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 More Recommendations and Testimonials for Dr. Hale



Jane Orlov- Testimonyy

 Jane Orlov

Mavis Nong- Testimony

  Mavis Nong

Richard Martharoo- Testimony

 Richard Mattharoo


 Stacia Hopkins – Ann SIeg Certified Trainer

Aurore Jones- Testimony

 Aurore Jones

HalePringle.com – #11 in the Top 50 MLM Bloggers Competition

  Raena Lynn Testimony

 Reina Lynn

Viola Tamr- Testimony

 Viola Tam  – #14 in the Top 50 MLM Blogger Competition

April Marie Tucker- Testimony

 April Marie Tuckerer

Ruthida Namubiru- Testimony

 Ruthida Namuliru

Eryn-McCormick Testimony

 Eryn McCormick

Troy Dooly- Testimony

 Troy Dooly

Angela Brooks- Testimony

 Angela Brooks

Saquib Khan- Testimony

 Saqib Khan

Sonny Lanorias- Testimony

 Sonny Lanorias

Jared Hagar- Testimony

 Jared Hager

Ray Deitrich- Testimony

 Ray Dietric

Alecia Stringer- Testimony

 Alecia Stringer


Michelle Geyer- Testimony

 Michelle Geyer

Martin Dale- Testimony

 Martin Dale

Clint Butler- Testimony

 Clint Butler


Getzie Lamar- Testimony

 Getzie Lamar

Melodie Kantner- Testimony

 Melodie Kantn



Ruth Narveson- Testimony

 Ruth Narveson

Viviana Andrew- Testimony

 Viviana Andres


Colette Morris- Testimony

 Colette Morris

Sherman Smith- Testimony

 Sherman Smith

Ken Pickard- Testimony

 Ken Pickardh

Doris Flaiz- Testimony

 Doris Flatz




Charles Rein- Testimony

 Charles Rein

Tami Gomez- Testimony

 Tami Gomez

Lori Thayer- Testimony

Lori Thayer

Lisa Clinton- TestimonyLisa Clinton

Agnes Knowles- Testimony

 Agnes Knowles

Nathan Blackr- Testimony

 Nathan Black

Rich Martin- Testimony

 Rich Martin

Sandra Privett Black- Testimony

 Sandra Privette-Black

  Anita Levesque- Testimony

 Anita Levesque

Bryn Taylorr- Testimony

  Bryn Taylor

Carol- Lamoreaux Testimony

Carol Lamoreaux

Crystal Presencer- Testimony Crystal Resence

Fran Pitrer- Testimony

 Fran Pitre

Jaoie Sheppard- Testimony

 Josie Sheppard

  Jory Fisher- Testimony

Jory Fisher

Leslie Lamb- Testimony

 Leslie Lamb

Lisa Trost- Testimony

 Lisa Trost

Lori Emmons- Testimony

 Lori Emmons

Melissa-Argintina-Toror- Testimony

 Melissa Argintina-Toro

 Per Kinnander- Testimony Per Kinnander

Kelvin Myles- Testimony

 Kelvin Myles

Dr. Jeff Kapp- Testimony

 Dr. Jeff Kapp

Linda Troup- Testimony

 Linda Troup

Laurie Rogers- Testimony

 Laurie Rogers

Lorraine Moodie- Testimony

 Lorraine Moodie

  Sigrid McNab- Testimony Sigrid McNab

  Patsy Harris- Testimony

 Patsy Harris

Cher Barlett- Testimony Cher Bartless

  Perig Vennetier- Testimony

 Perig Vennetier

Carla Gardiner- Testimony Carla J Gardiner

Bonnie Hershey- Testimony

 Bonnie Hershey

  Grace Tang- Testimony

 Grace Tang

Kim Steadman- Testimony

 Kim Steadman

Deanna Evertt- Testimony

 Deanna Evert

  Jill Toler- Testimony

 Jill Toler

Melinda Kipfer- Testimony

 Melinda Kipfe

Rick Salas- Testimony

 Rick Salas


Leisa Wilson- Testimony Leisa Wilson

Margaret WIlson- Testimony

 Margaret Wilson

Eric McLaughlin- Testimony

 Eric McLouglin

Julie Hoffman- Testimony

 Julie Hoffman



Cassondra McMurphy- Testimony Cassondra McMurph

 Joseph Young- TestimonyJoseph Young

Dalia Tavares- Testimony

 Dalia Tavares

Tayo Dee- Testimony

 Tayo Dee

Stella Scott- Testimony

 Stella Scott

Fran Carter- Testimony

 Fran Carter

Note:  Several of the people listed here are identified as winners of the Top 50 MLM Bloggers competition for 2012.  Hale Pringle’s blog was rated as #11 in this competition

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