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Red-Arrow-Moving-Down-2-arrows-800pxI Am Making Money Telling People about Drop Ship Domination

His 15 Year Old Made $67 The First Week

His Item Sold in 5 1/2 Hours – Good Morning!

Made his First Money!

Made $22 During Lunch Hour

Made 5 Sales in One Day!

$20 Using Cashback Training

First Sale $17

Made $105 on One Item

First Time He Made Money Online – EVER!

Cha-Ching in the Grocery Store!

ChaChing- Auction for $325

Ann Sieg Provides Additional FREE Training

Took a Few Days – Profit of $150

Really Loving Ann Sieg's Additional Training

Made Her First Sale!

2 Weeks – 4 Sales and 2 Partners

Getting Interesting!  10 Sales Today!

Sold 4 Items on Christmas Day!

First $1000 Profit Day!   Woot Woot!

$101 Profit While Watching a Movie!

Whoops It Wasn't $83 While at Lunch – It was $372

$300 in 8 Minutes

4 Sales Before He Finished Put Up 9 Listings – $37 Profit

Welcome New Partner

Phone is ChaChinging at 4:00 AM – Love It!

Good Morning!  Alarm and ChaChing – $58 Profit!

Slow Day – (Only!) $112 Profit

$60 Profit During His Workout

While We're Sleeping People are Buying!

16 Year Old Make $13 in His First 15 Minutes

During My Nap I Made My First Sale

Never Made A Dime Before!

5 Sales in One Day

Extra Effort Generates a Great Review

$417 Profit in One Day

Sold Her First Item – While She Was Asleep

It is all About Momentun

Made a Sale – While At the Beach

Made a Sale – Good Morning – AGAIN!

Loves This Team!


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