Build Your List with a WordPress Resources Page

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Build Your List with a WordPress Resources Page

Build Your List With a Resources Tab

Build Your List With a Resources Tab

Different ways to build your List are key components of Internet Marketing.  We hear the phrase “The Fortune is in the List” all the time.  So today I’m going to talk about a way to build your list.  I’m a great believer in a couple of Internet Marketing Principles that we don’t hear talked about a whole lot.  I’m going to use their principles to help you build your list.

  1. Re-purpose your work
  2. Give value away for free.

Re-purpose Your Work

There are only so many hours in a day.  If you are going to produce something that is really useful, try and get as much value out of it as you can.   For example, one of my Free eBooks talks about taking a blog post and converting it into a Free eBook in 30 minutes or less.  Now you have two resources – the blog post AND an eBook you can use for a variety of purposes.  I have a work in progress that shows 10 different things you can do with your re-purposed blog post.

Give Value Away For Free

People will follow you if they KNOW you provide valuable information.  One way to prove this is to put some of your information into their hands.  If they haven’t consumed some of your products, they don’t know for sure if you provide value or not.  Giving valuable content away for free is one way to get past this hurdle.  Of course you can ask for a name and email address, but so they have given you something, but no money has changed hands.

Create a Resources Page to Give Your Work Away!

One of the things you can do with your Free eBooks is grow your email list.

In order to do this you need a place on you blog to display your work and give it away (and of course display things that you have to sell and sell them too!)  I’m calling this page a “Resources Page” and it shows in my blog as a tab called (oddly enough  😎 ) “Resources.”

Creating the Resources Page was more difficult than I thought it would be and that led to this article.


I’m assuming you have the plugin Pretty-Link.  This plugin lets you create a short easy to remember link and point it to a longer more complex link.  This plugin does three things for me here.

  1. It gives me a count of how many people clicked on various links.
  2. It gives me links that are easy for me to remember and hence there is less chance of my getting confused in the process.
  3. Using Pretty-Link lets me change what page or file is referenced by a link.  For example if I want to split test the Thank You Page for a book I don’t have to find all of the references, I just change the link in Pretty-Link.

HIDE POST plugin

We need some way to make sure our squeeze pages and Thank You Pages do NOT show up in Google Searches.  Some themes have this ability built it.    I’m using the plugin HIDE POST.  It puts some options to the right of every post and every page that allow me to tell the system how much I want the page or post hidden.  In this cass I want ti completely hidden.  The only way people can get to the page is by clicking on a link that I provide.

STEP 1 – Create Your EBook

My Free eBook about Creating a Free eBook in 30 minutes or less goes over this in detail.  Each eBook should have the following:

  1. A Cover Image – use or
  2. A message that the book can be shared IF IT IS NOT MODIFIED.
  3. A legal disclaimer
  4. An About You page
  5. An Index (optional – can be created automatically by word processors with a little work.)
  6. The body of the eBook (with headers, footers and page numbers)  Be sure to put links to your blog posts or other eBooks in your text where appropriate.
  7. An appendix with a list of your eBooks with links for each one to a squeeze page. (I also use a thumbnail of the cover but that is certainly optional.)

Part of the goal here is for people to look through the links in your eBook and the Resources Appendix and find something that they want.  When they click on the link, it takes them to a Squeeze Page.

STEP 2 – Determine a Word (or two) that Describes this eBook in Your Mind

We are going to have several links associated with each eBook.   Determine a short word that will used for all of the pages associated with the eBook. I’ll use “keyword” for this example.

STEP 3 – Save the Word Document as a PDF File.

I assuming that you are using MS Word here, but most modern word processors have a “Save As” function where you can choose PDF as the file TYPE.


NOTE 2: Remember most hosting sites use the Linux Operating System.  Linus differs from some other system in that it IS CASE SENSITIVE.  It sees “Keyword-dl” as a different file name than “keyword-dl”.  The capital K is critical.  I usually copy and paste or use all lower case just so I don’t accidentally type something with a capital letter in the wrong place.

STEP 4 Upload Your PDF File to Your Server

There a several ways to do this.  I use a free File-Transfer-Protocol (FTP) software called Filezilla.  The advantage is that I can upload version two on top of version one and all the links stay the same.

The less technical way involves using the Media option is your WordPress Dashboard menu.

  1. Click on Media–> Add New
  2. Find your PDF and Upload it
  3. Click on “Edit”
  4. Find the URL on the right side of the page and highlight it and copy it (CTRL-C or CMD-C)


Build Your List

Highlight and Ctrl-C or Cmd-C to Copy the Link
to the file you just uploaded.                 

File URL

STEP 5. Open Pretty-Link

  • Click on Add A Link
  • Paste the long URL into the Target URL text box
  • Enter your “single word” plus “-dl”   (e.g. keyword-dl) in place of the four letter link that Pretty-Link provides.
  • Enter the name of the eBook and the words “Download link” to the Description Field
  • Save

     Paste the URL your just Copied in the Target Link.  Use your Short Word plus –DL for the
“Pretty Link” and describe the link in the description.

Pretty Link - Keywords Download

NOTE:  If you are using the MEDIA FILE method above, be sure to change the target URL when you upload a revised version of your eBook later.

Note 2: If I am going to have an Optin Squeeze Page that is triggered from a “Resources” page AND a widget in the sidebar, I like to create two Pretty-Links – one for each.  That way I know which downloads came from the Resources Page and which came from the Widget.

NOTE  3:  Always use the word “Download” in description.  That lets you search for all your download links later.

NOTE  4:  Always Test You Link(s).

STEP 6 – Create a THANK YOU Page

You need to have a Thank You page ready.  I have several Free eBooks and I route all of them to the same Thank You page.  If you don’t have one, you need to go into WordPress and create the Page.  If you do have one, you will be able to just use it.

The first line is something like “Thank You for downloading my FREE eBook.  You will find the download link in your email.”  The rest of the page can be about an upsell.   Use the Hide Post plugin to hide this page.

NOTE:  I am using the plugin TinyMCE Advanced and I leave the Title link blank.  TinyMCE Advanced lets me chose different fonts (Like Tahoma) and different font sizes to create decent squeeze pages.

Thank You Page for Fuild Your List

STEP 7 – Create a link to the Thank You page for this eBook

Go Back to Pretty-Link and create a link to the Thank You page.  I use “keyword-thank-you”.

This is the link that will be in aWeber.  I use it as the Custom URL for Success AND for Already Subscribed. (I don’t mind if they get two or three of my ebooks.)

Again the advantage to using Pretty-Link is that I can change where the link goes if I decide to change the Generic Thank You Page or I can create a Special Thank You page for one eBook.  All of the links in all of the eBooks can stay the same, I just change where “keyword-thank-you” is pointed to in Pretty-Link.

Step 8 Open aWeber an Create a New List for this eBook

Each aWeber list name must be unique across ALL of aWeber’s clients. I use “halebk-keywords” when I can.  The work “halebk-” tells me that this is an eBook list.  I do NOT send broadcasts to these lists.  I’ll show you why in a minute.

Create a New List

       aWEber - Create a List


Create a List – Name and description

Basic Information

At the Bottom of Screen Fill in Your Email so You will get an eMail
When Someone Signs Up for You eBook

Create List - Notiftication and Save

Note:   See the “halebk” in the List Name.  All my eBooks start with that so I can see which lists are eBook Lists.

Note 2:  The “Basic Setup” and “Personalize Your List” sections are tabs.  They just don’t look like tabs.

STEP 9 – Create a Day 0 Follow-up eMail for Y

our New List

Create an eMail that contains a “Thank You for Asking for the ‘XXXX’ eBook”.  The email contains a link to the Pretty-Link link you created in Pretty-Link. Obviously you replace “keyword” with your short word for your eBook.  I also like to have a link to the Thank You Page (“keyword-welcome”) with it’s upsell and to my main web site.  NOTE  This email goes out on Day 0

NOTE:   Test the email and MAKE SURE the download works.

Click on Messages –> Folluw up

Create a New List

Create an eMail for the Download
Give it a Title like “Download your Requested….”
After you have one email, you can save it as a Template
(click Templates
à My Templates, enter a name and save to create a Template.
Click on the ones on the right to use an existing template.

Write eMail

To Use an Existing Template – Click on Templates à My Templates.  Choose a Template and then Click Apply

Select a Template

Step 10 – Copy the eMail

Copy the email and change the wording a little.  Say something to the effect of “A couple of days ago I sent you a link to a free eBook you requested called “xxx”   In case you missed it, here is the download link again.


Step 11 – Click on the aWeber LISTS tab and Choose Automation

Click on MY LISTS à Automation from the drop down under My Lists.

The first thing you need to do is change the “Current List” to your main list.  There is a small drop down where you can do this.

The automation tab has a drop down with three options.  In this case we are going to choose the last one and automatically sign the visitor up for our main list.   Now they belong to two lists.  One that delivers their free eBook and one that you use for your main drip email sequence and to send Broadcast emails to.

NOTE:  When the system automatically signs them up for your main list they will get a Day 0 email from this list too.   I use the content of this to say “You will be getting the Free eBook you requested in a separate eMail.  If you don’t see it soon, check you SPAM list. “  I send a “Who is Dr. Hale” email on Day 1 and then nothing on Day 2.  (They are already getting an eMail from the small list on Day 2).  Then I continue on with my Drip sequence.


Pick “Current List” as your main email List.
Click on My Lists
à Automation   Choose “Subscribe to [Your Main List] when lead subscribes to” from drop down.

  Then Choose the eBook List you are working on from the second drop down.


STEP 12 – Click on the Webform tab and Create a Webform.

  1. I use a basic form and delete everything except the name and email address fields.  I click on the SUBMIT button and click on the ADVANCED tab and insert a link to a graphic button.  I wish I could say that once you have one of these you can just copy it for the next one, but they really don’t have that feature.  You can start you second one at the same place you started the first one (by clicking on “templates” and then “My Templates”, but they don’t have the ability to let you start where the first webform ended.  (Strange!)
  2.  The second tab is where you put in the link to Thank You Page.  I put this in both of the “Success Field” and the “Already Subscribed Field.”   I want people to have multiple eBooks from me if they want them.   I use a Pretty Link with the format   This directs them to the Thank You Page that I am currently using.
  3.  The third tab has the HTML code you need to copy and paste into your widget or into your Opt-in Page.

In the Design Tab –  You can choose One of Their Template are one that You Used Before

Create webform 1

Note: While the system saves each of the webfroms you create as Template, this is really misleading.  They don’t save the “Final Copy” as a template.

Highlight the Fields you Don’t Want and click the Red X.

Create Webform 2

You can replace their Submit Button with an Image.   Click on the Submit item, then the
Advanced Tab and then user a web based URL for your image button.

Create WEbform 3

Click on the Basic Setting Tab, Enter a Title for You form,
Pick “Custom Page” and enter a Pretty Link that points to the Thank You Page

Create WEbform 4

Note:  I put the same THANK YOU link in both the “Thank You Page” URL and the “Already Subscribed”  URL.  I do NOT want to limit my loyal folowers from obtaining a second or third eBook.

Click the Third Tab and choose”I will Install” à HTML à Copy the HTML code to paste into Create WEbform 5your Optin Page.

STEP 13 – Create the Optin Page

Go back to your blog and create the Optin Page.  Right now for me, these are very simple. I use a variation of “Thank you for asking to download xxxx” , a red arrow, a thumbnail for the eBook cover and the aWeber name, email and optional phone field, plus the submit button.

This page is going to be called by a Pretty-Link link called “keyword-optin”.  It needs  to be named something else.

This is a key page.  Every time someone enters their name and email, you have taken one more step to build your list.


STEP 14 – Open Pretty-Link and create a link to “keyword-optin”

This is the link that goes in your Resources Page and in the Appendix called Resources at the end of each of your eBooks.  It points to the Page you just Created with the aWeber webform in it. When someone asks for one of your eBooks they always go to an Optin Page.

STEP 15 – Add the new eBook to your Resources Page on your Blog

Edit your Resources Page (or create it and add it to your menu).  Enter a short description, a thumbnail of the book cover and a link to the keyword-optin page.

STEP 16 – Add the new eBook to your Resources Appendix Page

In my other eBook on creating a Free eBook in Less than 30 Minutes, I talk about having a separate document called Resources.doc.  You insert this as an “object link” in each of your eBooks.  After you have updated the Resources.doc, you can edit each of your eBooks and just scroll to where the Appendix is,  right click and choose “Update Object”.  The new copy automatically replaces the old one.  Then you can SAVE AS PDF and you have a new copy of your eBook with an expanded Resources Appendix.

STEP 17 – Upload Revised eBooks

When you have added several new eBooks to your Resources Appendix, it is probably worth opening each of your eBooks and update the Resources Appendix, recreating the PDF file and uploading the revised copy.   (Note if you are using the Media Tab to upload the files, you will also need to update the Pretty-Link “keyword-dl” links since the new file will not overwrite the old one.


We have created two pages for each eBook

  • Keyword-optin  (Where they enter their name and address)
  • Keyword-welcome (The Thank You Page with a One-Time-Offer or upsell).

We have created three Pretty-Link links.

  • Keyword-optin (sends them to the Page where they enter their name and email)
  • Keyword-Welcome- (sends them to the Thank You Page)
  • Keyword-dl (link to the PDF on your server – clicking on it will download the file.)

We have done several things in aWeber


  • Day 0 email saying – You are getting another email with the download link)
  • Day 1 – whatever you want
  • Day 2 – nothing
  • Day 3 and after – your drip sequence


  • Day 0 email – contains the Download link
  • Day 2 email – “In case you missed it” email with download link
  • List Automation – automatically sign the visitor up for your main list
  • Webform – collect name, email and possible phone.  Send them to Thank You Page.

RESOURCE PAGE, WIDGETS and Appendix to All You eBooks

These are where you place links to the Pretty-Link link we have been calling “keyword-optin.”  Without these links no-one will ever be about to find your eBooks since their Squeeze pages are hidden.

As you can see there are several steps involved in this process.  They are not hard, but I know that I really need a checklist to keep things straight.

Now That we have finished:

Remember the Objective here is to Build Your List



Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

↓ ↓ If this post gave you some ideas – Go ahead & comment below.  ↓ ↓

Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.


Hale Pringle – Hale Yes!

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