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One Hour Launch – Ad Setup

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This is where the rubber meets the road.  Everything prior to this was warmup

Add a Product to ProductPages WordPress Site Checklist

  1. FIND A PRODUCT TO SELL -Find a product to sell.  Click here for PDF Instructions
  2. Make sure it meets all the criteria
    1. Hot product – 3 sold in the last hour – Y/N
    2. More than 10 available – Y/N
    3. Lots sold – over 9,000 -Y/N
    4. Price is low including Shipping ($7 -$13)
    5. Is not “Auction only” – Y/N
    6. Good Reviews – Y/N
    7. Shipped from USA – Y/N
    8. IMPORTANT – Can we verify that it is selling well at near the price point we want to sell it at?  If not, pass!
    9. Can we identify a group of Interests (the way we identify potential customers when creating FB Ads) that will target just potential buyers? If not, pass!
    10. Isn’t a standalone product (like a selfie stick) – Y/N
    11. Is this part of a large group we can splinter into smaller segments (e.g. Dogs splinter into breeds, sports splinter into teams)
    12. Is this in our niche – nice to have, not necessary
    13. Do we have a Facebook page for it? – Extra work if not
    14. Will it fit one of our WordPress ProductPages websites (nice, but not totally necessary)
    15. Are we comfortable selling it?NOTE: You should have a plan to store information about each product you plan to work with. I create folder for each product and put the images and a text file in there.  I also use Evernotes for links and Pretty Links since I can get to it from any machine or tablet I’m on.
      NOTE:  We have a Google Sheet you should be using to store all of this
    16. Copy the images from the ad where you found your product. You may want to find better images elsewhere on the net  (NEAT TRICK – in Chrome right click on an image and you can search the web for things that look like that image.  Often you find other sellers with other prices and/or other images.)
    17. Copy the Link to the Product and save it in your storage place.
    18. Copy the Bullet Points and the Details and store them in your storage place.
    19. Copy the seller’s price and shipping.
    1. Look for an Edge (What do people NEED or WANT that this product gives them? BENEFIT!)
    2. Do Marketing Research looking at who we can market to. (Facebook pages, interest, celebrities in the niche, etc. This is convered in depth in Module 3-2)
    3. Determine a splinter we will start with and what they REALLY NEED
    4. Write your Title
    5. Write your bullet points
    6. Write your Call to Action
    7. Determine the price and shipping you will charge
  4. WEBSITE PAGE -Create a New Ad Page in your ProductPage website
  5. View the Page and make adjustments
  6. View the Page and copy (as in Copy/Paste) the URL
  7. CUSTOM AUDIENCE – Create a Custom Audience for your new page As long as the JavaScript code is inserted on the Website being used this can wait until the product is seeling
    1. Open Ads Manager in Facebook click on Tools –>Audiences
    2. Click on Create Audience à Custom Audience
    3. Pick Website visits
    4. Click “Visits to a page” and paste the in URL for your new page (minus the http://)
    5. Change days to 180
    6. Name the Customer Audience so you understand what it is (e.g. Visited Sales Page for Pink Pet Carrier)
    1. Go Back to your Website and click on the Pretty Link Menu option near the bottom of the left side menu
    2. Add a Pretty Link
    3. Paste the Sales Page URL into the Target Field
    4. Replace the short name with something that reminds you of the product AND where the click is coming from (e.g. carrier-FB for Facebook Ad, carrier-BoxFB for a click from my Boxer Page, carrier-eml for a click from an email)
    5. Fill in the Description with something that helps you understand what you were trying to do with this link.
    6. Create at least the three I just mentioned store them in your Storage Place
  9. AWEBER – Create a New AWeber List  http://HalePringle.com/OHL-AWeber NOTE:  I think it is best to wait until you are making some sales before you set this up.  There is no reason to have lots of lists with no one in them.  When you decide to scale a product up then create the AWeber List and Attach it to your Ad Page
    1. Open AWeber
    2. Create a new small list
    3. Edit the Confirmation email to say exactly what the product is and be very welcoming. (When they open the emai two days from now “hale-bgl-carrier” isn’it going to be very appealing.  Replace with “You purchased a Beagle Pet Carrier in Pink from Paradise for Dog Lovers.  We know you will enjoy this product and we welcome you as a customer.  From time to time we will tell you about special deals and information that may be critical to the health of your pet.”
    4. Click on Messages
    5. Use your Template and edit a Welcome Email. Edit it to tell them exactly what they purchased.
    6. Do the Same with the Subject Line
    7. Edit the Link so that it points to the Pretty Link for emails and that points to the Sales Page for the Product they bought. (This is the only way they can purchase another if they love it.  They went to the page via an ad and if they don’t see the ad again they won’t have a way to purchase or tell their friends where to purchase.)
    8. Test Your Email (Send it to yourself. Click on the link and see if it goes to the Sales page and check the spelling and the look and feel of the email.)
    9. Save and Exit – you will be in the DRAFTS LIST
    10. Click SEND à Add to Follow-up Series to get the email into the sequence as the Day Zero email.
    11. Click on the small drop-down at the top and select your Main List for this Niche
    12. Click on List Settings à List Automation
    13. Click the dropdown on the left and choose “Subscribe to <main list> when someone subscribe to..” Pick your new small list from the Drop Down on the Right
    14. Click the Green Save Automation Rule
  10. ADD AWEBER LINK TO SALES PAGE-Open yourProductPages Website and Edit the Product your just created. Click on LINKS
    1. Pick the new small list you just created from the drop down list of pages in the AWeber section.
    2. Click on Other Products and SAVE NOW
  11. FACEBOOK PAGE FOR YOUR POST -Determine if you have a Facebook page for this product. If not create one
  12. CREATE AD IN FACEBOOK – Create an Ad for the Product in the Ads ManagerMISCELLANEOUS
  13. Record when the Timer will need resetting
  14. Record when to check on how well the ad is performing
  16. Decide when to start doing retargeting ads to the Custom Audience we created.
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