LinkedIn and Facebook Tip: Don’t Pounce During a Connection Thank You!

Do No Pounce in the Thank You Connection Page

Recently I’ve been becoming more active on LinkedIn and in Facebook.  As I went through 80 some odd responses that had piled up since I approved a number of connection requests (and made several) I couldn’t help but notice that the majority of the “Connection Thank You” messages where blatant attempts to pounce on the […]

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Amazon Seller Tip: Driving Traffic To Your Listings- Pinterest

Driving Traffic To Your Listings

Pinterest Could Be Driving Traffic to Your Listings Did you know that you could be driving traffic to your listings using Pinterest?  Well you can! (And it isn’t hard.) Amazon is a sea of buyers.  We all know that.  Getting those buyers to YOUR Listing pages and getting them to buy is the trick.  You […]

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Amazon Marketing Tip: Understanding Keywords – A Critical Skill To Drive Sales

Amazon Search - Keywords

Understanding Keywords is critical inside Amazon.  The basic concept is very simple (the execution is somewhat more complex).   You create a Display Page – a Listing if you will.  The words in the Title Line and in five “Search Word” fields are placed in a database.  Potential customers enter something in the search bar and […]

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Amazon Marketing Tip: Bloggers! Trade A Discount Code For An Email Address

Trade a Discount Code for an Email Address - Preview

 Attention Bloggers:  You can trade A Discount Code for an Email Address! Creating a Pop-Up to trade a discount code for an Email Address shouldn’t be that hard! So I thought “I’d like to trade an email address for a discount coupon – how difficult can it be?”  (I know better than to tempt the […]

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AWeber Tip: Creating A Single Opt-in List Is Now a Two Step Process

Create a Single Opt-In List in AWeber

Until recently creating a Single Opt-in List in AWeber was something you could do when the list was created.  The new screens are simple, but if you want to create a single opt-in list, you have to go back and add that option after the list has been created.  It is now two steps. Let’s […]

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Amazon FBA Tip – Create a Useable FBA Packing Slip

Creating a Useable FBA Packing Slip

Where is my FBA Packing Slip? Usable FBA Packing Slip:  Fulfillment by Amazon is a great system, but it is not without its small annoyances and issues.  One of these arises when you are shipping items out.  When you are shipping multiples of the same product, the last step usually asks you to divide your […]

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Amazon Seller Tip – Creating Promotion Codes for Your Products

Amazon Seller Tip -Creating Promotion Codes

Create a Promotion Code on Amazon Creating Promotion Codes on Amazon is not really difficult, however the first time through can be a little intimidating. Lets start with “What is a Promotion Code?”  That phrase could have a host of meanings.   Amazon uses this term to refer to an 8 digit Alpha-numeric code that a […]

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Amazon Seller Tip – Crafting Links to YOUR Product Display Pages

Crafting Links to Your Display Pages

Crafting links to send customers to your product Display  Pages  (Super URLs) Okay, I’m going to assume that you are selling on Amazon (Fulfillment By Amazon or Merchant Fulfilled).  If you are, there are times when you want to send customers a link that will take them to your product display pages so they can […]

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Amazon Keywords – Listen to the Numbers

Amazon Keywords- Right on Target

Intro to Amazon Keywords Before we get heavily into keywords, lets take a step back and look at what our goal is when we sell a product on Amazon.   For this post I’m talking about a product you can replenish and preferably one that you have a private label on or have an exclusive agreement […]

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Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach – Community and Training Program

Ann Sieg's Daily Marketing Coach Certified Trainer

  Ann Sieg’s Daily Marketing Coach – Thoughts from an Educator Listening to a video interview between Ann Sieg and Sue Henry (one of her Certified Trainers) this morning got me thinking (which some of you know is dangerous – especially in enclosed spaces.) We have been asked over the years what the Daily Marketing […]

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