Why Network Marketers Fail at Prospecting Online

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Why Network Marketers Fail at Prospecting Online


Prospecting Online

Prospecting Online

I usually do NOT like to list out negatives, but in this case I’ll make an exception.

Before I start, let me give you my definition of “active prospecting online”  For me this means reaching out to one person and engaging them in a virtual conversation.

  1. Network Marketers don’t act like Professionals when reaching out to people and actively prospecting online.
  2. Network Marketers don’t have a Strategic Plan – my eBook will help you here.
  3. Network Marketers often SPAM – have you seen people whose first message was “HEY – Here is the greatest  Bizop EVER!”   This looks like SPAM because it is.
  4. Network Marketers tend to talk Bizop, Bizop and when they are tired of that they manage to talk Bizop some more.
  5. Network Marketers often look for every opportunity to squeeze a mention of their bizop or product into a conversation.
  6. Network Marketers often do not have a home base where you can get a feel for who they are.
  7. Network Marketers aren’t trained in techniques (tactics) that work online.  They try using unmodified offline techniques online.


In My Opinion, There are 9 Steps to Actively Prospecting Online


  1. Introduction and Developing the Right Mindset – On Your Mark!
    What we are doing, Mindset and Finding our Target Audience
  2. Preparing Your Social Media Sites – Get Set!
  3. Actively Prospecting Online GO! Find the Right People
  4. Actively Prospecting Online – Check the People Out to Make Sure They are Right
  5. Actively Prospecting Online –  Make Initial Connection with the People
  6. Actively Prospecting Online – Engage the People
  7. Actively Prospecting Online – Help the People and in some cases Close
  8. Move to the Phone or Skype for Selected People (Heavy Hitters)
  9. Teach Other How To Do the Same Thing

That cover’s how I am actively prospecting online.  My Blog and PPC are other tools, but the one-on-one is the easier and cheapest to get started with right away.

I will mention one more definition before I sign off for today.  I believe the proper mindset is to reach out and see if you can help people.  That might be sending them to a great blog.  Showing them a website. Hooking them up with a training system.  Providing one-on-coaching.  It might each involve signing them up for your Network Marketing company.  I consider reaching out for the sole purpose of finding network marketing business partners akin to stalking.  Help your new friend in any way you can.  What goes around will certainly come around.

You do not have to fail Prospecting Online.

Until next time, you have a Great Day!

Dr Hale

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Hale Pringle

Hale Pringle Ed. D.


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  1. Hello Hale,
    Enjoyed your post on active prospecting one-on-one. I have watched you live out this post day after day. You not only teach it you do it. Thanks for being a go to guy and giving so much of yourself to others.
    Ruth Narveson recently posted..7 Key Steps To Creating Walk-Away WealthMy Profile

  2. Great post, Hale. YOu always have good insights for us all. Thanks, Amy
    Amy Hagerup recently posted..Why You Should Market Your Business Online by Branding YourselfMy Profile


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