drive traffic to.  For now we can use my hosting account with HostGator.  You will need to buy a domain name (actually two would be good – one specific to a niche you would like to grow into and one generic – like deals-r.us – for everything else.)

You need to take care of items 1, 2, and 3.  I’ll take care of over half of #4 and will walk you through the other half. Here are Two STEP-BY-STEP Documents that I converted to Web Pages.  Most of the rest I’ll upload PDFs with a date   Prep Work – Step-by-Step – Getting a WordPress site set up to place Ads in.  http://halepringle.com/ohl-website-setup/ (There are two posts about Facebook Custom Audiences which are partly website set up and partly advertising.



Getting Started Module 1-3a (Contact Supplier and Brief Sales Page and Brief Audience Insights)  9/14/2015 http://HalePringle.com/wp-ghp-content/uploads/resources/Module-1-3a-Getting Started.pdf More Detailed instructions on Finding Products:  9/18/2015   http://HalePringle.com/wp-ghp-content/uploads/resources/Finding-Products-Using-Watchcount.pdf 4  Strategies for Finding Products     Taken from Module 1-3a, The first 3 hours webinar for the Beta Group and the Q & A session #1    9/14/2015 http://HalePringle.com/wp-ghp-content/uploads/resources/Strategies-for-Finding-High-Probability-of-Success-Products.pdf  


This PDF describes the columns in a Google Sheet – 9/17/2016 – http://HalePringle.com/wp-ghp-content/uploads/resources/Hale-Product-tracking-sheet-documentation.pdf


Set Up an Ad in Your WordPress Site – Step-by-Step – Creating an Ad   http://halepringle.com/ohl-ad-setup 





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