Bloggers: Make Handling Lots of Blog Pages Easier!

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Handling Lots of Blog Pages

Handling Lots of Blog Pages

Bloggers:  Are you handling LOTS of blog pages?   Are many of those pages “Squeeze Pages” where you have left the Title line blank?

If this describes you, then you know that the Page List inside WordPress leaves something to be desired!  Well, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as the default layout.  With a few small plugins there is a simple fix…

Ray Higdon suggested a plugin during his Pro Blogging course last year called “CMS Tree Page View.”  It works well, but does not handle pages with empty titles well.  The pages show up in the list as totally blank and you can’t see what the page is about without taking the time to VIEW each one.


CMS Tree Page View – An Alternate Way to View Your Pages
CMS-Page-Tree-View - Handle Lots of Blog Pages

 There is a solution and it is another small plugin called “Toggle The Title.”

Toggle The Title – Do Not Display Selected Titles When a Page Is Displayed
Handle Lots of Blog Files - Toggle-the-title

With these to small plugins you can Add a Title to each page that describes what the page is about and for pages where you don’t want the title to appear you can toggle it off.  (There is a “Show the Title?” check box in the right hand column when you are editing PAGES.)

I use one more small plugin to make this set complete.  It is called “WP Hide Post.”   It allows you to publish a page and still hide it from the search engines and the menu system within your blog.  You usually do NOT want Squeeze Pages and Thank You Pages visible unless you actually send people directly to those pages.

WP Hide Post
WP Hide Post - Handle Lots of Blog Pages

Where Do You See the WP HIDE POST and TOGGLE THE TITLE Options?

Before I show you the results, let’s look at how you activate these features when you are editing a WordPress Page.

Lower Right Hand Panel When Editing a Page
Hide Post and Toggle Title

#1 – This is where you can tell WordPress that you do NOT want Google or site visitors to see this page (unless you send directly to it.)

#2 – The default is to have the “Show page title?” check box checked.  Uncheck it if you do NOT want the title displayed.


Where Do You See the Tree View Option?

Where is the Tree View Menu Option?  Under the PAGES menu on the left side of WordPress you now have a “Tree View” menu option.

Here is what the results look like:

CMS Page Tree View

#1 – I inserted a draft Page called Blogging Master and am inserting Pages About Blogging under that draft

#2 – The “Blogging Checklist…” line is a Squeeze page.  The Title DOES NOT SHOW when the squeeze page is displayed.  (I don’t want the black text, nor do I want the black vertical bar that is placed beside Title Lines.   I do want the title to show when I am looking at pages.

#3 – It is hard to see the small boxes, but there are three pages here that I have not entered the Titles yet.  This shows how hard it is to deal with pages where you don’t want the title to show using the WordPress native display.

#4 – When I hover over one of the page names this small edit screen shows up.   You can edit a page or create a new page – either as a sub-page or right below the current file.

NOTE:  You can drag files from their current position to where you want them.

 Handling Lots of Blog Pages – Squeeze Pages and Thank You Pages

Let’s take this one level deeper.

Sometimes you need Squeeze Pages with your blog header and menu options visible.  Right now Facebook and Google/YouTube seem to prefer that their users land on a site that is more than just a stand-alone-sales page.  They are much more likely to approve paid ads that land on a page where viewers can wander around and see that you are an authority in the general area of the product shown on the Squeeze page.

When you are dealing with Solo Ads, JVGiveaways, and a number of other traffic sources, you really would prefer to not distract your Leads with the menu.

Then you also split test different ads and evolve to better looking ads.

The long and short is that you can end up with a many different ads that look similar.

Using the standard WordPress “All Pages” layout these can be scattered over several pages.   Here is an example of working to organize this chaos.

AWeber Offers – CMS Page Tree View

#1  – I entered a draft page and called it “AWeber Master”

#2 – I entered another draft page and called it “AWeber Unleashed Master” (this is one of my eBooks).  It faint, but you can see that there is a small drop down arrow on the left and a (3) indicating that there are three pages under this closed “master” page.

#3 – Here is another Draft Page called “21 Tips Master”  (This is another AWeber eBook).   This menu is open and you can see the five pages located under the master page.

#4 – Small rules – I put “NT” at the beginning of the title to indicate that “NO TITLE” shows when this page is displayed.

#5 – I put “W Blog Head” or “No Blog Head” to show whether the page displays the blog header and menu.

In the middle I mention if it is a Sales Page or a Thank You Page.

Oh Hale Yes!
Success - Handling lots of Blog Pages

Handling Lots of Blog Pages just got a Whole Lot Easier!


Until next time, you have a Great Day!  Oh Hale Yes!  🙂

Dr Hale

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