Internet Marketers: When To Avoid Bright Shiny Things

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Lady-holding-bright-shiny-things-Bright Shiny Things  – Tools or Distractions?

Recently I’ve written about a class of List Building tools called Joint Venture Giveaways (or  more commonly called JV Giveaways.)  One of the things that occurred to me was that I might be doing some novice Internet Marketers a disservice.  I’ve suggested that they dive into a pool just filled with Bright Shiny Things.

“Why is that bad?” you might ask.  I see at least five different reasons…5 Reasons to Avoid Bright Shiny Things

BTW if you don’t know what a Bright Shiny Thing is, I’ll cover that in a minute.

  1. The major reason to avoid Bright Shiny Things is that they will impede your progress.  They take time and effort away from making progress with  your plan.
  2. In severe cases Bright Shiny Things, can cause you to never have a plan.  You bounce from one thing to the next like a sail boat with no rudder.
  3. Bright Shiny Things eat your budget – (I’ll confess, I have several packages I paid $200 or $300 and never opened.  This is extremely common!)
  4. Bright Shiny Things can make you feel guilty – “I bought (or I downloaded it) it and didn’t use it!”  It is easy to beat yourself up as the pile gets higher and higher.
  5. Internet Marketers create “New Systems” all the time.  Looking at a series of Bright Shiny things can confuse you.  For example: In any given day or week you might download or watch material on SEO and LinkedIn and Kindle Books and YouTube Marketing and Blogging and Copywriting and PLR and…and… and…   These topics are all over the map and unless you really know the industry you will end up with bits and pieces of different things.

Example:  Building a Vehicle After Many Bright Shiny Things
Car with Wings and Tank Treads

When is a Bright Shiny Thing Okay?

The one (and only) time to consider something that might be usually called a Bright Shiny Thing.

Consider an offer if it meets a need you have right now!

Bright Shiny Things to AvoidBack to Basics – What is a Bright Shiny Thing?  And Why Are There So Many of Them?

If you haven’t run into the term Bright Shiny Syndrome (SOS), let me explain.  There are literally thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of offers being made every day on the Internet.  Many of them are “Free Offers.”   Most Bright Shiny Things are Free Offers (but not all!)  These free offers have many names: Ethical Bribes, Irresistible Offers, Gifts, Teasers to name just a few.  These offers are one of the fundamental elements used by marketers to build their subscribers lists.

THE method taught by most experienced marketers goes like this:

  1. Find your niche,
  2. Brand yourself in that niche,
  3. Develop a free offer,
  4. Sign up for a n autoresponder system (see AWeber: Quick Start),
  5. Develop a squeeze page for that offer,
  6. Drive traffic (people we call leads) to that offer, and
  7. Trade your offer for a lead’s email address.

Once you have a subscriber list you are ready to really market to your niche.  (I cover these steps in more detail in this eBook:  The Three Phases of Attraction Marketing Explained)

I will note that some teachers leave out some of these steps.  This is my “minimum” list.

You can see that Step 3 involves creating a Free Offer.  Marketers want to make these as irresistible as possible to leads in the narketer’s niche.

Irresistible Offers = Bright Shiny Things

I personally like a rule of thumb that has been kicked around for a while.

“If you won’t use the offer in the next 24 hours, ignore it!  It is a Bright Shiny Thing.”

Here are a few of mental conversations you might hold with yourself.  (BTW,  marketers try very hard to “enter into the conversation a lead is already having in their head!)

  • I can use that right now! – consider it.
  • I can use that ! – someday – ignore it.
  • I’ve been looking for that! – consider it.
  • Ya know, I should have realized that it needed that! – probably ignore it
  • That looks cool! – IGNORE IT!
  • If I don’t get this now, it’ll never come around again! – that is almost always B.S. – ignore it.
  • Why didn’t I think of that! – ignore it.
  • I really need to share that with my people – consider it.

I’ll give you a personal story.  I was attending an interactive Webinar a few months ago and the trainer asked “Who reads the eBooks they download immediately?”  I think I was the only one that said YES.  I had  already found that if I didn’t look though and see if the material had the useful information I was hoping for when I downloaded it, then it would never happen!  I have dozens of folders containing material I meant to get back to.

I hope you find products that will help you and develop a real skill for avoiding Bright Shiny Things!

Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

Dr Hale

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