Catching Inappropriate Comments in Your Network Marketing Facebook Groups

catching inappropriate commentsNetwork Marketers use groups, lots of groups. Learning to manage these groups is a critical skill that everyone learns over time. Ir is your responsibility to make the group a safe place for members. I’m not going to even try to cover all the ins and outs of making your groups safe, exciting, engaging and beneficial. What I am going to do is talk about catching inappropriate comments in your group as soon as possible. Nasty comments or comments promoting products or services can seriously damage your group…..

A Quick Overview Of the Types of Groups

We can divide groups a hundred different ways. Here is one quick division.

  • Hobby Groups (I have a Dogs All The Time group where people post pics of their dogs and ooh and aah at other people’s.)
  • Course Related Groups (Instructors offer a course and have a group where they post lessons, answer questions and provide extra information.)
  • Educational groups (Network Marketing ATM groups fall into this category.)
  • Groups to support a business (Target and Walmart are examples.)
  • Team Groups (These are usually secret groups and they are Q & A and training groups,)
  • More …

Network Marketers use all if these and it can be overwhelming to monitor all of the posts and catching inappropriate comments.

The First Level of Managing is TO Check Who Gets Approved to Join

  • For some groups you will check to see if the person paid for your post.
  • In other cases you will match the names against a list of your team members.
  • Facebook allows you to ask up to three questions when people try to join. You can decide that people must answer the questions and they must meet certain criteria. If you just leave a person pending Facebook will sent three notifications that they haven’t filled out the questions required to join the group.
  • For larger, more wide open groups I strongly suggest that you check the date the applicant joined Facebook. In my Dogs All The Time group we block a full 25% of the applicants based on this criteria. People who joined Facebook yesterday and asked to join your group today are almost always spammers.

NOTE: For free groups do not feel guilty about removing people and blocking them is they violate your rules. You are not depriving people of something they paid for and there are lots of other groups if you do accidentally remove someone who should have been left in the group. Don’t just remove the people, block them. That will stop them from trying to come in again a month from now. (You can sort by Facebook Join Date. That will put all of the potential bad guys at the top of the list.)

On the RESOURCES page in this website, there is a free eBook that goes over the ins and out of creating a Facebook Page for Network Marketers. Get the Free EBook Here

Note 2: Be aware that in some niches a large percentage of the people may use a different name on Facebook than they do in real life. Make sure you ask people at some point what their Facebook Name is.

Monitoring Posts

One way to monitor posts is to set up your group so that a moderator must approve every post. This works fine for smaller groups. It would be a full time Job for my 47,000 member group and a group I help monitor that has 650,000 members.

Having each new post approved by a moderator before it could be seen by the members of the group certainly works for POSTS. That restriction does not apply to post comments and the spammers know that. We need another way of Catching Inappropriate Comments.

Use Your Group for Catching Inappropriate Comments

Encourage your group to use the three dots menu and click on “Report TO Admin” when they see a post that they think is offensive. (You can also encourage them to report testimonials that are not FDA compliant.)

#1 – Click on the three dots
#2 – Click on the Find Support or Report a Post and follow the instructions.

Keyword Alerts for Catching Inappropriate Comments

Facebook has given us a tool called Keyword Alerts to help with this problem. You can adjust the settings so that Facebook will notify you when one of the words you identify are used. (You can also set the profanity filter to HIGH and Facebook will reject comments with curse words in them.) Here is where you enter the keywords.

Catching Inappropriate Comments

#1 – Click on Settings
#2 – Click on General
# – (Optional) set the Profanity Filter to HIGH)
#3 – Go down to Page Moderation
#4 – Copy and paste the keywords into the text box.
#5 – Click the ADD Button
#5a – It may not do all of the words. Look and see how far it got, erase the last word if it is a partial word and paste the remaining words into the text box and press the ADD Button again. Repeat until they are all in.
#6 – Click the SAVE CHANGES Button (Not shown)

Here is a list of words you can put a section called Keyword Alerts. This list has some nasty words in it and I apologize for that. (This list was compiled from several people selling Print on Demand products. I updated it for Network Marketers. I will have missed some!!) This beats the heck out of having to read every comment every day.

If the ADD button stays gray, there is probably a space at the top or bottom of your copied list. Remove it and try again. (If some won’t go, they are probably already in the list). If the ADD Button still won’t show active, copy and paste a few at a time until you find the problem. All of the Admins and Moderators will see Notifications that say “You have XX Keyword Alerts in <group name> You will get some alerts that are what we call false positives. Just mark these comment as KEEP. (e,g, I have the word JOB in the list to catch comments like: “Looking for a part time job?…”, but it will also flag “Great Job!”). If some word gets too many false positive, you can consider removing it from the Keyword Alerts section of your Group Settings. If you get member reported comments, look to see if there is a keyword you can add to the Keyword Alerts list to catch that kind of post in the future. Be brutal in your Value Added Groups. If someone is trying to bad mouth, be nasty, sell something or poach, Delete the post, Delete the other things they posted and BLOCK them. You paid to create and grow the group. They didn’t pay to join so you are not depriving them of anything that you owe them.

As I said before; Do NOT feel guilty about protecting your asset and don’t waste your time giving warnings. (My Humble Opinion).Oh Hale Yes.


Happy Grouping

Until Next Time. Remember, You Are One Decision Away…! Oh Hale Yes
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