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Attention:  Build Your Subscriber List Using Only Free Tools!                       

AWeber: Quick Start -Get Started Today (using only Free Tools)


Here is EVERYTHING you need to get up and running – All in one Place.
Create a List Building Funnel, build a list of subscribers and then market to your subscribers. There are lots of $97 a month programs out there.  Here you can start small and move to more expensive systems when your business is ready for it.



For only $19.95 this eBook starts with the theory behind Autoresponders and  then walks you through every step you need to take to actually build a responsive funnel.  (Responsive means that it works on Desktops AND Smart Devices.)   Using nothing but FREE tools you will be able to do build a complete funnel including a One-Time-Offer that your subscribers can pay for.

There are four different Website Pages that you need for even a simple funnel.  You not only need to create the pages, but you also need to move the person who is opting into your list between the pages.  Since the links between pages are in an AWeber  Sign Up form, an Email and in a PayPal button, it is not obvious how things work together.  AWeber Quick start covers all of this.

In AWeber: Quick Start, you will learn things like:

  • How to create a database file (called a list) in AWeber where you keep your subscribers emails for a particular offer.
  • How to create a Sign Up Form in AWeber  -the place where your lead enters their name and email address. (This form is also what sends your new subscriber to the Thank You Page.)
  • How to make AWeber Sign Up forms look nice
  • How to create Squeeze pages that are responsive  (They work differently on Desktop and Smart Devices.)
  • How to create Thank You Pages and Download pages with your One-Time-Offer (OTO) on them.
  • How To attach PayPal to your list building system so you can sell your One Time Offer. (the Paypal button is what sends your subscriber to the product download page.  It is critical to know that.)
  • How to automatically send you new Subscribers to your One Time Offer and your download pages. There will be one download page for your Free offer (e.g. Lead Magnet, Ethical Bribe), and one for your Paid Offer (OTO).
  • How to use the AWeber email Editor.
  • How to use Templates to give each of your emails the same look and feel.
  • How to track where your subscribers come from.  It is critical to know which ads and which lead sources are working and which are wasting your money.
  • How To send Broadcast emails (and double your open rate on these broadcasts.)
  • How to automatically add your Leads to a Master List.  This will give you small lists that are specific to one offer (eBook, Webinar, coaching program, etc.) and one list that contains all of your subscribers for one niche.  It makes creating ongoing drip emails and one-time broadcast emails much easier.
  • …  and much more.



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