List Building Using LeadPages Without a Blog or Website

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List Building Using LeadPages.netList Building Using – Even Without a Website.  It doesn’t take more than looking at my Blog Header to realize that I believe in List Building.   Internet Marketers who are not building a list are missing a fundamental part of marketing online.  I read over and over (from marketers I know, Like and Trust) that most of their sales come from their list.  If you don’t have a list that is obviously impossible.  So how do beginners get started building a list quickly?  Here is one way

Basic Sales Funnel – The Foundation of List Building


List Building online is almost always done with a Sales Funnel (I prefer to call them List Building Funnels, but I’m in the minority  ) ).   I’ve written other blog posts about these funnels  or here  amd even more in my free eBook called AWeber: Quick Start.  Here I’ll just repeat the basics.  It helps (a lot) to start off by choosing a Niche (preferably one you are passionate about).  From there you define you ideal client and what it is that they REALLY want.  You are looking for something that keeps them up at night.  Selling to a generic list is much less effective than selling to a list of people that you know are interested in a general area.  Once you have that defined, you move on to building the pieces of your Internet Business. Usually List Building pages are done using a Blog or a Website.  Here we will use a site called to create and host the web pages we need to build our list, even before we have a Blog or Website..

The Pieces of Your Sales Funnel – How Do You Build a List.

You need 1) an Ethical Bribe or Lead Magnet or whatever you want to call it.  This is something (an eBook, a Report, an Audio, a Video, an Email Course, and so on) that your prospects will be willing to trade their email addresses for.  2) You need an Autoresponder  (I write on AWeber so that is obviously my choice – You can sign up here), 3) You need a Squeeze Page (an offer page which offers to trade your Ethical Bribe for their email address), 4) A Thank You Page, 5) Some emails in your Autoresponder.  I usually use the first one to send my new Subscribers to another page – the Download Page, 6) The Download page.   The last thing you are going to need is Traffic.  If people do not see your squeeze page it will be useless to you and will never help you build a list.   There are a couple of other things you will need before you are done and these are “Things to Sell!” that are related to your Ethical Bribe   Paid advertising can be very expensive if you don’t have a “One-Time-Offer” (and perhaps and Upsell and a Downsell) to defray the costs.

BTW If this seems to be going by in a hurry, don’t worry it is a a LOT to take in and do.   I am a Certified Trainer for Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach  and I can testify that our students (including me) take months to learn the various skills needed to master Internet Marketing.

How Do You Get Started Building a List?

One of the usual steps for building your List Building Empire is to create a blog.  This is your home base.  It is where you establish your expertise and it provides the platform for the various pages I described above (Squeeze Pages, Thank You Pages, Download Pages and more).  Once you have your niche selected and your blog created, you write some blog posts to provide content and show people you know your niche. 

All of this can take a while – sometimes quite a while.

There is a Shortcut To Get Started – List Building Using

Even though this is a shortcut, you will still need to carry out a couple of steps first.

  1. You really need to figure out a niche – a starving crowd of people who have similar needs.    When you market to a group, you REALLY need to the group to have similar needs so you can market materials relevant to that need.   Selling auto parts to mechanics makes sense.  Trying to sell auto parts to a group of single moms, doesn’t make any sense and wouldn’t generate many sales.
  2. You need to create an Ethical Bribe (or Lead Magnet) that solves a problem the people in your niche all have (or mostly have).  It doesn’t’ need to be long and it doesn’t need to be complex.  In fact many marketer’s suggest that your try for around 10 pages – something that can be read in 10 minutes.   Some are even shorter – for example you can have a one page report that provides the 10 best sources for XYZ.   If the people in your niche say “Wow!  I’d like to have that!” you have a winner, even though it is just one page.  A common way to get started is to Google for <your niche> PLR.  PLR means Private Label Rights.  You will find eBooks that your can modify and put your name on it.  It is often much easier to "fix" something that is close to what you want than it is to start with a blank sheet of paper and write the same material.  PLR lets you do that.
  3. You need an account with an Autoresponder company – like AWeber. If you don’t have an account you can Click on Dr. Hale’s affiliate link here.)
  4. You need an account with  (You can click on Dr. Hale's Affiliate Link Here)

The Shortcut Steps to List Building Using LeadPages

First we need to set up our account with AWeber and do two things.  The account setup is pretty easy and I'm not going into that here.  Call their support if you have ANY problems.

  1. Create a List.  You will have a list associated with each Free Offer (Ethical Bribe, Lead Magnet, etc.)  The list is a database of email addresses (and other information like a person’s name) that you collect from Leads.  People in the list are known as Subscribers.

    In my eBook (AWeber: Quick Start) you will see a more sophisticated system that is designed to let you grow and have many free offers, but this will do for now.

  2. Create A Sign Up Form

Let me show you:

Two Places to Get To The Create-A-List PageList Building with LeadPage - Create a List


The arrows point to the two ways to get to the page that shows all of your lists.  Of course, in the beginning there won’t be any.

Button To Create A New ListList Building with LeadPage - Button for New List

Click on this button to actually create your first (empty) list.

The First Page Asks for Simple Information That Will Go On Emails You Send to Subscribers on This List.List Building Using LeadPages - New List Info

There are a few more fields, but they are all simple and straight forward. 


Create a List
List Building Using LeadPages - Finish Creating a new List


#1 –  The list name must be unique among all AWeber customers.  AWeber receives information about a person and based upon this name they load the information in the correct database (list).  AWeber will tell you if the name is unique or already in use.   I use codes to help me identify my lists.  For example,  “halebk….” means that the list  is made up of subscribers you asked for one of my eBooks and  “halebuy…” indicates that they bought a book.  NOTE:  Subscribers see this name when they go to unsubscribe.  Don’t shoot yourself in the foot with an insulting name.

#2 – A description of the list.   Again subscribers see this when they go to unsubscribe.  If you make this description appealing enough some will decide to stay  on your list instead of unsubscribing.

Confirmation MessageList Building Using LeadPages -  - Confirmation  Email

I teach creating lists with no confirmation email.  You lose people when they have to carry out a second step and go to their email to confirm that they want your product.   People are so busy and are looking at so many different things that they often forget what they asked for a few minutes ago.  AWeber on the other hand likes you to have a confirmation email.  They recently made a change that forces us to do a second step to cancel the confirmation email.   Here you are going to need to pick one of their headlines by clicking on the drop down menu indicated by the red arrow above.

Your list has been created.   Now let us go turn off the confirmation email.

Turning Off the Confirmation Email – Edit List Settings List Building Using LeadPages -  Edit List Settings

#1 – Be sure you have your new list selected in this “Current List:” drop box.

#2 – Under the List-Options tab, chose List Settings

#3 – Click the Confirmed Opt-in “tab” (the three pictures that start with “Basic Setting” are really tabs)

#4 – You can see under “List Name” that we are looking at the correct list.

Confirmed Opt-InList Building Using LeadPages -  - Turn Off Confirmation

#1 – Again we are making sure the “Current List:” is correct

#2 – The “Confirmed Opt-In” tab is highlighted (it will have color – at the right near the top)

#3 – Down in the middle of the page beside the blue “2”, click the “RED OFF” button.  Your lead will now be a subscriber as soon as these press the “Submit” button on your Sign Up form.

Congratulations!  You have created your first list!

Once You Have A List, You Need a Sign Up Form


The one thing you MUST do after you have the list is create a Sign Up Form.  The Sign Up Form is what we use to put people INTO a list.


Create a Sign Up FormList Building Using LeadPages - Create a Sign Up Form

#1 – Again – make sure that the “Current List:” dropdown is pointing at the correct list.

#2 – Click on the Sign Up Forms Tab

#3 – Click the Green Button to create a new Sign Up Form.  Once you have a form or two, they will be listed on the page instead of the pictures.


Pick A Sign Up Form TemplateList Building wiht LeadPages - Pick a Template

#1 – As always – make sure you are working with the correct list.

#2 – Pick a template.  In this case is does not matter in the least which one.   LeadPages ignores everything about the layout of the  list.  It also (by default), ignores all of the fields except the “email” address field.

#3 – Click the “Save the Form” button and the “Go to Step 2” buttons.


I’m going to show you the “Settings” tab even though we will come back and fill this out later.  We don’t know the name and URL of the Thank You Page yet since we haven’t created it.   We need the Sign Up Form to exist in order to create the Opt-In Page in LeadPages so we create it now.  We will come back and fill in the URL of the Thank You Page once we know it.

Where Should the Subscriber Go Once They Press the Submit Button?style="margin-left : 2em;"> - Sign Up Form Settings

#1 – Be sure you are using the correct list.

#2 – You have clicked the Sign Up Form tab to get here.  (You also just selected a template.)

#3 – You are in the Settings “tab” (Again these “tabs” don't look much like tabs.  They are pictures in the middle of the page, but they do act as tabs.)

#4 – Give the Sign Up Form a good name so that you can remember what you are using it for.  These get hard to remember later when you have several offers going.

#5 – We are going to send the new Subscriber to a Custom Page, so pick this from the dropdown menu.  We don’t know the name of the page yet, so you can use or any other web URL.

#6 – I like to send people to the same page, even if they are already subscribed.  AWeber won’t allow the name to be added to the list twice and some people lose your product and want to get it again. (I personally hate it when I am asking to download something and it tells me that I can’t because “You are already subscribed.”)


Follow Up Emails


The last step (for now) in AWeber is to create some follow up emails.  Since we are going to come back to AWeber I’ll do that when we come back.  

NOTE:  It is very important that you deliver your product in an email, even if you take the new Subscriber straight to it on your Thank You page.   Some people will sign up on a phone and don’t want to download the product there, or don’t have time to review it “right now.”   They need to have a way to get back to the product you just traded their email address for.

LeadPages.Net – List Building Even With No Blog or Website


I’m not going to go over signing up and creating an account with LeadPages.  It is pretty straight forward and the prices do change.  (As I’m writing this they have a “two year” special going on.)

Once you have an account, you will need to tell that you want them to integrate with AWeber.

Autoresponder Integration

List Building With LeadPages - Autoresponder Integration

#1 – Click on My Account

#2 – Click on Integrations and a list of eMail Systems Appears

#3 – Click on AWeber and follow the instructions

#4 – Once you are done you will see the check mark beside AWeber

#5 – Later you will use this same screen up upload PDF files or Audio files etc. that you want to deliver with LeadPages.

Here is a link to a video and screen shots from AWeber on how to do the integration:

You only need to do this integration once.   LeadPages will remember that you AWeber is (one of) the Autoresponder you are using.

Creating an Opt-In Page in LeadPages


Now we can go create the pages we need for our Sales Funnel.

Select the Opt-In Pages Tab on the SideList Building With LeadPages -Opt-In Templates

#1 – Click on “Opt-In Page” on the left.

#2 – You can sort the pages in several ways and select the one you want.

#3 – As you hover the mouse over images below, you will see a “Use this Template” button appear in the middle of the picture.


Edit the Page You SelectedList Building With LeadPages -Opt-In Templates

#1 – You are going to need to name the page before you can save it.

#2 – The Opt-In Integration option is where you connect this page to your AWeber account.

#3 – There are two number threes on above.  When you click on an option on the left, an edit screen to change the corresponding value on the form appears.

#4 – This is another item where you click on the left and then change the vlaue that will appear on the form.   In other words you will replace the words “Learn From Proven Entrepreneurs” with your own words.

Note:  Looking at the form you can see that there is no place for a Lead to enter their email address.  LeadPages runs tests constantly on their forms and they have determined that a two step process closes almost 30% more subscribers.   It is an easier first step just to click on the Red Button.  Then a pop up window (which we  will see nest) appears with a place to enter their email.   They call this a micro-commitment.  Once they committed to move forward by clicking the button it is easier to go ahead and fill out their email address. Doing both at the same time seems like a bigger investment.

Selecting the AWeber List and Sign Up Form We Want


Select AWeber, A List and A Sign Up FormList Building With LeadPages -- Select You List in AWeber

#1 – Once you Click on Integration the screen changes to this.  Aweber is the default Autoresponder since we only have one integration.

#2 – Scroll down until you find the List you just created in AWeber.  Under that list you will see all the Sign Up Forms you have created for that List.  You will only have one.  You can see that some of mine have several.

#3 – This is the pop-up screen I mentioned above.  Your Lead enters their email here.  You can edit the wording here.

#4 – The dark image is the button they originally clicked to trigger the pop-up.

Advanced But Important

I am going to show you an advanced feature.  Usually we don’t show advanced features in an introductory text, but this is very important.

What I am going to show you is how to set a tracking various so that you can look in AWeber and see where a Subscriber came from.  By default AWeber will only tell you which page a Subscriber used to opt-in to your list.  If you want to know which traffic source or which ad a lead was looking at when they subscribed you had to duplicate the Opt-in page over and over. 

I’m going to show you how pass a parameter when you give the URL to a traffic source.  The value of this parameter will be passed to AWeber when the Lead opts-in and becomes a subscriber.


Click on the Advanced LinkList Building With LeadPages -- Advanced Ad Tracking

There is a link where the arrow is pointing.  Once you click it, the screen changes and a list of hidden fields is shown.

Hidden FieldsList Building With LeadPages - Choose meta_adtracking

#1 – Click on the one named “meta-adtracking”

Once you click on the field name, the screen changes again.

Fill in the default value and the name of the parameter we will use to pass information to AWeber.  I use “adtracking”.

Fill in the Default Value and a Name for The Parameter You Will PassList Building With LeadPages - - Default Value and Parameter

Here I filled in “promo-vid” for the default value.  If I don’t pass a parameter when I call the Opt-in Page in an ad, this is the value that will be used.    I filled in “adtracking” for the name of the variable I will use to pass my traffic source to AWeber.

Here is an example of one of my LeadPages Opt-in Page links.


The URL above does not have a parameter, so any Lead who opts-in will have “promo-vid” in the AWeber field called meta-adtracking.  

Here is how I want to call that same page.


You can see that I added “?adtracking=SummerBlastGiveaway” to the end of the URL.  “adtracking” is the name of the variable I entered above.   If a Lead opts-in from this link the field meta-adtracking in AWeber will contain “SummerBlastGiveaway.”  This is the name of one of the JV Giveaways that I participated  in.  I will be able to tell that the Lead came from that giveaway.  If I buy a solo ad I might use “?adtracking=bobsolo” and the field in AWeber will say “bobsolo”.

Now you can tell how many opt-ins you got, not just how many clicks you got.  This is super important data.

Let’s look at AWeber for one screen.

Subscriber Page in AWeberList Building With LeadPages -Ad Tracking in AWeber

#1 – Make sure you are using the correct list.  (Note  This is different from the sample list I have been working with.  I wanted to show you some live data.)

#2 – Click on the Subscribers Tab.

#3 –  Pick “Ad Tracking” from a drop down list of variables (It is near the top.)

#4 – Pick “is” – which is the default

#5 – Fill in the value you passed with the parameter.  Here I used the “bobsolo” since this is the code I used for one of the solo ads I booked.

#6 – Click on the Search button.

#7 – It shows  you that there were 53 opt-ins that came from the “bobsolo” Solo ad.   Now I can see I booked 100 clicks and he gave me 106.  This is 50% opt-in rate from Bob.


Now we will go back to LeadPages.

Once we have modified to page to deliver our message, we need to do four things.

Finishing a PageList Building With LeadPages - Save and Preview

#1 – name the page

#2 – Save the Page

#3 – Preview the Page (and go back and make changes.)

#4 – Publish the Page.

SPECIAL NOTE:   There is no arrow, but in the extreme upper right corner of this page is an X.  That is how to quit the Edit Screens.

If we preview the Saved Page, there is an orange button in the upper right that lets us exit the preview and go back to the Edit screens.

PreviewList Building With LeadPages - - Example Preview

Here is a live example page.

Example Opt-In Page
List Building with LeadPages - Example Opt-In Page(If You Click on The Image Above – it will take your to that page)

In this example I passed the parameter ?adtracking=Solo-by-Joe when I called the page.   The “video” here is really an image that I put a play button on.   You need to click the yellow button (which will pop up an Email submission form) in order to actually watch the video.

Once I have published the page, you will see it in your list under the LeadPages tab.

List of Active LeadPagesList Building With LeadPages - - List of Completed Pages

#1 – Click on the LeadPages Tab

#2 – Here is the Sample-For-Blog-Post Opt-In Page I created for this example


Create the Thank You Page


The next step is to create the Thank You Page.  In this example we are going to actually deliver the promised product on this page.

Thank You Page Templates
List Building With LeadPages -Thank You Page Templates

Click on Template at the top and Thank You Pages on the left.  In this case we might choose the one that has a video on it.

In actual fact, I found one I liked better under the Sales Page Templates.

Sales Page TemplatesList Building With LeadPages -Sales Page Templates

#1 – I clicked on Templates at the top.

#2 – Sales Pages on the left

#3 – I selected this one.


I made changes just like on the Opt-In page.  Of course I didn’t need to integrate AWeber here since that step is already gone.

I did need to get the “embed” code from YouTube to tell the page which video to play.

Sample Thank YOu Page That Delivers a Video
List Building With LeadPages - - Finished Example(Clicking on the Image Above will take you to Roger's Video 🙂 )

Note:  The bottom button has a field for me to enter where I want the subscriber to go if they click on this Call-To-Action.

I told them I was going to deliver a video and here it is.

Here is the URL that displays this page.


Other Page Options


In this short demonstration I used a two page Squeeze Page –> Product Delivery Page Funnel.   LeadPages has the ability to use more pages and different kinds of pages.   For example, my usual funnel involves at least three pages:  Squeeze Page à Thank You Page (with a One-Time-Offer) à Download Page (where the product is delivered – and the same or a different One-Time-Offer is displayed).   More advanced options involve Exit-pops and Upsells and/or Downsells.   You can do all of these with LeadPages.

How The Pages are Connected

The question that remains is “How did LeadPages know to send subscribers to my Thank You page when the Lead opted-in to the first page we created?” 

Squeeze Page –> Thank You Page: AWeber controls where a new subscriber goes when they Opt-In.


Since a new subscriber might need to go to a confirmation page, the autoresponder company controls where a person goes when  they opt-in.   Now that we have the URL for the Thank  You Page, we can go back to AWeber and finish our Sign Up Form.


AWeber Sign Up Form List Building With LeadPages -Edit Existing Sign Up Form

#1 – Make sure we are working on the correct list.

#2 – Click on the Sign Up Forms tab.

#3 – Click on the word “Edit” that appears when you hover the mouse over the sign up form you want to work with.  In this case we only have one sign up form, so the choice is easy.


Complete the Setting Page of the Sign Up FormList Building With LeadPages -EdistSettins Page

#1 – As always – make sure you are working on the right list.

#2 – You already clicked on the Sign Up Form Tab and asked to edit a form.

#3 – Click on the “Setting Tab”  (Yes I know, they don’t look like tabs, but they act that way so that is what I call them.)

#4 – Fill the URL we just got from LeadPages into the field that says in essence which custom page should a new subscriber go to.

#5 – Fill in the same information in the page where an “already subscribed” person should go.

#6 – Save the form.

Note:  LeadPage has a field for adding a URL for sending  a person to a new page.  AWeber takes over and that field is ignored.  Don’t use it when going from an Opt-In page to a Thank You Page with AWeber.


Thank You Page –> Download Page (Not Shown In This Example)

I usually use my first Followup eMail from AWeber to give the new subscriber a link to the download page.

We end up with this:   Squeeze Pag –> AWeber Sign Up Froms Sends the New Subscriber –> Thank You Page — First Follow Up Email Sends the New Subsriber –-> Download Page.   (Here is a AWeber Traffic Blog Post that goes over how this traffic pattern works in more detaiil.)


In this example that first email sends the new Subscriber back to the Thank You Page (which is also the product delivery page)

Note that (as we showed back on the Screen shot where we set up the AWeber Integration in LeadPages), you can upload a PDF or an Audio or any other kind of file to LeadPages so that it is online and LeadPages can deliver your product to your Subscribers.

Follow-Up Emails in AWeber

At this point we have 1) a Squeeze Page and 2) Thank You/Video Delivery Page and a way to  move Leads from the Squeeze Page to the Thank You Page.   There are three critical pieces left to do and all three are standard with all Sales Funnels.

  1. We need to send our new subscribers a Welcome email and a way to get their product.  Even though we sent them to a page with the Video (in this case), we need to send it to them again.  They may not have had the time, the device or the desire to consume the material when they got it.    They need to be able to get back to it later and we do that with an email.
  2. We need to start to build a relationship with our subscribers.  They need to get to know, like and trust us. 
  3. We need to sell to the list. 

I’m not really going to go into items 2 and 3 from that list.  They are beyond the scope of this document, but we will look at sending the first follow up email.

Sending A Link To Your Ethical Bribe/Lead Magnet Via Email


We are going to go back into AWeber and pick the correct list.  Then we will click on the Messages.

Our First Follow Up EmailList Building With LeadPages - - First Follow Up Email

#1 – As always – choose the correct list.

#2 – Click on Messages

#3 – Click on Follow Up Series (and this page appears)

#4 – Click on the Green Button

#5 – (BTW if someone is going to share their emails with you, Campaign Sharing is where you click at this point.)


Craft Your EmailList Building With LeadPages - - Creaft You Email

#1 – We are working with the right list.

#2 –  We are in the design phase (the Settings phase is mostly about how many days AWeber  should wait before it sends this email.  The first email goes out ASAP. 

#3 – I really like to set up a template so my emails all have the same look and feel and aren’t totally dry like many people are doing.  To do that is simple.  We make sure the Template button is clicked

#4 – and the My Templates button is clicked.

#5 – Note this little check box.  Later when things don’t seem to work right, this box is probably checked.  You can’t select a template when this is checked.

#6 – We are going to put some things into our template email.  Then we will name it here

#7 – Then we will Save it by clicking on this green button.

#8 – Your new template will appear over here.  When you start a new email, you can click on your template and it will load into your new empty email.


Let me show you how that looks.


I Chose A TemplateList Building With LeadPages - - Choose a Template

#1 – I clicked on one of the templates.  The template filled my email.

#2 – When I found the one I wanted, I Clicked on the Green APPLY button.

#3 – You can see what my template looks like.  I like having my blog header, my picture are more.  You certainly don’t need to go to this  extreme.

Here is another of my templates.  It is a generic “Thank You for asking for my product” template.  Basically I saved a complete copy of my first "Thank You for asking for my eBook" email.  I knew that I would be doing more in the future.

My “Thanks For Asking For My EBook” TemplateList Building With LeadPages - - Welcome and Download EMail

#1 – You MUST fill in the Subject line.  I like to be very specific about what eBook or Video they will receive.  I’m trying to remind them why they want to open my email.

#2  – I needed to edit the name of the eBook or Video

#3 – I needed to edit the short paragraph that describes the product.

AWeber Tip:  When you click OUTSIDE the text area the big icons light up.   These are paragraphs that you can drag down into the email you are working on.  For example, if you want to include an image in your email you would drag the IMAGE Icon down and insert it at the end of your current text area.  You cannot insert an image in the middle of an existing paragraph.  When you are done, it will look like you did, but in fact you will have a text paragraph, an  image paragraph, and perhaps another text paragraph.

I also need to edit the “link” and tell AWeber where to send my Subscriber to get to their Download Page.

Editng a Paragraph
List Building With LeadPages - - Add the Link Button

Aweber Tip:  When you click inside an editable area  (where it says "Thank you for requestiong…", the large icons at the top will grey out and the editing icons will become active.  You can see the standard "Blod, Italics, Underline…" icons.  They work just like a word processor.

Editing is covered in more detail in the Free eBook AWeber: Quick Start

#1 – This is the LINK Icon. 

#2 – We need to highlight some text in out text (hold the mouse button down and drag it.)    The word "download" is highlighted here.

#3 – When we click on the LINK Icon, the little box pops up and allows us to enter the URL where our subscriber;s browser should go when they click on the "download" link.

#4 – You can see if AWeber thinks the link is correct here.  (Send yourself a text email and actually click on the link.  It is very embarrassing to send an email to thousands of people and the link doesn't work.)


When you are don, send your self a TEST EMAIL (upper right corner).  Then SAVE and click NEXT at the bottom.  There isn't much to do on the second page of your first email.  All you can really do is click on SAVE AND EXIT.   I'll show you the Settings Page for the second email below. 

After you SAVE & EXIT your first email, you will return to your list of Follow Up Emails.  It will now have one email.

List of Follow Up Emails
List Building With LeadPages -Copy First Email

#1 – Here is the name of anemail.  (Note there is a SPAM SCORE beside it to the right.  If the score isn't zero, you can click on it and AWeber will tell you what you did that triggers SPAM alerts.)   AWeber says anythings below 5 is okay, but I try to get zero if I can.)

#2 – When you hover your mouse over an email, a small menu appears.   You can EDIT the email, send a test email to yourself (or someone else), Delete the email or COPY it.  In this case I like to send a second copy of the link to the product I promised a couple of days after the first email.  Copying the first email makes this very easy to do.  In that second email, I add the word "Resend:" to the subject line and add a sentence that says "I sent this a couple of days ago, but in case it went astray, here it is again." to the top of the email.

When I finish editing the second email and get to the Settings page, there are two options that weren 't there before.

Settings Page For All Emails Except the First
List Building With LeadPages -Settings Page on Email

#1 – You can see that this is the Settings Page since the Settings Tab has color.


#3 – You can change what day of the week this email goes out on and what time of day.  I like to make mine go out at between 6:00 AM and 9:AM in the morning.  Your target market may respond better to a different time of day.

#4 – This is the Save & Exit Button I mentioned above.

You List of Emails (with one addition)
List Building With LeadPages - - Three Follow Up Emails

#1 – Your first email – Welcome and contains a link to the Ethical Bribe/Lead Magnet you promised to your new subscriber.

#2 – This is an email I didn't show you.  I like to send it on day two.  It starts with "I hate to get email from someone I don't know.  I'll bet you do tool  Let me tell you a little about Dr. Hale Pringle."

#3  – This is the copy of the first email with the "Resend:" in the titile.

#4 –  Note I di NOT change the 999 on this email.  This email and all emails after it wiil be delayed for almost three years.  It is easy to do.

You Have a Complete Sales Funnel – Now You Need Traffic

You can try to get send ads from Google or Facebook to your new opt-in page.  You may NOT be successful there.  They really like to see a blog with more content assoicated with the Opt-In Page.  On the other hand LinkedIn, Twitter, and Bing are not that picky.  You can also send JV GIveaways, Solo Ads, Ad Swaps, Click Banks, Funnel Clicks, Banner Ads and other kinds of traffic to these pages with no problem.  I developed the sample above specificly for text ads in JV Giveaways and Banners.

Summary – List Building Using

As I said in the beginning, you don't need a blog or a website to start building your list.

You do need to choose a niche and develop a Free Offer / Ethical Bribe / Lead Magnet before you can start List Building using LeadPages (or with any other system.).

After you have your Ethical Bribe product,  you can start building your list by 1) getting an autoresponder accoun (Sign Up for AWeber Here), 2) getting an account with LeadPages (Sign Up for LeadPages Here), 3) creating a list and a sign up form in AWeber, 4) creating an Opt-in Page in, 5) Creating a Thank You Page/Deliver Page in, 6) modifying your AWeber Sign In Form to send new subscribers to your Thank You Page after they opt-in. and 7) Add some emails to your autoresponder.  The first one is a Welcome and offers your new subscirbers a link to the page where they can get the Ehtical Bribe / Lead Magnet your promised them.  (In this case, it is the Thank You Page they have already seen.)

In Summary – You CAN start List Building using – without a blog or a website


Until Next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!

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About Hale Pringle

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helping people and he does just that, drawing
upon the immense resources that he has gathered
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Dr. Hale lives in beautiful, sunny Florida with
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are grown and are scattered around the state.

An eternal optimist you will hear him say
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If you need help with your online marketing or a
network marketing opportunity Dr. Hale is the go
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  1. Hale,        I really admire the work you've done.  How many years have you been working on this  6,8,10,  or more.I like the idea of    Is this an affiliate program.   If so, what is your link.Best Wishes, Always G. Boyce Bazzell (Bazz)
    256 430 8407  Central Time Zone 

  2. I could possibly read about this all day!! I really hope you’ve got an RSS feed I could register for.
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  3. Dr. Hale, this is an incredibly helpful post. Thank you so much for putting it together. I just have a couple questions.

    I’m just getting started with LeadPages, and have spent the last three days trying to figure out why my custom “Already Subscribed” page keeps getting ignored when current subscribers opt to receive additional lead magnets I’ve posted. Current subscribers still get Aweber’s default page.

    My setup is this: I have one “catch all” list that I segment through ad tracking. For each lead magnet, I create a new LeadBox, and set it to send the subscriber to the same generic Thank You page. I opt to have LeadPages deliver the gift via email. For new subscribers, the funnel works fine. The problem, again,,is with current subscribers. I agree with you: seeing that “You’re already subscribed” message is very jarring.

    You mentioned the following:

    “Note: LeadPage has a field for adding a URL for sending a person to a new page. AWeber takes over and that field is ignored. Don’t use it when going from an Opt-In page to a Thank You Page with Aweber.”

    What does that mean? I’m not clear on what “field” in LeadPages you’re referring to. I’d like to understand, because I’m wondering if this is having some impact on my “Already Subscribed” page being ignored by Aweber.

    Thanks again!

    • Hi,
      The first thing I would check is in AWeber.
      * Open AWeber
      * Choose the list you are working with
      * Click on Sign up form and choose the Sign Up form you are working with (even though LeadPages is grabbing the info and you didn’t paste it anywhere)
      * Check on the second tab (the three pictures above the input fields are actually tabs)
      * See where you are directing the “Already Subscribed” people on this page. I believe it is the active page.

      The field you asked about is in the AWeber Integration section of LeadPages.
      Email me at Hale if the check in AWeber didn’t solve your problem.

      Dr. Hale

  4. This design is spectacular! You certainly know how to keep a reader entertained.
    Between your wit and your videos, I was almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Excellent job.
    I really loved what you had to say, and more than that, how
    you presented it. Too cool!
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