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Hi!  This is Dr. Hale Pringle.  Ann Sieg (Internet Marketing Legend) and I totally agree on this!


Here is Ann (and I) at the First Drop Ship Domination Conference. She was presented a check and a Jaguar car for recruiting the most people in the company wide competion.

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Here are some interestesting facts:

  1. You do NOT have to recruit to make money. 
  2. You CAN recruit as one of the streams of income.
  3. Roger teaches you how to sell on eBay, Amazon and other platforms.
  4. The initial investment is very low and the program pays for itself.
  5. The program scales to any level you want.  You can make an extra $100 per month or $100,000 per month.
  6. The program works from any country int the world (except Nigeria – I don't know why they are  excluded).
  7. New streams of income are being added all the time.  One of the most recent is an App for your Phone.  You scan a bar code in a store and it will tell you how much profit you would make with that item on eBay today!
  8. Most items you list are bought by your customer and THEN you buy the item and have it drop shipped to your customer.
  9. You get training from two gurus and have a Facebook group of peers to ask questions of 24/7


Discover the Heart and Soul of the program here!








Have a Great Day! Oh Hale Yes!





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