Building Your List With JV Giveaways

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JV Giveaway Blocks - LargeBuilding a list of subscribers with JV Giveaways is one of the easiest and least expensive methods around.  It takes a little preparation, but once you have the basics in place it is as simple a method as you are going to find.   There are lots of different Joint Venture (JV) Giveaways around, but today I’m going to go over the ins and outs of a set of scripts that is used by a large number of marketers.

As I write this, there is a very large Joint Venture Giveaway promoting for contributors.  You can sign up to contribute at

Before I get into signing up for a JV Giveaway, I’ll cover a few of the basics…


I’ll start with “the list”, what is it and why is it important to you.   A “list” is group of people who have given you permission to  send them emails.  They give permission by subscribing with you – usually in return for a free offer or in expectation that you will send them useful information (for example: a newsletter).   A good subscriber list has the following characteristics:

  • A common interest – preferably a common need or problem
  • A relationship with you where they know, like and trust you
  • Some disposable income and a desire to buy solutions to the problem.
  • Ready access to the Internet

So the natural question is “Why is it important to have a subscriber list?”  The simple answer is that “once you have a list, you can market to them over and over.”

The Fortune is in the List!

Internet Marketers often hear “The Fortune is in the List!”  and that makes the topic of “Building Your List” a hot topic among marketers.   A rule of thumb is often quoted that states that you will average $1/month per subscriber.   All of this assumes that you have built a list with the characteristics listed above.  Note that having a good list is hard work!.  A good list requires that you are actively working to build and maintain a good relationship with your subscribers.   A stale list that you have not talked to in months becomes worthless.  A list that you have done nothing but market to also becomes worthless.

What is a JV Giveaway?

JV GIveaway Sticky Note plus tack-13559398_m copyThe next important definition is “JV Giveaway.”   The “JV” stands for joint venture.  A giveaway is a short  term project  where several Internet Marketers get together (a joint venture) and create a web site with dozens or hundreds (or thousands) of free eBooks, audios, blueprints, software packages, white papers, etc.  Each marketer tells their  list about the “giveaway.”  People go to the website and browse through the selections.  If they see something they like they trade their email address for the item.   The joint venture partners win by building their list with new subscribers.  The consumers win by having a large selection of free material to choose from.  (The partner who is hosting the JV Giveaway wins big by growing his or her list with the email addresses of all the consumers who visit the JV Giveaway site.

There is More to it than Just Giveaways (Ethical Bribes).

The JV partners have several opportunities to generate income from a Giveaway.  We’ll go over those as we describe the ins-and-outs of one of the widespread JV Giveaway systems.  Before we do that I want to go over what you would need to participate as a contributor in a JV Giveaway.  Here are the different benefits you can have by participating in a JV Giveaway.

  • The main benefit is building your list by trading Free Gifts for email addresses
  • You can also generate sales by entering your “Special Offer” page on the JV Giveaway site.
  • You can generate income by inviting contributors to join the giveaway (you share if they upgrade from the Free level)
  • You can generate income by inviting visitors to the JV Giveaway.  Some will upgrade to contributor and you share in sales.
  • You can make sales or build your list using Text ads
  • You can gain followers on Twitter and Facebook
  • You can download Gifts that interest you without opting in to someone else’s list.

Before You Enter a JV Giveaway

Cover the whole “Internet Marketing” field is  far beyond the scope of this short article and involves many debates and different opinions.  I will note that I work in the Attraction Marketing field and in my humble opinion you go through three phases:

  1. Phase 1 – Formative – you pick a niche (a “starving crowd”) with a common need  (Attraction Marketing Phase 1)
  2. Phase 2 – Building – you create an authority base (a blog, a website, a Facebook Fan Page, etc) (Attraction Marketing Phase 2)
  3. Phase 3 – List Building – you build a list of subscribers and market to them (Attraction Marketing Phase 3)

I cover these in one of my free eBooks:  Attraction Marketing:  The Three Phases Explained.

The important thing here is that you need to have some idea of your basic area of interest – the general niche you are going to be working with.  You need to know this in order to build a list of the people interested in your niche.  The more targeted your offers are, the more valuable your list will be to you.

Short List of Required Resources for Contributing to a JV Giveaway

  1. Something to Give Away (trade for an email address from a  lead).  These are called “Gifts” in the JV Giveaway lingo.
  2. A Squeeze Page for your Gift.
  3. An Account with an Autoresponder Company
  4. A webpage or URL to deliver the free offer (your gift).

#1 Something to Give Away

JV Giveaways want you to provide a Gift for their visitors.  Called an Ethical Bribe or an Irresistible offer, you need something that your target audience wants.  Note that this assumes that you have identified a target market, what they need and why they should listen to YOU – all part of becoming an Attraction Marketer.   The list of things is virtually endless and includes interviews, recipes, eBooks, lists of links, lists of resources, the name of a specialist and on and on.  As long as it is important to your target niche, it works.

NOTE:  Many Giveaway Events do NOT allow Affiliate offers.    They want something that is unique to you.  This prohibition is often not true for the text ads -covered later – but it does apply to offers where you provide an image, a title, a description and a link to a Squeeze Page.

As I write this there is a JV Giveaway being hosted by Matt Bacak.   He and John Cornetta hosted a webinar that went over how to participate in Giveaways using the script that Matt is using.    Here is the link to that recording.  I don’t know if it will still be up, but what the heck.  Webinar Link  

In the webinar Matt invited John Cornetta to explain the features of the JV Giveaway system.  John is an expert at  using JV Giveaways to build a list.  He has a site where you can get PLR (Private Label Rights) products for free.  Basically you are allowed to edit the products and put your name  in them and call them your own.  I would strongly recommend that you change the title and the cover page before you use one.  You don’t want people to say “Oh I’ve seen that before.”   You can use and pay $5  to have someone create a new cover page for you.   A few hours of editing, a $5 gig at and you can have your own product ready to go.

You can also Google for keywords relevant to your niche and the letters PLR, for example ‘”weight loss” PLR’   If you put this in Google (without the single quotes, you will find literally hundreds of eBooks you can edit, call your own and use in a JV Giveaway.

#2 A Squeeze Page

A squeeze page is a web page where you tell visitors about  your offer and have a form that they can fill out giving your their email address (and perhaps more information).

The site  (Sign up at )  is widely talked about as a good benchmark.   They offer fill-in-the-blank pages and will host them for you.  They are not free, but they allow you to create professional looking squeeze pages quickly and easily.

#3 An Account with an Autoresponder Company

I suggest you sign up with AWeber.  It is the autoresponder company used by over half of all Internet Marketers.  If you don’t have an account you can sign up for a one month trial here.  It costs $1:

AWeber has been in business for over 15 years.  I’ve written three different books on AWeber and can tell you from in-depth experience that it will do the job for you.  (You can learn the basics of AWeber here:  AWeber: Quick Start) has an integration feature that allows you to copy and paste sign-up form HTML data into their squeeze page templates.  Leads signing up with the forms will be added to the list you designated in AWeber.

#4 A Webpage or URL to Deliver the Free Offer.

Again if you do not have a website, has pages that are designed to deliver your digital products.   As I describe  in my eBooks on AWeber you can also give download links in your AWeber follow-up emails.  You can use sites like Dropbox to host your  pdf or audio file on the Internet.

Expanded List of Resources You Could Have as a Full Contributor

  1. A paid product related to your free offer
  2. A Squeeze Page for your paid offer (with a BUY button)
  3. A Squeeze Page for your paid offer – BUY button is optional
  4. A way to deliver the paid offer after a lead buys it
  5. A URL that allows someone to access your the paid product directly (without a sign-up).

 #5 A Paid Product Related to Your Free Offer – MAKE MONEY

This is usually called a One-Time-Offer (OTO) and the squeeze page for it is shown right after a Lead signs-up for your Free Offer.   JV Giveaways do NOT allow you to send people to a Squeeze page where they MUST buy something in order to get the free offer, but you can make money buy selling Upsells after the Lead has subscribed for your free offer.  Again has pages for this.   PayPal  is widely used by Internet Marketers to put BUY NOW buttons on their One-Time-Offer  pages.

#6 A One-Time-Offer Page for your paid offer (with a BUY button)

Having a product you can sell is important.  It is not necessary, but it is important.  Participating in JV Giveaways as a contributor is inexpensive enough (often between $10 and $20) that having a paid product to help defer costs isn’t really an issue.  When you create Pay-Per-Click ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, etc. the paid product becomes an important asset to help defray the costs of the advertising.

#7 A Page for your paid offer – BUY button is optional

The JV Giveaway system has a place for you to insert an ad.  This ad will be for your Paid product.  You are not allowed to have an BUY button on this page.  I’ll show you that below in the screen shots.

#8 A Way to Deliver the Paid Offer After a Lead Buys It

You can do this with an eMail delivered by AWeber (or another autoresponder) or send the customer to a special Thank You page with download links on it.  (Again can do this for you).  For PDF files, you can have a URL where people can click on the URL and their browser will download the file automatically.

#9 A Way to Deliver the Paid Offer Directly

If you place the ad for your paid product in the JV GIveaway system, you will need a page or URL where buyers can be directed by the JV Giveaway site to get their downloads.

Ways to Build a List

There are literally hundreds of ways to build a list.  Internet Marketers are constantly coming up with new ways to drive traffic to a place where they can capture the email addresses from Leads.   Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-View, Blogging, Solo Ads, Media Buys and giveaways are some of the more common ones.  We are going to look at the JV Giveaway system here.

JV Giveaways – Overview

There are several different aspects to most JV Giveaways and it is very easy to become confused.

Basic Contributor Level – Free

At the very lowest level, you register as a contributor for free.  Usually you are allowed to enter one Ethical Bribe and collect subscriber email addresses on that one offer.  Leads go to your squeeze page, so if you have a One-Time-Offer, you might make some money.

Intermediate Contributor Level – Low Cost – $5 to $10

If the JV Giveaway has three levels, the intermediate level is usually a downsell from the third level.

  • You are allowed to contribute more offers, which we get you more subscribers (and if you have OTO’s you make some money.)
  • You may be allowed to enter some text ads
  • You may be allowed to create a Special Offer (One Special Offer is shown to contributors when they register (and sometimes when they login.)  You can charge for the special offer and you split the sales between you and the JV Giveaway Organizer.  Often the split is 50-50.
  • You have an affiliate link to tell your list (or run ads) to bring other contributors to the JV Giveaway.  If they upgrade from the FREE level you split the fee with the organizer – often 50-50.
  • Once the JV Giveaway opens, some visitors will upgrade and you share the profits with the orgnanizor.
  • You are allowed to browse the offerings and download any that you like WITHOUT going to the other contributor’s opt-in page and signing up for their list.

You can see there are four different benefits here 1) subscribers (and perhaps OTO profits), 2) Leads sent to your Text Ad URLs, 3) cash from the Giveaway event itself and 4) Ethical Bribes downloaded legally without joining someone’s list.

Advanced Contributor Level – Higher Cost – often $10 – $20, but may be $97 or up

The number of gifts you can enter, the number of text ads you can enter, the number of Special Offers you can enter and the percentage you keep from sales made on the JV Giveaway site all go up with you take this option.

In most cases, if you are going to participate, the Advanced Level seems to be the best option – by far!

JV Giveaways – Quick Start  🙂

NOTE:   The JV Giveaway script is has many options and some people choose to spice them up.  My point is that what you see may vary from what I’m showing you here. 

The first step is to find a link to a giveaway that is coming soon.  You can Google for them.  Once you have attended one, you will receive email notifications for others.   Here is the link to one person who specializes in helping others put on JV Giveaways.  David Railey’s List Of Upcoming JV Giveaways and David Railey’s Create a Giveaway for Your Service

Once you have the link to an upcoming event, go there with your browser.   If the Giveaway hasn’t started yet, you may see a screen like this:

Coming Soon Screen
JV Giveawy - Coming Soon Screen As you can see there is always a place for people who want to become contributors to sign in.   There is also a place for existing contributors to login.

Register as a Contributor

There are three steps you go through when to Register to become a Contributor.

  1. Enter you Name, Email Address and a Password
  2. Accept or Decline a “Special Offer” (These offers are provided by contributors.)
  3. Accept or Decline the Organizer’s Offer to Upgrade to a Paid Contributor Account (and get more benefits).

Step #1 – If you click on the “become a contributor” link you will see a Sales Page explaining how great the Giveaway is.  There will be something like this at the bottom:

Contributor Registration
Giveaway - Contributor Registration

This one requires that you enter your password twice and the “Register Your Account” button is not active until you have entered the same password twice.

Step #2 – Accept or Decline a “Special Offer” from one of the other contributors.

Special Offer Page From One of the Contributors
JV Giveaway - Special Offer

When contributors login to the JV Giveaway they are shown one or two of these Special Offers.  The offers are rotated among all contributors who submit offers and get them approved.  These offers are often low cost and the sales are shared with the organizer of the JV Giveaway.  For example, at the intermediate level the organizer would get the proceeds from the first sale and you would get the proceeds from the second sale.  At the Advanced Level there would usually be one sale for the Organizer followed by three sales for you.  Then the cycle starts over.  You do NOT get a subscriber to your list from this transaction.

I believe that something similar can happen for visitors, but don’t remember ever seeing it.

Special Offer from One of the Contributors
JV Giveaway - Upgrade Offer

Pay For the One-Time-Offer
JV Giveaway OTO Upgrade Pay

Here is where you pay for the product.   Note that this PayPal button belongs to the JV Giveaway organizer.  It is not part of the Special Offer Page.  After you pay you will almost always see a screen with a scrolling status bar.  It seems to take 10 minutes more often than not.

Wait for PayPal Approval
JV Giveaway - Wait for PayPal

What can I say, just wait it out. 🙂

Step #3 – Accept or Decline the Organizer’s Offer to Upgrade Your Account

JV Giveaway’s One-Time-Upgrade-Offer
JV Giveaway's Upgrade Offer

The next screen you see is where the JV Giveaway Organizer offers you a chance to upgrade from the FREE level.  While this is a One-Time-Offer, you can usually upgrade later, it will just cost a little more. I saw one recently where the cost was 70 cents more.   When you pay for the upgrade either the organizer OR the person who provided you with affiliate link will get the money.

It is easy to think of a JV Giveaway as simply a place to grow you list.  Sharing the profits from the Special Offer shown during registration and sharing the profit from contributors (and visitors) upgrading are the two ways you can make money directly from a JV Giveaway.

Again I will note that if you are going to contribute, this is usually a no-brainer.

Some Requirements to Upgrade
Giveaway-no-affilitate links

Here is where they tell you that you cannot use affiliate products as your Gift and that duplicate giveaways from different people are not allowed.  (Note:  If you are using a PLR product, you should ALWAYS change the name and the cover page – at the very least.  It is far better if you put your own personality and knowledge into the product as well.)

You are also not allowed to SELL on your Squeeze page.  (You can have a OTO page after someone signs up for your FREE gift, but the gift itself MUST be FREE.)

Example Levels
JV Giveaway - Example Levels As I mentioned before the numbers vary from one JV Giveaway to the next.  The organizer chooses the options.

I have seen as high as 6 Gifts allowed at the Premium level and 75% commissions.

Once you see the menu, you have completed the Registration process.

Managing your JV Giveaway Account

At the Basic Contributor Level there are only four things you need to do:

  1. Fill in your Profile
  2. Manage Your Gift
  3. Promote to visitors.  At least one is required from your affiliate link.  Sometimes more are required.
  4. Promote to other contributor’s (optional, but may result in a commission.)

Step #1 – Fill in Your Profile

Main Menu
GiveAway-Main Menu

The arrows are pointing at the Profile link where you edit your Profile and examples of the Text Ads we mentioned earlier.  If you are using the FREE Basic Contributor Level you usually will not be able to enter any text ads.

Edit Your Profile
JV Giveaway - Edit Profile

#1 – You can change your password here.

#2 – Browse you hard drive and upload a picture.  I suggest a smiling head shot.  You want people to learn to know, like and trust YOU.  A picture of Goofy isn’t YOU.

#3 – Your PayPal id (the email address you use for PayPal).  This is critical since it is how the organizer pays you!

#4 – Your Clickbank id.  I don’t think that this is used yet.

#5 – Your Twitter name – be sure to add the “@”.

When your Gift is displayed, the page also has links that encourage visitors to follow you on Twitter and Friend you on Facebook.

#6 – Your Facebook URL – (I entered my Fan page URL.  I’m not sure if that works yet.)

Evernotes – Giveaway Profile Information
JV Giveaway Profile Info in Evernotes

As a total aside, I find it very convenient to save my profile information is Evernotes.  That makes it very easy to find when I sign up for the next JV Giveaway.

After you have saved your information, the next step is to Manage Your Gift(s).

Step #2 – Manage Your Gift(s)

JV Giveaway Menu – Manage Gifts
JV Giveaway - Give Management Menu Option

Clicking on the “Manage Gift” brings up the page where you can enter information about your Gift(s).  If you have paid for the advanced levels, you will be offered a chance to enter more than one gift.

Enter Information About A Gift
JV Giveaway - Gift - Offer

#1 – Enter a name for your Gift

#2 – Browse your hard drive for the image that goes with this Gift. (Sometimes you can use your picture if people know you.)  I’m not sure what the LOGO is used for.

#3 – Enter a Short Description (I don’t this this shows)

#4 – Enter a long description.   The system will not let you go beyond the maximum number of characters allowed.  It will change the count every time you type a keystroke.

After you enter the information that the visitors can see, you must complete the setup with the following information.

Gift Setup Continued
JV Giveway - More About Gift Management

#1 – Hovering over the Blue “Info” buttons will pop-up help information.

#2 – Enter the URL that you want visitors to go to if they like your Gift.  This is your squeeze page where they will give you their email address.  You can NOT sell on this page, but you can send them to a One-Time-Offer Thank You page (with a product they can purchase) after they sign up for your gift.

#3 – The direct Download Link.  This URL is the link that Contributors will use when they download your Gift WITHOUT opting in to your List.

#4 – An email address where visitors can get support if there is a problem with your Gift.

#5 – A reasonable price for this “FREE” gift.

#6 – When you have entered the top and the bottom information, you Save Your Changes.

Finished Product
JV Giveaway - Submitted Gift

Once you save your information, it will change to a “Pending” status.  I usually find that they are approved automatically within a minute or two.

Note:  You are not allowed to enter the same give more than once.

Note 2:  I found that small eBooks that I created from longer Blog posts generated almost as many subscribers as my major works.  The bottom line is put something up that you think your target audience would be interested in.

Saving Giveaway Information in Evernotes
JV Giveaways - Evernotes

Again, I find that saving my ads and the various links for my eBooks in Evernotes makes the information easy to find and copy and paste when I sign up for the next JV Giveaway (or create a PPC ad).  Here I am showing #1 a Tag I use to indicate each of my eBooks, #2  my Squeeze Page URL, #3 my download links, #4 and #5 the text for my Gift’s description in JV Giveaways.   Off the screen is a path that shows me where to find the eBook cover image that I upload to the JV Giveaway site.

Step #3 -Promote to Potential Visitors

The last step for a basic level contributor is to promote to Potential Visitors.  You can email your list, post on Facebook or Twitter, or pay for ads.

You MUST promote at some level.  If no-one visits using your affiliate link, your Gifts will not be shown.  (You  will get an email reminding you that the Organizer hasn’t seen anyone arrive using your link.)

JV Giveaway - Promtong to Potential Visitors

#1 – Click on the Promote Link.

#2 – This message changes based on the level of participation you purchased.

#3 – This is your Promotion Affiliate URL.

#4 – This is SWIPE copy emails you can use to email your list.

NOTE:  This swipe code is usually exactly the same for every Giveaway.  You are going to want to edit it (heavily) so that your list doesn’t see the same exact praise for different people. That would show that you didn’t write the emails and that you didn’t really mean what you are saying.

Step #4 – Invite Contributors

While this isn’t the step I would usually do next, it is what you should do if you are coming in at the Basic Contributor Level.  (This is a Quick Start after all 🙂 )

Invite Contributors
JV Giveaway - Invite Contributors

#1 – Click on the Invite Contributors Link

#2 – This tells you that there is Swipe Copy below that you can use to email your list.

#3 – This is your affiliate link.   When new contributors sign up using this link you get a percentage if they upgrade and a percentage if they buy the Special Offer shown right after they register.  The percentage you get is determined by the rules the Organizer set up and the level of participation your purchased.

This Ends the Quick Start Section.  If you entered as Free Basic Level Contributor, you are done!   (You can check your statistics, but you have finished the required steps.)

For Higher Level Contributors

The following sections apply to those you  paid for one of the upgrades.   It is well worth the small additional effort.

There are three things you can do as a Paid Contributor.

  1. Manage Text Ads
  2. Manage Special Offer Ads
  3. Check out offers from other contributors (since you don’t have to join their list to legally own a copy)

Managing Text Ads

Text Ads in JV Giveaways - VERY EasyLet me start by saying this:

“Text ads in JV Giveaways are so simple that it is almost a crime not to use them!”


JV Giveaway menu-Text Ad Management

#1 – The Text Ads Management Menu Option

#2 – An Example of a Text Ad

Text ads are VERY simple, so if you have an offer you should definitely take a few minutes and fill these out.  (You only have access if you have upgraded past the FREE Basic Contributor Level.)

Entering a Text Ad
JV Giveaway - Entering a Text Ad

#1 – There are two number 1’s above.  The small one at the top shows what displays.  The larger one shows where you put that information when you edit a Text Ad.

#2 – Up to 100 characters of text

#3 – THIS IS WHAT SHOWS!   You can put the URL there, but a Call-to-Action is much better.

#4 – This is the URL where visitors go when they click on the text ad.

 NOTE:  It is suggested that you use your best offer and duplicate it for all of your Text Ads.  This will get your the most views.

Entering a Second Text Ad
JG Giveaway - Entering a Text Ad

As shown above, after you have entered one ad, you only need to enter one character and then select the value that appears when you start to enter the second ad.

After you save your changes you will see this screen:

Text Ad -Edit Screen
JV Giveaway - Edit Text Ad and Allocate Credits

The Text Ad system allocates you “credits.”  You place these on your ads and every time one of your ads is shown, a few of the credits are expended.  You start with 10,000 credits to allocate among your ads.  You generate more credits when contributors or visitors using your affiliate link visit the Giveaway Site.

#1 – 10,000 credits (I haven’t allocated any of them yet)

#2 – Even though you are allowed 25 characters, your actual headline will often need to be shorter.  This looks bad, so I edited it.

#3 – This is where you enter credits.  When you do, they are removed from the top line that currently shows 10,000.

#4 – You can see that 5 credits are allocated for reasons unknown  🙂   You can also see that the JV Giveaway keeps track of the impressions and the number of clicks your Text Ad generated.

#5 – There are three buttons here – pause this text ad, edit this ad, and delete this ad.

Example of my Ad
JV Giveaway - Text Ad in Action

Here you can see one of the Text Ads I entered.  I used the letters IM in some and left them out in some.  I’ll check which version works better as the Giveaway progresses.

Manage Special Offer Ads

This is without a doubt the most confusing part of the JV Giveaway system (at least it was for me).  It is also totally optional.

Special Offers are shown to people as they sign up for the site.  The organizer and the contributor share the profits.  You might get 25%, 33%, 50%, 66% or 75% depending upon your level and how the organizer set things up.  (Basically the organizer get the first sale and you get the next one, two or three sales depending upon the percentages.

You do NOT get a subscriber on your list from these sales – just the cash paid into your PayPal account.

Before you start on the JV Giveaway site, you may want to Clone one of your existing sales pages (I use a plugin called “Duplicate Post”).  You can modify the Sales Page in your WordPress blog or in, etc.

On the JV Giveaway site,  you click on the “Special Offer Management” menu option.


Special Offer Menu
JV Giveaway - Special Offers Menu

You will see a few fields that you need to fill in.

Special Offer Edit Screen

JV Giveaway - Special Offer Edit Screen

#1 – Name for the Special Offer Product

#2 – Price the Organizer will charge for the product

#3 – Page or URL where purchasers will be sent to get their product after they purchase the product.  (Note:  If you are offering bonuses, you will need a page there whey can download the main product and the bonuses.)   I like to use a Pretty Link here since it will keep track of clicks.  I just like to see what is happening on my own site.

#4 – HTML Editor where you enter your ad.

NOTE:  Usually it is not worth the effort to create a new Sales Page just for this.  Copy and Paste one from your Blog or from

Sales Page I Edited on my Blog Site
Giveaway-Special Offer Squeeze Page from my blog

NOTE:  You are not allowed to have links or BUY NOW buttons in YOUR text.  The JV Giveaway organizer will add his to be bottom of your page.

Sample Restrictions on Special Offer Pages Giveaway-Special Offer Rules

There is not reason not to copy the same Special Offer if you are allowed more than one.  That will increase the number of people who see your Special offer.

Once you save your offer, it will be placed on hold while the software (and perhaps a human) check that the page you submitted meets the Organizer’s specifications.  If there is a problem, you will see a note here that tells you what the problem is and how to fix it.


Special Offer – On Hold
JV Giveaway-Special Offer On Hold

Example Active Special Offers
JV Giveaway - Special Offer - All Okay

Here you see that the Special Offers have been approved and each has been shown a few times.

JV Giveaway – Statistics

When you click on the “Stats” menu option you see how your Gifts are doing and the leaderboard – how much money you have earned.  Quite often the organizers will be running competitions among the Contributors in order to encourage more promotion of their Giveaway.

Stats Menu
JV Giveawya - Statistics Page

Note:  This Stats Screen shot was taken before the Giveaway actually opened.

#1 – the Stats Menu Option

#2 – An overview of the entire JV Giveaway.   Note:  There are 1458 Contributors at this point and only 203 Gifts.  This is common.  Your offer will get good exposure if you just enter the information!.

#3 – Stars on your offers

#4 – (Not shown) the Leader Board.

Get Gifts – Without Signing Up for Mailing Lists

Get Gifts Menu Option
JV Giveaway - Get Gifts Menu Option

Click on the Get Gifts menu option and you will see Gifts placed in the system.  You can click on any of them and get the download for FREE, without opting in to a list.

Get Gifts Screen
JV Giveaway-Get Gifts List

This is pretty much what the Giveaway will look like when it goes active.  Here you can see two of my offers.  Once the JV Giveaway event goes live (is open to visitors), you will be able to click on one of the items and download it.  This uses the “Download Link” contributors provided when they entered the information on each Gift. It will NOT take contributors to the Squeeze page link that was provided at the same time.  Visitors are sent to that link.

Additional Menu Options

There are three options on the example I have been using here that I am not going to cover.

  • Download Purchases – if you buy a Special Offer, you will get an email with the Download Link. You can also click on that link here.
  • HelpDesk – Fill out a support ticket if there is a problem.
  • Help Videos and Logout are pretty obvious


In this post, I have covered joining a JV Giveaway event as a Basic Level Contributor and as a Paid Contributor.

We walked through the screens you will see and covered these benefits:

  • The main benefit is building your list by trading Free Gifts for email addresses
  • You can also generate sales by entering your “Special Offer” page on the JV Giveaway site.
  • You can generate income by inviting contributors to join the giveaway (you share if they upgrade from the Free level)
  • You can generate income by inviting visitors to the JV Giveaway.  Some will upgrade to contributor and you share in sales.
  • You can make sales or build your list using Text ads
  • You can gain followers on Twitter and Facebook
  • You can download Gifts that interest you without opting in to someone else’s list.

IMHO you should almost always sign up to be a paid contributor.  With very little effort you get these benefits:

  • More views for your offers
  • Sales or Sign-ups from Text ads (Very easy to set up)
  • Profit from upgrades made by people who arrive with your affiliate link
  • The opportunity to download Gifts without opting into someone’s list.

Some tips that were covered:

  • Save Your Entries – it makes entering your Offers in the next JV Giveaway MUCH easier.  I use Evernotes.
  • Modify the swipe files to your voice. They are the same in every JV Giveaway I have seen.
  • Sign up as a Paid Contributor
  • Get several free offers in place.
  • Have some place to drive text ads

In conclusion JV Giveaways are an easy way to grow your list!


Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

Dr Hale

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