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Webinar Igntition Quick Start eBook Cover

Webinar Ignition:  Lots of Moving Parts
And they are ALL discussed here!

To be an Effective Marketer, You MUST KNOW Your TOOLs! Discover the Secrets Hidden Inside Webinar Ignition!

Which options do you need?   Which options take some time to set up?  Which options can you safely ignore?   This eBook goes over them ALL!
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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.

From: Dr. Hale Pringle
RE: Webinar Ignition: Complete – the MOST Up-to-date and Complete Overview of the Webinar Ignition Webinar System you are going to find anywhere.

Dear Fellow Marketer,

If you have been around Internet Marketing for any length of time,
understand that Webinars are an important tool that your really NEED
in your arsenal.  Knowing it and being able to afford it are two different things!

If you are asking “How do I do I run a Professional Webinar?”, this eBook is for you!Webinar Ignition costs less than a $100 (one time) and you can run as many Webinars as you want.   They can be small round-table chats or huge (10,000 viewers plus).  You can create evergreen Webinars or employ scarcity by limited how long the webinar replays are available.  And very importantly, you can MARKET your wares using Webinars.   This eBook goes through every screen and with lots of screenshots it walks you though the system.


Do You Want a Taste of Webinar Ignition?

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Stop Wondering “How Do I Run My Own Webinars?  Follow the Complete Step-By-Step Instructions”


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HereIsExactlyWhatYouGetBTW – These are NEW eBooks – You have never seen them before

Webinar Igntition Quick Start eBook Cover

Webinar Ignition: Complete

Screen by Screen – step-by-step HOW TO.  You see how to install it, create a Webinar and modify each screen.  How To Setup:

  • Countdown pages
  • Registration Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Live Webinar Pages
  • Replay Webinar Pages

The Complete Works!



Step By Step Checklist

Steps to help you Set Up Your System

Steps to make sure each Webinar runs like Clockwork

Webinars are much more that starting the presentation on time!

Installing Webinar Ignition

checkmarkBlack Where do you get Webinar Ignition?

checkmarkBlack If you don’t have a WordPress Blog is this a deal breaker?

checkmarkBlackHow do you install Webinar Ignition?

Initial One Time Setup Issues

checkmarkRed  Setting Up Mandrill.com to send your automatic emails

checkmarkRed   Setting Up Twillo.com to send your SMS Text Message Reminders

checkmarkRed    Figuring out how to connect AWeber to your Registration Page.

Creating a New Webinar

checkmarkBlackConfiguring the Countdown Page

checkmarkBlackSelecting a Template for the Registration Page

checkmarkBlackConfiguring a Registration Page

checkmarkBlackConfiguring a Thank You Page

checkmarkBlackConfiguring a Webinar Page

checkmarkBlackConfiguring a Replay Page

The Steps to Follow to run a successful Webinar Ignition Webinar

checkmarkGreenStarting a Hangout On Air

checkmarkGreenSetting up the Q & A System

checkmarkGreenSetting up your “Lower Third” (Your name and tag line under your video as you talk)

checkmarkGreenMoving the Embed Code to your Webinar Ignition System (Live page and Replay Page)

checkmarkGreenTurning the Master Switch to LIVE

checkmarkGreenSharing an application like PowerPoint on your screen

checkmarkGreenControlling Who has the Screen during the webinar

checkmarkGreenEnding a Webinar

Managing Your Replay

checkmarkRedChanging the Master Switch to Replay

checkmarkRedHaving a BUY NOW Button appear during your replay



John Lunsford    John L.


Thanx. By the way I really like the way you put the book together. The technical writers of the world should use it as a guide!

   Csaba -I was wondering what I would do tonight. Now I know… Amazing piece of work, thank you Hale Pringle!



Get instant access right now.

Check1red  YES!  I want to get this awesome product right now. I understand that I will get:

  • Over 80 Pages of HOW-To   Step By Step Instructions
  • Screen Shots Every Step of the Way
  • Access to a video that shows the whole process
  • A Complete Step-by-Step Checklist – Don’t forget even one

Purchase this book for $29.95, before it goes up again.

If you are not Completely Satisfied, I will refund your money, no questions asked.   However I’m SURE you will find that you understand and can use Webinar Ignition like a pro using this eBook and will keep it handy as a resource for a long time.



P.S. Look for more – coming soon!


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