Becoming a Well Known Blogger – You Pay in Time or Cash

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Becoming a Well Known Blogger – You Pay in Time or Cash


Pay in Time or Cash

Pay in Time or Cash

I was listening to a Webinar by Eric Walker today (credit where credit is due) as part of the Daily Marketing Coach System and realized that I needed to modify my stance on one topic.  I’ve said you need to Pay in Cash.  I’m okay with saying that your have to pay in time or cash.  Either way, you do need to PAY.

Three Phases to Setting Up an Internet Marketing System

I’ve been feeling and writing that there are three phases the successful Internet Marketers go through.  I’m specifically talking about Internet Marketers who use blogging as their home base.

Phases 1 and 2

While not everyone agrees with these three phases, they simplify explaining the process as far as I’m concerned.  Phase 1 is choosing a niche, developing your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and deciding what you will be selling.  Phase 1 is a tentative step since you will often have to revisit as you grow and mature online.  Even if your decisions are tentative, you still need to make them before you move on to phase 2.  Phase 2 is developing your online real estate.  Creating at least a minimal home base as it were – your blog in this case.  You will need some basic building blocks for your  home.  My list includes a Home Page (first time visitors get to meet you and your site and understand very quickly what is in it for them (WIIFM) if they frequent your site), a blog page – with several blog posts, an About Me page, a Contact Me Page, a Resources page, usually a Work with Me Page and perhaps a “Start Here” page and a “Pillar Content” page.  Creating these without completing Phase 1 is an exercise in frustration.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is where I’m adjusting my stance a little.  I have said that Phase 3 was advertising, since all the greats that I know used some type of paid advertising to jump-start themselves from obscurity to being well-known.

In listening and rethinking today, I’m willing to move my stance. I have said you needed to pay cash for advertising (although when it is done well,  your One-Time-Offer can at least let your break even while you grow your list.)

You Pay in Time or Cash

My modified stance is that you have to pay either in time or cash.  This does not negate the basic premise that you CAN NOT simply write good content and make sure your blog posts are correct in terms of SEO guidelines.  Except in very rare cases, you will wait a long time, perhaps forever, for a significant number of people to find you and opt-in to your offer allowing you to create a list of subscribers.

Regardless you need to pay in time or cash.

You might ask “How do you pay in time?”  You need to set up a routine that involves taking significant time to expose yourself in groups (FB, LinkedIn, or G+), forums (like the Warrior Forum), comment on major blogs or Post on Pinterest.  For example, as part of his routine,  Eric comments on at least 10 blogs “that he would like to guest post on”.   Ray Higdon drops links to his most recent post into many FB groups. (To the point that FB sometimes gives him a CAPTCHA page telling him to back off for a while).

Either way – you can’t just Wait For Success.   There is much to do after your press the PUBLISH button in your blog.  You pay for success in time or cash.

Modified or not my basic stance remains, You Pay in Time or Cash, you CAN NOT just wait for success to find you.


Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale



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  1. That’s exactly what I tell my clients. To get found online you pay with your time or your money – people don’t just turn up. Sure, you do get a trickle from search or whoever you have given your web address to. But, success means work or ads, usually a combo of both.
    Great reminder!
    Jan recently posted..Understand Your Privacy With Facebook Graph SearchMy Profile

    • Thanks Jan,

      I read the SEO articles and know that people are hearing that if they SEO right the flood gates will open. I wrote the other day about how niche websites (which focus on one keyword) and how they differ from blogs which are in a niche. The things that work for a one keyword site don’t work for a blog where we talk about related things every day. We need to tell the world about our blogs – sometimes at the top of our voices. 🙂

      Thanks Again,
      Dr. Hale

  2. Hi Hale

    I have to admit that for me there was a phase 0 before phase 1. And I think I’m not the only one with that experience. It’s phase ‘overwhelm’. I was stuck in that one for a long time, and looking for a mentor I saw one after the other leave the community which promised me mentorship and guidance, which extended my phase 0 to almost two years time. However, since being strong at ‘hanging in there’ I didn’t quit – and I’m so glad I didn’t !!! While being stuck and just listening to experts’ webinars I improved my English and today I even write blogs in English (which is my third language …).
    The lesson in this: you never know what’s happening behind your back while your focus is on something in front of you. There might just be one change in the outer circumstances and you can jump in with something you have to offer…
    Mona recently posted..Making Money – On A Beautiful Winter’s Day Like Today …?My Profile

    • Hi Mona,

      I’ve very familiar with Overwhelm! I’ve posted on it several times and it is in the header for my blog.
      Virtually everyone hits that wall at one point or another. I’m impressed that you stuck it out for two years. Not everyone does and for that reason alone not everyone succeeds.

      Dr. Hale

  3. Hey Hale, you’re right, there are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. You gotta put in the work. If it was as easy as just putting content out there, we’d all be winners! *wishful thinking*

    It’s gonna cost us – it just depends on which one we have more of – time or money! 🙂
    Kesha Brown recently posted..Classic Motivational Books To Get You InspiredMy Profile

    • Thanks Kesha,

      Every time we put something like this out there, we wonder if people are going to see the world the way we do or not.

      I appreciate your comment.
      Dr. Hale

  4. You’re right, hale – time or money! that’s why I always tell people nothing is free. You can do some marketing at no cost – setting up a Facebook page, doing some social media, blogging. But you will spend your time, that’s a given. People tend not to look at it that way but sometimes the amount of time it takes is not worth it, compared to how much you could just PAY to either have someone else do it for you, like a PA or a marketing agency, or else pick something that’s less time consuming but more effective in terms of driving business. You can make more money but you can’t make more time!
    Carol Lynn recently posted..The New LinkedIn For Business: How To Define Your BrandMy Profile

    • Thanks Carol Lynn,

      My point exactly – you HAVE to pay – with time or money. The alternative is to pay by waiting a long time before your efforts are noticed.

      Dr. Hale

  5. Time is probably the most expensive commodity (if that) out there. Time is what we make excuses for and time does cost us money for some. The cash part is easy because you’re simply handing out money for this and that, where time tends to be more precious and more valuable.
    Sonia recently posted..Are There Benefits of Failure?My Profile

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