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AWEBER Integration with One Hour Launch

The Product Pages WordPress Theme does have an automatic connection to AWeber and GetResponse.  It is certainly better to set it up and collect a few than to ignore it.

AWeber Set-up

In my eBook AWeber: Quick Start (and elsewhere), I suggest that you create a master list for each niche and a small list for each offer.  You use the LIST AUTOMATION option to automatically subscribe Leads to the main list when they are opted in to the small list.

There are Sections here.

Section 1 – Setting up the Main List for a Niche

Section 2 – Setting up a Small List for EACH Product Offering

Section 3 – Connecting your Small List to the Product Offering Page in your WordPress ProductPages Website.

Secont 4 – Test the whole system

SECTION 1:  Master List Set Up – One Master List Per Niche

You only need to do this once.  You create the list once.

Here are the things you will do:

  1. Create the Niche Main List
  2. Set Double Opt-In OFF
  3. Create a very Generic Day Zero email (goes out as soon a a Lead subscribes)
  4. Test the email (send it to yourself and take a look)
  5. Save the Main List Email as a Template to use when your start a new niche.
  6. Save the Email into DRAFTS and then Send it to the Follow-up series so it is active
  7. Put Something in the Signature Field to use as a P.S. Later
  8. Later you will add more emails to this list (after waiting 8 or 10 days).  All of your customers and Lead Magnet Opt-ins are in this list.  Offer value and sell them stuff.


Create the list. This is done at the top of the page.  There are only a few simple questions to answer there so I won’t cover it here.   The one tricky thing is that at the end you will be required to choose a Subject Line for your Confirmation email.  We are going to turn Confirmation emails off but the system doesn’t now that and it requires us to choose one of the default subject lines.  Pick any of them.


Go to List Options à List Setting
On the left side of the screen are three options.

#1 – List Options

#2 – List Settings

#3 – Confirmed Opt-in


One Hour Launch - Fb 103
Select #3, scroll down the page and TURN THE CONFIRMED OPT-IN OFF

One Hour Launch - Fb 139



    Click on Messages and Follow Up SeriesOne Hour Launch - Fb 104Again, I’m not going to go into detail about creating this email. It is in the eBook or AWeber has video helps

    Note  If this is NOT the first Main Niche List your have worked on, you can start this email using the email from the first time as a Template.  This is covered in the Small List section since it will be VERY common there.


    Here is one of mine as an example. You want this to be as generic as possible.  You might in the future give them a series of videos or a week long email Boot Camp about something.  You want this email to work regardless.  You might also have giveaways in addition to selling them products.One Hour Launch - Fb 138#1 – I like a header for brand recognition.  It is on my website, my email, any ad pages, etc.
    #2 – SUPER Generic

  • Note in later emails I put this code: {!signature}  at the bottom. This is the P.S. for the email. Putting it in this way lets you enter a paragraph into the Signature Block (In List Setting à Personalize Your List (Right above the Confirmation Option we chose a couple of screenshots back.   Every email that contains this signature will show the current P.S.  This lets you announce a sale or a special offer and have it inserted in every follow up email you create.
  • I often DO NOT put this PS in my very first email. Let that email be the WELCOME and We Are Glad To Have You Here message.   You can also do some heavy “Here is who I am” if you want to.


Over on the right side of the screen there is a button called Preview and Test.  Click and do what it says

One Hour Launch - Fb 140


Before you hit the Save and Exit button at the bottom of the screen, let’s save this email as a template.  When we start a new Niche, it will need a Main List and it is easier to edit a copy of this one than it is to create a new one from scratch.

Again, over on the right there is a button called Tempates

One Hour Launch - Fb 141

Click on it an a new Screen will appear

One Hour Launch - Fb 142

The defaults are the Templates that AWeber created.  We are NOT interested in these.  Click the My Templates Button at the top.

One Hour Launch - Fb 143

Now we see ours.   You can see one that says OHL – Product TY   This is One Hour Launch – Product Thank You page.   We are going to save this one as something like OHL-Niche Main.  The name must be short.

Right about the Email a text box and a Green button have appeared.

One Hour Launch - Fb 144

#1 – Fill in a name for your Template

#2 – Press the Green Button



Back to finishing our DAY ZERO Follow Up Series Email.

NOTE:  When you close the Editor now your email will NOT be added to the Email Follow-up sequence.  It will be sent to a DRAFTS list.  You must click on a green button called SEND OPTIONS and choose “Add to Follow Up Series” to get the email added to the series.  This is new in 2015.

New Drafts Menu
One Hour Launch - Fb 125

#1 – DRAFTS – Menu – this is new.  All new Emails go here

#2 – SEND OPTIONS – you must click on this

#3 – and choose the “Add to Follow-Up Series” before the email becomes live.




I figure if you don’t do it now you won’t remember when you start creating follow up emails to your subscribers.

Go to List Options à List Settings and put something into the Signature field so you will have a P.S.
One Hour Launch - Fb 109

#1 – List Options

#2 – List Settings

#3 – Personalize Your List

#4 – Enter a P.S. into the signature field.  This will change every email that has the {!Signature} code at the end of the email.

Expanation of the Follow-up Sequence for the Main List

  • You have to have the Day Zero email something like what I showed above.
  • Then I skip 8 or 10 days. Each of the smaller lists will have emails for the first 8 or 10 days.  These follow-up emails will be specific to the offer.  (One Time Offers, useful information relevant to the offer, a 6 day Boot Camp or anything else that works for you.
  • After those 8 or 10 days the small list doesn’t have anything more to say.
  • Now you add emails to the Main list. Any new offers are added to the follow-up sequence in the main list.  You only have one list to maintain and everyone who subscribes to one of your lists in the niche will receive those emails.
  • bscribe people to your list before you have any follow-up emails they will show as having received email 1,000 or 1,001 last.  This means they won’t receive your first 999 emails.  You will need to edit each person and change their “last Email Received” to 0


SECTION  2 – Small List Setup  (Done for EACH NEW PRODUCT)

Here is what you will do when you add a new Product and create a Small AWeber List for people who purchase this product (or opt-in for a Lead Magnet or Giveaway or….)

1. Create the List  (You will not make this single Opt-in.  It won’t work since the person is added to the list by PayPal using the AWeber programming interface (called an API).  These ALWAYS are double opt-in.

2. Add a DAY ZERO follow up series email (Using a template unless it is the first one you have ever done)

3. Test the email (Send it to yourself and check it)

4. (For the First one you ever do)  Save this Thank You email as a Template

5. Save the email into the DRAFTS list and then make it live.

6. Use List Automation and automatically subscribe every list that joins this list into the Main LIst for this Niche.

You will have one small list for every offer you create inside a niche.  Name the list to reflect what the lead responded to (bought product A or opted-in for Lead Magnet B, etc.)


Create the List just like you did for the Main List for the Niche.  There are just a few questions to answer.

In this case you will need to create a confirmation email.  Your lead will be added to this list using an API link either from Product Pages or PayPal.  Leads added via an API are always required to have a confirmation email sent and responded to before they are actually subscribed. They go in the list as PENDING until they confirm.   If they don’t respond in 60 days (I think) they are automatically removed from your list.

Here is the title I use:

“Confirm Your Request For Information”

And here is the modified email

One Hour Launch - Fb 106


NOTE:  Looking at this I would add “You purchased XYZ”

NOTE:  You really want to tell them exactly who you are and what they bought (or traded their email for.  I see way to many of these emails that say  “Please confirm” and you have no way of telling who sent the email to you.


Write a Day Zero follow up email that delivers your product (if it is digital) or just thanks them if it is physical.   My links to obtain a digital product send them to a webpage where I have a download link and an offer to buy something.

NOTE:  If this is NOT your first product, it will be easier to start this email using the email you created the first time as saved as a template.  Let’s Start with that.

Over on the right there is a button called Templates – Click on that.

One Hour Launch - Fb 141

You will see a bunch of template.  Those are the ones created by AWeber – ignore those and click on My Templates

One Hour Launch - Fb 142


NOTE:   There is a little check box up by the arrow called “KEEP MY MESSAGE”  If this is check and you have ANYTHING in the body of the email you cannot request a template be used.  Be SURE to UNCHECK this box.

One Hour Launch - Fb 143

Choose the one you want and click the Creen CONFIRM button below the Templates – not shown.


Regardless of whether you stared with an empty screen or a template you need to edit this to match the product the person purchased (or opted-in for).

Your thank you for physical products should also offer something to bur or get for free.

One Hour Launch - Fb 126

#1 – Note:  I put this header on my sales pages, my website, my Shopify Store and on these emails.  It helps build Brand Recognition with the customers

#2 – This reminds the customer exactly what they bought.

#3 – This is again brand recognition telling the customer exactly who we are

#4 – I don’t usually use PS placed inside AWeber’s signature block (a nifty trick described in my AWeber: Quick Start Book ) on the DAY ZERO email.  I do use it for every other email.

#5 – (Not shown) the Subject Line should also mention exactly what they bought.  It is so easy to get lost in massive emails lists, keep the linkage between your marketing pieces crystal clear.

You have 8 or 10 more emails you can write here to talk about the small list and offer your upsell and useful information.

After those initial days this list goes quiet and the main list takes over for all the small lists.




One Hour Launch - Fb 140

In the upper right is a button that says: Preview and Test.  Send the email to yourself and check the spelling, the look and feel, the links etc.

4. SAVE THE EMAIL AS A TEMPLATE (if it is the first).

If this is your First DAY ZERO email for a Small Product Specific List – Save it as a template

This was covered above in creating the DAY ZERO email for your email in the Main List for the Niche.  Use the exactly the same steps here.



When you SAVE AND EXIT this editor  you email does NOT go into the Follow-up Sequence (like it has done in years past).  It goes into the DRAFTS screen.  You must tell AWeber that you want it included in the Follow-up sequence
One Hour Launch - Fb 125

#1 – We are in Drafts

#2 – Click on SEND OPTIONS

#3 – Click on Add to Follow Up Series


When you add a new small list – select the correct main list and go to List Options – List Automation. Create a rule that subscribes a new person to the main list when they are added to a small list.

First make sure the Main List is in the small drop-down at the top of the page.  That is the list you ware working on.
One Hour Launch - Fb 105

#1 – Click on List Options

#2 – Click on List Automation

#3 –  Click on Create a New Rule

#4 – You will see several options pick the one that subscribes a lead to the main list when they subscribe to …..

#5 – Pict the small list from the drop down menu on the rights

#6 – Click the green Save Automation Rule button



SECTION 3 –Connecting your list to your One Hour Launch Website

There is only one thing to do here.

Once you have created an offer page and the corresponding small list in AWeber, go to your WordPress website and edit your offer page one more time.
One Hour Launch - Fb 108

#1 – Click on Leads

#2 – Click on the drop down – find the name of your small list.

The system will show a small screen that asks you to sign into AWeber and confirm that you want this connection.

CLICK THE SAVE BUTTON under “Other Products”


I duplicated my offer page and changed the price to $1.  MAKE SURE THIS OFFER IS MADE PRIVATE (right hand column when you edit the page or List All Pages and Quick Edit this page and check the Private box.  If you don’t make this private it can show on your site’s home page and someone could actually buy the product for $1.

I purchased my own product from that page and confirmed that my email was added to both lists (main list and offer specific list) in AWeber).  I also confirmed that a) I received both emails b) I liked the ways the emails looked, c) there were no spelling errors and d) ALL the links worked.



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